IQD CALLS CHAT Friday Night  8-23-19

IQD CALLS CHAT Friday Night  8-23-19

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chattels   Ahead of oil talks with Baghdad, KRG proposes new budget framework

As leaders in Erbil and Baghdad prepare for detailed negotiations on long-standing disputes, the KRG is offering to hand over all of its oil exports to the federal government – for a price.

chattels   By RAWAZ TAHIR, MOHAMMED HUSSEIN, BEN VAN HEUVELEN AND STAFF of Iraq Oil Report   Published Thursday, August 22nd, 2019  

chattels   " ERBIL - Leaders in Erbil have floated a proposal that would financially reintegrate the autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) with federal Iraq, laying further groundwork for upcoming negotiations over long-standing oil and territorial disputes.

The new offer includes several potential sticking points, and there is little indication that in its current form it will satisfy the concerns of leaders in Baghdad. But the proposal provides insight into the likely contours of talks that are expected to accelerate in the coming weeks."


chattels   Netanyahu: We are working against Iran's military bases in Iraq

By Rudaw 16 hours ago

chattels   David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1

Israeli PM says Israeli Armed Forces are conducting activities against Iranian bases in Iraq & other countries in the region.

chattels   The Hezbollah Brigades issue a statement on targeting the Hashd headquarters and send a "final warning" to America

Tebow   chattels agree without a float guru calling people "uneducated or a clown" for not believing his b*

chattels   Economist for / Nina /: The 2020 budget will include new debts on Iraq .. And the Kurdistan region caused

Friday , 23 August 09:55 2019

Chattels   Tebow I have observed people giving as good as they got so to speak.

chattels   " The Parliamentary Finance Committee, announced that the 2020 budget will contain many tables completely different from all budgets since 2003, noting that the Financial Management Act has become a control tool on the public budget."

Tebow   chattels good observation

chattels  The stability of the dollar against the dinar in Baghdad today

Friday , 23 August 11:44 2019 Baghdad / Nina / Foreign currency markets in Baghdad, on Friday, stabilized the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

The prices of buying and selling the dollar exchange companies, as follows:

Selling price per dollar 1207.5 dinars, or 120 thousand and 750 dinars for one hundred dollars.

 The purchase price for the dollar is 1200 dinars, or 120 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars

chattels   Tebow If we could buy people for what they know and sell them for what they think that they know then we would not need any substantial increase in the value of the IQD.


Tebow   chattels True, trouble they know nothing thus worthless. I'll wait on the dinar. I've got the time.

Sandyf   @Dave What is IQD? thought it meant Iraqi dinar?

 IQD is the ISO code for the currency representing the monetary unit of Iraq. The ISO code can be "Active" or "Historical" and has both an Alphabetic code and Numeric code, with a "Minor Unit" which indicates the subdivision of the monetary unit.

 In the case of Iraq the Alphabetic code is IQD, the Numeric code is 368 and the Minor unit is 3, meaning there are 1000 parts to one dinar. For the USA it is USD,840 and a Minor unit of 2.

 The currency codes are determined under ISO 4217 with the first 2 letters of the Alphabetic code being the country identification as defined by ISO 3166. The 3rd letter of the Alphabetic code is normally the first letter of the monetary unit.

 In redenominations the third letter used was sometimes "N"(New) but more recently another letter from the monetary unit has been used.

 Belarus was a bit of an odd one, they first used BYB and on redenomination it became BYR, then on the second redenomination became BYN. The 3 letters need to phonetically acceptable. Iraq is likely to become IQN or IQR.

 Matt   sandyf  Interesting

 Portmagaland Sparky    Thanks for the feedback and I agree with you regarding your statement about giving the Iraqis purchasing power and have plugged that same sentiment myself.

Did you see Trump go Beast Mode on twitter today. Telling U.S. companies to get their asses back home or else essentially, while dicing up the Fed today.

However, if you follow X22 this is no surprise as Dave has been talking up Trump bringing down the house and getting us Gold Back for awile.

In addition, Q posted that "Gold will bring down the Fed". It's bad news for the sheep, but we are a pack of wolves in this chatroom, so I have a feeling we're going to positioned just fine.

Matt   Portmagaland :Thumbs-up

Portmagaland   Matt This is nuts just about all the financial bugs I subscribed to on YouTube, most of which, I have never heard them mention anything about a GCR, have posted videos about financial experts chiming in on the world needing a GCR. I wish, I knew for certain, which way the ball is going to bounce.

Do I get more silver or more currencies? I've been doing my best to diversify as to not put all my eggs in one basket, however, again, I wish, I knew, which is the better play?


Portmagaland   That's maneco64 talking about Mark Carney calling for a GCR today, normally, it's just silver and gold with maneco64


Portmagaland   That's X22 today stating that Trump's tweets today signaled for the reset, but X22 has always talked about a reset.


Portmagaland   This was Trump"s response to China taxing us and it was after the market closed today. In theory, should cause the market to open up with a huge drop on Monday. However, Trump has the plunge protector team and the magic wand, so anything can happen. I see opportunity.

Portmagaland   Some of you might say my above posts have nothing to do with the dinar, au contraire mon fraire, you might die of malnutrition, dude.

Portmagaland   It's all conected.

Portmagaland   Trump ordered our companies to bring their manufacturing back home, why? If the rest of the world cannot afford American made products because the value of the dollar is to high, while our toilet paper cost more than some countries currencyies, how does it benefit American companies?

Hmmm ........ That's Dabooh7 discussing how the dollar tumbled today. Meanwhile, Iraq is discussing raising the value against, whose currency specifically?

So, we bring our manufacturing home, lower the value of the dollar, while Iraq and hopefully, other countries raise the value of their currencies giving the citizens of Iraq and others purchasing power to buy American. Call me crazy, but I think that's the game plan.

Portmagaland   Is it not all connected?