IQD Calls Chat Late Thursday Night 8-29-19

IQD Calls Chat Late Thursday Night 8-29-19

Wilder   Change of subject here. Wife and I got called from the bank to come in and sign sone forms. Fdic mandatory updates on accounts. He told us some changes were coming and have to get updated. Maybe routine. First time ever for us.

Wilder   Not like we have much money   Fifth Third

Sparky   Wilder ... I got a letter from IRS... wasn't a birthday card...

Wilder   Nixe. Should i be jealous?

Sparky   Wilder ...nope...

Dave   Kap a seasoned researcher.....??? in his opinion

Dave   Kap makes his predictions......Dave   my turn.....

Dave   10 yrs of kAP......NO CHANGE


Dave   MANY of us old timers got into this because Iraq was gonna Lop.....LOLOLOl

foxmulder   Dave said it earlier. , wow that's really strengthening the dinar against the dollar LOL

Sparky   Dave not I, thought I'd be rich 8 years ago...

foxmulder   I am hoping for a modest return at best .

Wilder old article.. Nothing personal kap. Things and times change

 Sparky   foxmulder ... reasonable thinking...

Dave   CBI has mentioned that they wish to have currency competitive with its neighbours

foxmulder   Dave exactly

Sparky   Dave ...Shab's said strongest of ME..or, some such wording...

Dave  Sparky same with Alak

Dave   staying current

Sparky   Dave ... timeline is unknown...

Dave   Sparky CBI will know when ready

Wilder   What does Kuwait have to offer other than oil? Is oil the only thing they have for the rate of their currency?

Sparky   Dave ...truth...

Dave   Sparky Kaps truth.....LOL

Dave   Look at the UAE

Dave   Was there when it was nothing

Dave   oil sure did good for them too

Dave   and camel sales?

Sparky   Dave ... amount of IQD...differs from Kuwait, or UAE...

Dave   Sparky ACCORDING to you and Kap only!

Sparky   Dave ... I watched the video you brought in...time elapse ... good stuff...

Dave   Kap invented this note count stuff

Sparky   Dave UAE...

Dave   all on oil

Sparky   Dave ... didn't I read 72 trillion, 2020 budget projection.?...

Dave   Sparky did you read all those hard currency auctions that CBI has been doing almost daily for the last yr and a half

Dave   6o billion usd ....aint bad   use some to fix all that which yet remains still broken

Sparky   Dave ...if it doesn't go missing...

Dave   Sparky they are good at that

Dave   called immunity

sandyf   @chattels sandyf Is the following an accurate quote from you ? " In a Redenomination the old currency IQD at 1190/USD would be replaced by a new currency, possibly IQR, at 1.190/USD, deleting 3 zeros. The monetary unit(Dinar) would be revalued from 1190/USD to 1.190/USD which would be an increase in the value of the Dinar against the dollar and lead to an increase in purchasing power."

Sandyf     Yes that is what I posted. The point being that the monetary unit(Dinar) and the currency are 2 separate entities, the monetary unit comes under the government and the currency the CBI. The end result of any redenomination is to revalue the monetary unit.

sandyf   @Zig FROM KAPERONI....Continued......A re-denominate (LOP) which parliament wants to do is still possible,

This is a significant deviation from the facts. There appears to be some confusion between parliament and the executive, there has never been a Bill go before parliament so no one has any idea of what parliament wants. The executive however has continually postponed the redenomination, hardly a sign it is what they want.

  Wilder   Don't think i can take another 14 yrs of this

Sparky   Wilder buck up, you can do it !

Sparky   Wilder ... Baxter's dime is on the line !

Wilder  If it goes on that far. Come dig me up. I'll have the dinar in there with me.

Sparky   Wilder ...good one...too funny...rotflol...

foxmulder   Wilder LOL. Now that's funny

foxmulder   Wilder 13 yrs for me ...time has just flew by

Wilder   It has. Grandkids are driving now. Time needs to slow down.

foxmulder   Wilder sure was hoping to see something positive occur with iraqs due

foxmulder   Currency *

Wilder   What was the dinar site back in the day when Ranger was around?

Wilder   Then i was on one called. One dinar to rule them all

foxmulder  Wilder planet dinar ?? Steve's site ?? Not sure

Wilder  Wasn't them . been too long

foxmulder   Wilder I'm not sure... I wasn't even on any sites for yrs when I was first buying

Wilder   Lucky you

foxmulder   Wilder I cant remember the first site i was on to be honest ...

foxmulder  Dinar vets of course for about 2 days

Wilder   City of Fairfield next to where i live . 36 fireman retired because of Kuwait. Thats when tbe iqd talk started around here

foxmulder   Wilder was it the same site donny was on

foxmulder   Wilder there are days I wish I never heard of dinar

Wilder   Dont ring a bell. I remember a shotgun suzy. Xwoman. Duck. Rocky.

Wilder   foxmulder me too

foxmulder   Wilder dont recognize any of those names

Wilder   You.ever go to neno's.

foxmulder   Wilder no

Wilder   They dont allow rumors. Just news articles. Not been there in a while.

Wilder   Young_SC hey . i dont want to be critical of him. We all change. No one knows anything. We get tired and burnt out

Young_SC   Wilder 5 years ago he cried out RV now its a ohh no such thing as an RV its only a float Lmao lmao   Now its a float in which the CBI said no float whatsoever

Young_SC   Sparky like i said peg to the U S dollar it will go 1 to 1 and then RV shortly afterwards but hey you laughed at my logic so what do i know and who cares what i think

PM Sparky   Young_SC ... pretty are obviously fooled by recently ,rehashed articles...and don't understand Arabish...

Sparky   Young_SC in your case, I would recommend betting the farm...

Sparky   Young_SC ..hurry, all you got...sell the car too...

