IQD CALLS Chat Monday Night 10-7-19

IQD CALLS Chat Monday Night 10-7-19

Portmagaland   The Four October Surprises Dave Hodges you tube video

Doug_W   Portmagaland why do U listen to that JUNK?

Portmagaland   Doug_W If you listen to CNN or any MSM, I have the same question for you?

Doug_W   I do NOT

Portmagaland   Doug_W Ok, that's good, I'm just searching for the truth.

Zig Heard from Vic of "The Gatekeepers"....he may come into chat to say hello.....also may be doing another call soon.....

Zig   Vic was part of "The IQD Team" before he left to start "Gatekeepers"


Xyz   US diplomat: Iraqi PM's resignation 'inevitable' amid deadly protests

In the wake of escalating civil unrest and a wave of violent protests across Iraq, the American ambassador to the country has warned that the resignation of the prime minister may be imminent.

xyz   The cancellation of a mutual visit between the delegations of the region and Baghdad because of the demonstrations

Young_SC   10-6-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni They've been using wheelbarrows for years what's the difference if they have to use them a few more? They're either going to do one of two things they're either going to Lop first to get to 1 to $1 exchange rate reducing the money supply from trillions to billions.

And then float the currency allowing it to rise. Or they're going to just float it from the beginning and allowed to gradually increase over time allowing them to reduce the money supply we don't know that answer yet but it's not going to RV

Young_SC   Lmao lol LOP the currency to get to 1 to 1

Young_SC   Lolol lol

Young_SC   Pure rubbish that makes no sense

Young_SC   Am i reading that correctly?

chattels   Sporadic demonstrations in Baghdad and the atmosphere of tension over the Iraqi capital  19 minutes ago

Huner Ahmed

spankie   maybe riots or the pm removed will help- lol

chattels   David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1

Scattered protests in Baghdad, especially Sadr City. Journalist sees security forces firing on protesters as they try to move to Tahriir Square. Protester says snipers on roofs in Sadr City fire on protests.

chattels   Video: Abdul Mahdi pledges to bring those who attacked the demonstrators to justice   Special Sumerian

2019-10-07 | LINK

chattels  Babylon 2019/10/07 12:02:17

The security media cell announced on Monday the arrest of those involved in firing at demonstrators. LINK

spankie   just what happened to maliki for the genocide and all the chaos he caused - nada

chattels   Joel Wing @JoelWing2

Overall looks like govt repression has all but silenced the protest movement for now except for Sadr City

chattels   The House of Representatives will discuss the demands of the demonstrators tomorrow

Monday 07 October 17:45 2019   Baghdad / Nina / The Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to allocate a session on Tuesday to discuss the demands of the demonstrators and find solutions to them.

xyz   Tebow Frank: The protesters gave them 2 weeks…...the deadline is the 15th...we're looking at the 2nd week right now..

There is a possibility that the Monetary Reform will soon dominate more than the protesting in the streets…There is a possibility we will see what we are looking for somewhere around Sat.or Sun.…….

 3 days ago the CBI told WalkingStick’s firm with 6 banks that on the 14th of Oct…..they are to have the new currency (LD’s) .... To be followed by FILS..(coins)

chattels   Legal measures to be taken against killers of protesters: Iraq judiciary

1 hour ago

Mohammed Rwanduzy

chattels   Government did not order ‘crime’ of protester killings: Iraq President

19 minutes ago |

Mohammed Rwanduzy

chattels   The President announced steps to be implemented in the short term, including the “opening of a judicial investigation” into the violence, as announced earlier today by Iraq’s Supreme Judicial Council.

“Special authorities, without a doubt, have to hold those responsible for spilling Iraqi blood responsible.”

The President also voiced support for a suggestion by Ayatollah Sistani, the highest Shiite religious authority of Iraq, for forming a committee composed of independent, qualified Iraqis to engage with protesters to present a “roadmap” for reform.

As a third step, the President suggested discussions between Iraq’s political blocs to “form a national parliamentary bloc” to support and oversee reform, the fight against corruption, and the provision of services.

To tackle state corruption – one of the main sources of protester grievance – Salih suggested “activating the role” of integrity courts, supporting their independence and taking corruption cases to them with no “immunity” for anyone.

chattels   Another committee ?