IQD CALLS CHAT Early Wednesday  8-28-19  

IQD CALLS CHAT Early Wednesday  8-28-19  

 chattels   Hunt for Iraqi IS leaders continues amid heightened secrecy

Shelly Kittleson August 27, 2019

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chattels   IS has “changed its approach to security since 2018, becoming more secretive” about who their leaders are.

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chattels   With the focus in Iraq now shifting to other issues and given the difficulty involved in discerning who the surviving commanders — or new ones — are, the hunt for Baghdadi’s key strategists, religious leaders and military commanders may soon be deprioritized, at least for the time being.

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chattels   And that's the way that it is from the news that I read out of Iraq on this Tuesday, August 27, 2019. It will soon be 2020. Good night all.

chattels   Baghdad / Nina / Hassan al-Kaabi, first deputy speaker of the Council of Representatives: "The next stage will witness the discussion and legislation of all controversial laws."

chattels   How many times have we read the foregoing or something like it from an Iraqi politician.

chattels   It is the difference between rhetoric and reality in Iraq. Parliament or the CBI makes no difference. They all seem to be liars or delusional.

chattels   The central bank sells more than $ 265 million at a currency auction

Wednesday 28 August 12:14 2019

chattels   Another day of sales at 265 million.

chattels   Wafiq al-Samarrai warns of the "third conspiracy" to dismantle and destroy Iraq

Wednesday 28 August 12:23 2019

chattels   He explained that "the third dangerous plot began to bomb warehouses and warehouses of the equipment of the crowd," explaining that "what is said about striking Iranian materiel on his way to Lebanon is a lie, but it is part of a comprehensive plan to destroy Iraq,"

pointing out that its components are to hit the warehouses to strip the crowd of materiel, To provoke disagreements between the parties of the state, government and the crowd, to raise differences by cleaving the identity of the crowd between what they call the mobilization of the Marjaiya and the mobilization of Iran,

 inciting the sectarian and chauvinistic tone of the segments of society, provoking Shiite-Shiite differences until the fighting, and provoking regionalism, in addition to provoking regionalism.

chattels   Newspapers follow the controversy over the cancellation of the strategic agreement with Washington .. And low rates of government achievement

Monday , 26 August 01:06 2019

chattels   Pence discusses Iran-backed militias with Nechirvan Barzani By Zhelwan Z.

chattels   Pence told Barzani the US is considering further actions to weaken the PMF’s power in Iraq.

“The U.S. Government will consider additional steps to degrade such groups’ influence,” the statement read.

Pence noted that some PMF leaders have been designated under the Magnitsky Act - a US law that allows the US to sanction people deemed human rights abusers.

chattels   Have a fine day all.

Spankie   Zig thx zig- very good read on kaps visit

Young_SC   I just read the chat between Kap Tebow and Dave lolol that was funny

Zig   Tebow : It brings more people here for you to pick on..... :180

Young_SC   Sam and Kap always love to bring up past old news rather then anything current lolol

Tebow   Young_SC thank you always entertaining

Young_SC   Lol@ Kaps 2012 source

Young_SCUnbelievable lol

Tebow   sandyf did a drive-by last night and said there is no such thing as a lop

Young_SC   Tebow   (smile)

Young_SC   No such word as he stated

Tebow    yes

Young_SC   What in the world is Kap talking about when he said those coin articles are describing a LOP??? WHAT lolol those coin articles HAVE NOTHING to do with any LOP or describing any sort of LOP

Baxter    GOOD MORNING DINAR WORLD.. spinning dime

Baxter   another Dinar Day is upon us.........

Baxter   8-28-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: "THE PARLIAMENTARY FINANCE COMMITTEE, ON MONDAY, ANNOUNCED A TREND TO RE-WORK IN THE CURRENCY AND THE REMOVAL OF ZEROS FROM BANKNOTES, IN ORDER TO STRENGTHEN THE ECONOMY" I especially like the heading of the article. This process is now on the way. Hold tight…its coming…

Baxter   Hold Tight Clay.. its coming...

Baxter   :laugh

Clay   its always coming :laugh

Baxter   question is... is it the dinar...or hurricane dorian...

Clay   Great minds think alike

Clay   good question

Baxter   now that I have bought a Fl. directly in the path of a hurricane

Baxter   with no insurance on it..

Clay   oh no

Baxter   oh yes

Tebow   why no insurance

Clay   can you get insurance quickly

Baxter   havent had time..

Baxter   yes... we are way inland.... im not concerned..

Baxter   we are a good 60 miles from the coast

Baxter   it will be windy.. thats for sure..

28 Aug 19, 09:29 AM Baxter   but nothing like the coast

larrykn   Good Morning everyone

larrykn   IMIS move arms depots to unknown areas: Official

 larrykn   do they really think the USA can't find them lol

Clay   lol

larrykn   Court sentences 11 ISIS members to death over terrorism charges

Clay   I know right

larrykn   they really don't know what the US have

larrykn   Mesopotamia Announces loans for 60 million judges to buy cars

Alakotsag News/follow.   Rafidain Bank announced that he had decided to grant loans for judges until 60 million dinars to buy modern cars and concrete global 2002 in installments.

The Bank's information Office said in a statement sent to news economy to ensure that the loan is to provide bail judge in addition to a civilian employee of the State services, the branch of fundamentalist action against the borrower and guarantor of the full loan application form and sample borrower and guarantor and not condition Premium amount and interest monthly (50%) of the sponsor's salary, noting that loan by 80% of the price of the car.";

Clay   neither does Iran it seems

larrykn   If they don't increase the value of the dinar they will run out of dinar to buy products from out of Iraq

Clay   agree

Whitelions   Morning all I just post 6 article on the cbi training courses and have 3 more to post . Just so you all know thay have been having thease same courses every 2 months so they are not just teaching more people not just the same people.

Whitelions   *teaching more people

Portmagaland   Young_SC I respect Sandy's and Kaps points of views as they are in this for the same reasons we are 🤑. However, Sam I cant get with because I have frequented a number of different chatrooms throughout my life and all those chatrooms promoted a topic that everyone supported.

Every now and then some troll would come into said chatroom to piss on everyone's parade. In these other chatrooms no one encouraged or welcomed trolls. Make no mistake by normal definitions, Sam is a troll and is encouraged to spew his trollness. In this sense, this chatroom is unique.

So, from now on, when I see Sam,, I'll just leave, so I dont get pissed, and I'll check in the following day to make sure the coast is clear. The rest of us may disagree on how this is going down, but at least we all have common ground in the believe that it's going down..... Anyways, how about that silver, I like making money while I sleep.

Young_SC   Announcement of Auction Results (ICD604) (For Sale of Islamic Deposit Certificates)

Young_SC    28th August, 2019   The Central Bank approved on 26/8/2019 the auction of Islamic deposit certificates ICD604 amounting to (100) billion dinars for (182) days and was sold (13,770) million dinars to one bank at a rate of return (% .2.00).



Zig   This guy, Jeff, may soon come into chat....I sent him the link again per his request.....his videos are at

Zig   Kaperoni does not like be interesting......

Xyz   Zig even @sandyf and Sam I Am don't like him. Wonder why!