 Sparky   Young_SC ...get a grip on reality

Sparky   Dave ... we'll all have a good laugh, when, and if, this goes down...

Wilder   I'll be a full blown drunk.

Dave   he who laughs last laughs hardest

Sparky   Wilder

Dave   just hold that place in line for me in reno

Sparky   Dave ... just remember, I'm saving you a spot in Reno...

Dave   thanx in advance

Sparky   Dave ...$28 dollars per IQD, last I heard...

Wilder   You give me 10 per now?

Wilder   You can keep the rest.

Dave   Wilder Wilder sparky is hoping for a lop

Sparky   Wilder ...$10 per mil, yup...

Wilder   That was the bong talking

Sparky   Wilder ...haha know it bro, I never let it go the eternal flames if king

Dave   Babylon Restored...CBI mentioned that too

Sparky   Dave ... breadbasket of the middle East...

Sparky   Dave Mesopotamia...

Dave   not long ago either

Wilder   Dave you think Iraq is the new babylon referred to in the bible?

Dave   how manyBabylons are there

Sparky   Wilder ... always been...

Wilder   I kind of thought maybe the u s would be

Wilder  The way the bible describes her.

Sparky   Wilder Saul to Paul, on the road to Damascus...

Portmagaland   Good evening all

Portmagaland   Do any of you know of the Guru Myladies saying we're it's going to lop?

Wilder   Not i

Portmagaland   She's spewing over on

Wilder   Any proof or article stating such?

Sparky   Portmagaland she and nova were big on the silk road, several years ago...

Dave   Wilder Reallly.......asking a guru for

Wilder   Well.

Portmagaland   I dont know where shes getting her info, but she stated some article quoting Ieaqi powers to be are calling for a lop.

Dave   deep subject

Wilder   See if she provides a link.   Call her out on it

Dave   would there be Gurus if they had no followers?

Portmagaland   There is something that worries me a bit. A number of different sources that aren't into the dinar are talking about all the U.S. 100s abroad and they're painting a bleak picture on the different actions our government will take on our dollars abroad. So, if our government does this to the other countries, then those of us holding foreign currencies might be assed out because when in Rome....

Portmagaland   This is something I am keeping an eye on

Dave   Portmagaland Those Cabal forces.......

Portmagaland   Dave Maybe, but I can help but believe if we dont honor our money abroad, why would Iraq or any country for that matter

Dave   Chinese Elders back at it

Dave   should hear more from BRICs soon....

Portmagaland   Sparky I gave up on sports, movies, music and just about all forms of entertainment because they've politicized everything for different social justice warrior causes. I no longer see the characters in the movie or the star athlete, I see the person who has a carbon footprint the size of small village, while telling us we cant eat meet because we're killing the earth and so on.

Wilder   Portmagaland you know. We cant allow ourelves to worry too much about the what ifs. I feel there are chnges coning that is going to test us. Not a thing i can do about it.

Portmagaland   I just prefer to take a hike in the mountains now, I listen to the jazz station that plays music from my great grandparents generation just so I dont have to hear another song by the almighty righteous musicians of today

Portmagaland   Anyways, I will continue to monitor the discussion about what our government will do about our dollars abroad as I feel it relates to what we have here.

Wilder   Find sonething good.

Portmagaland   Dave If Trump doesnt lock up the bad guys before 2020, then he is apart of them and it was all a show. We had Obama just buy a $14 million dollar 40 plus acre beachfront Mega mansion and he already owned a multi million dollar house in DC, not bad for someone, who went from community organizer, senator and president, a public servant his whole life. Then Comey walks today, then Paul Ryan moves back to DC. The other side wanted Trump to be tried for treason and no one on either side has gone down.

Portmagaland  It looks like we the people are going to get fleeced again

Dave   OUR faux news media here trashing Trump now

Portmagaland   Kind of like the dinar, we want closure, but closure is fleeting

Portmagaland   Dave Yep Faux news is owned by Disney, who produced Brittany Speay, Mylie Cyrus and all the other messed up role models our common core kids look up to, it's a great culture we've got

Portmagaland   I grew up watching ESPN, then Disney took that over and started making their sports caster push the lefty agenda

Sparky   Dave ...Old man take a look at my life, I'm a lot like you were...24 and there's so much more...

Portmagaland   You guys watch rethinkingthedollar

Portmagaland   It's a good youtube channel

Dave   Portmagaland need a dollar to think about it

Portmagaland   Sparky Therez a lot of stuff going down around 9/11 globally that should make things interesting. Boris Johnson got the Queen to freeze out parliament, so they can Brexit, what will that do to the markets?

Portmagaland  And dave

Sparky   Dave ... I'll sell a pack for 10 cents a denar

Portmagaland  Christine Laharde stepping down from IMF on 9/10

Sparky   Dave ... just to give my peeps a retainer...

Sparky   Portmagaland ... therefore, 9/11 day for IMF...

Portmagaland   Wow, Peter Schiff just tweeted Trump admits he made up the Chinese phone call to affect stock market

Portmagaland   Sparky Yep

Portmagaland   Sparky I'm looking at the 5 day silver cart on yahoo and it seems confused as all heck

Portmagaland   Theres just no truth in this world, I guess Nicholson is right, se cant handle it apparently.

Portmagaland   We

Portmagaland   That's odd the one day chart for both gold n silver is not available

Portmagaland   On Yahoo   Says this chart is not available.

Sparky   Portmagaland ... interesting...

Sparky   Portmagaland war confusion...hard to tell immediate swing... could go either way...imo

Sparky   Portmagaland ...Fridays, usually take profit... maybe different...labor day weekend...or, trade war resolution...? Not sure...

Sparky decieve yourself... contradict yourself...and sound like you should reside in  an asylum.