IQD CALLS CHAT Monday Night  8-19-19

IQD CALLS CHAT Monday Night  8-19-19

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Portmagaland   Silvers dropping again. Greg Manarino stated earlier that Trump had the plunge protector team call the major bank heads after last Wednesday's 800 point drop for the DOW. Trump did the same thing last december. It's all  fake.

Portmagaland   That's why we saw the DOW go up and metals go down today.

Portmagaland   According to Greg Manarino

Portmagaland   Free Markets, they say.

Dave   Portmagaland TARIFFS?

Dave   Trade war?

Sparky   Portmagaland's all about the Fed...Trump want's interest rates to drop, to keep the economy on fire...

Dave   uncertainty in Markets?

Portmagaland   Dave Manarino stated Trump conceded twice to China without China giving one concession last week. Folded like a cheap tent.

Portmagaland   Sparky I know, he wants yo get elected in 2020 and Trump has hitched his trailer to the DOW.

Dave   yes the USA keeps the markets alive

Sparky   Portmagaland ...said he's not ready to make a deal, but China is...?

Portmagaland   This worries me some about the Dinar because if Trump wont let the metals market or the DOW to act freely until his second term, I think we might be looking at 2021, the soonest for the dinar. I was under the impression the DOW would drop like it was 1929 and then Captain Dinar would swoop into help save the day?

Portmagaland   I pray to God my deductive reasoning is way off base and I'm more than open for you all to tell me such.

Portmagaland   Ok, back to giving your money away to non-citizens, peace in the middle east.

Sparky   Portmagaland's all manipulated bro,... just hope we are in the path to prosperity...

Dave    Sparky by those CABAL forces.....

Sparky   Dave ...and

Dave   Chinese elders,Rothschilds,Bildabergs etc.....

Sparky   Dave ...when they come out with IQD fils, and metals, then I will get high...

Dave   i will get my new Lexus  never had a new car......

Dave   no toyota like my SC500

Matt   Toyota the prefered  vehicle of ISIS

Sparky   Dave ... I have a '95 Camry that will go 400,000 miles...only have 150k on it...

Dave   been holding out toooo long to get my new ride

Sparky   ...$94,000... what...have to wait until this Dinar pops...

chattels   Erbil must not put all its eggs in Baghdad's basket By Arif Qurbany

chattels   " ............ not pin too much hope on Abdul-Mahdi. Because his objectives do not match with those of Shiite expansionism, he could be removed from his position at any time."

chattels   " Some of the newly-emerged issues between Erbil and Baghdad, such as the Kurdish share of the Iraqi budget and Baghdad’s treatment of Erbil, can be resolved through law or political accords. This is an unlikely possibility because the Iraqi government does not have the backing of most of the Iraqi parliament blocs that a potential agreement with Erbil would need. The blocs can just reject these agreements."

chattels   " Kurdistan: Baghdad cuts from our budget more than the value of 250 thousand barrels of oil per day "

chattels   "............ the amount deducted from the region's share of the federal budget is much greater than the imports obtained by the region from the sale of 250 thousand barrels of oil per day."

chattels   " Adel said that the Kurdistan region is ready to deliver that amount of crude oil to Baghdad. Adel said in another part of his remarks that the amount deducted from the region's share annually is 7.39 trillion dinars, stressing that the provincial government has sent a request to Baghdad in this regard. There is a positive understanding on this issue, he said."

chattels   Iraqi forces arrest leader "Daasha" disguised women in Anbar. The source told Alsumaria News that the security forces ambushed Ghassani, who is one of the most prominent leaders of the ISIS criminals and draw him until he arrives in Bir al-Marasamah area near the border with Syria west of Anbar, and then arrested him without any armed confrontation."Ghassani was disguised as a woman at the time of his arrest by the security forces," ............

chattels   Former Iraqi premier opens up about PMU, new PM, Iran

Mustafa Saadoun August 19, 2019

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chattels   Al-Monitor: What is your evaluation of the Abdul Mahdi government when it comes to providing services, reconstruction and combating corruption? Where has it succeeded and where has it fallen short?

Abadi: Abdul Mahdi made a list of 40 issues to be addressed, and he said he would fight them all. But he can’t defeat corruption at one stroke. We now have a new type of corruption. Government positions are being sold, and there have been major breaches in the Iraqi government through these operations.

Al-Monitor: You said before that Iraq is abiding by US sanctions. But Abdul Mahdi said Iraq is not abiding by US sanctions. Would you maintain your position if you held the office for a second term? Do you support Abdul Mahdi's position in this regard?

Abadi: Abdul Mahdi is committed to the US sanctions, and he is walking down the same path that my government announced. Iran is being dealt with accordingly, and Iraq did not violate the sanctions.

Al-Monitor: How would you assess the government’s steps to work out an agreement on revenue sharing with the Kurdistan Regional Government?

Abadi: In my government, I put an end to problems with the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, and we arranged the issue of overlapping power that were creating problems. We fixed everything according to the constitution, and the situation should be the same now. But I think that if those powers overlap again, problems will be reignited.

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chattels   Amendments to Iraqi provincial elections law spark controversy

Omar Sattar  

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chattels   Parliament voted July 22 to amend the provincial elections law and adopt a first electoral divisor of 1.9 under the Sainte-Lague proportional representation seat-allocation system, compared with 1.7 in the 2018 elections for the national parliament. The higher divisor will give large electoral blocs a greater advantage over smaller blocs in terms of winning seats in local parliaments.

The provincial elections are scheduled for April 2020.

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chattels   In my view the most worrying aspect of the security environment in Iraq aren’t the short to medium-term trends in insurgent activity but the longer-term outlook. ISIS has the potential to survive and eventually outlast the state of post-war exhaustion in the Sunni community as well as the residual CJTF-OIR presence.

Combine that with the Iraqi government’s failure to meaningfully extend its footprint into Sunni rural areas and the fragmentation and “militiaization” the Iraqi security sector and there’s the potential for a Sunni insurgency that could resurge very energetically in three or five years if conditions are right.

chattels   Iraq’s desperate struggle to stay out of Iran-US feud :

The country is determined not to be used as a proxy in the fight between its closest neighbour and one of its most important allies

chattels   “[Iraq] is a success that is emerging after four decades of conflict,” says President Barham Salih. “We don’t have the stamina, we don’t have the energy, we don’t have the resources, or the willingness, to become victim to yet another proxy conflict.”

chattels   In 2007 Iraq was the world’s second most fragile state, according to the US-based NGO Fund for Peace, which measures everything from social cohesion to economic equality to assess countries’ vulnerabilities. Today it ranks 13th.

“Iraqis deserve far better,” says Mr Salih. “But there is no denying the situation . . . is improving.” He wants to focus on domestic problems — Iraq’s fast-growing population needs 12,000 new schools, for example — and making Iraq a regional hub for “economic collaboration and integration” rather than a proxy battleground for others.

Veteran Iraqi lawmakers who know both sides well say they do not believe either Tehran or Washington intends to start a war. Yet “sometimes war doesn’t happen by design”, says Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq’s former foreign minister. “But by mistake.”

chattels   " Today it ranks 13th."

chattels   And that's the way that it was from the news that I read out of Iraq on this Monday, August 19, 2019.

chattels   Have a good evening all.

Wilder   chattels Thanks.

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