IQD Calls Chat Early Wednesday 9-4-19

IQD Calls Chat Early Wednesday 9-4-19

Doug_W   Silver:$19.35

Doug_W   Silver:$19.38

Doug_W   Silver:$19.42

Foxmulder   Doug_W  gee looks like I will be back to where I bought silver from 2 yrs ago LOL

Doug_W   it is rising 4 sure

foxmulder   Doug_W hey I'm making money now LMAO

Doug_W   don't spend it ALL in one place then

foxmulder   Doug_W LOL could buy a six pack of beer !

foxmulder   Doug_W more dinar ??? ......... NOT

Baxter   its a new day.....  

larrykn   I see Kap has a different way of thinking lol

Baxter   Now what?

Larrykn   I've always wondered what will the e-currency do to the money supply of Iraq. it is a good question

larrykn   Central Bank establishes banking relationship with RAMP program

Economy News _ Baghdad  The Central Bank of Iraq announced Tuesday that it is continuing to establish a banking relationship with the World Bank's Ramp Reserve Management Advisory Program, indicating that the relationship included investing in its bonds.

"The relationship involved investing in the bonds it issues," the bank said in a statement received by Economy News.

"Through the Department of Foreign Investments and Remittances, a plan has been prepared to cooperate with the World Bank on the side of reserve management, and to invest in dollar-denominated bonds, with at least $300 million," the bank added.

The World Bank's Ramp Reserve Management Advisory Program is a platform for advising on the development of asset and reserve management in developing countries and international institutions to enable them to maximize their financial resources.

larrykn   Trebil achieves a daily revenue of nearly 2 billion dinars and a quarter

Money and business   Economy News _ Baghdad   The General Customs Authority announced Tuesday that the Trebil border customs center is investigating a daily revenue of nearly two billion and a quarter of a billion dinars.

"Yesterday, the Trebil customs center achieved a daily revenue of nearly 2.5 billion dinars in a series of qualitative jumps achieved by these centers and most of the centers scattered at border crossings," the authority said in a statement received by The Economy News.

"The continued increase in revenue rates achieved in most of its customs centers is a natural result of the efforts of its staff working there as well as the outstanding management during the current period," she said.

"Its realized revenues are included in the Ministry of Finance's account with the Central Bank of Iraq, which is subject to audit by the Financial Supervisory Office and thus is the highest revenue to raise the state budget after oil revenues despite the challenges, constraints and severe shortages in numbers," she said. Qualified employees and lack of minimum requirements, means and customs work equipment."

larrykn   Is ISIS a real threat or a pretext for foreign forces to remain in Iraq?

Political | 02:46 - 04/09/2019

Baghdad :  The international coalition against ISIS has confirmed that the group's cells have regrouped.

It has carried out operations in a number of Iraqi areas, and these cells continue to pose a serious threat in these areas, and constitute an obstacle to the return of displaced persons to their homes, pointing out the importance of coordination between peshmerga forces and Iraqi forces to counter the threat of this organization, where the factors that led to Isis has begun carrying out terrorist activities in a number of areas, posing a serious threat to its population.

"The intelligence services of the international coalition have the information, capability and ability to use advanced devices, through which they have been able to penetrate and monitor the organization," said Imad Alou, deputy director of the Republican Center for Security and Strategic Research.

"There are reports and information from within ISIS, and that information indicates that the group is actually regrouping its capabilities, and this is evident through its terrorist operations and various movements both inside Iraq and inside Syria."

"ISIS continues to acquire weapons, explosives and materiel, and is clearly logistically supported, as it is used as a pretext for U.S. and coalition forces to remain in Iraq."

larrykn   "These statements always coincide with demands for the removal of Us forces from Iraq, or when the law to remove American forces from Iraq is to be passed, so the international coalition as well as the American forces try to suggest that the organization continues to pose a threat to stability in Iraq."

Iraq, therefore, considers this issue to be an excuse for the survival of The United States forces, given Iraq's need for advisers and the air support provided by the coalition in the Iraqi army's operations against the terrorist organization."

larrykn   Baghdad Mawazine News

mp Ahmed Masher al-Jubouri revealed wednesday the real problem with the 2020 budget.

"The real problem with next year's budget is the debt to be paid, which is very large and is starting to be worth to Iraq, and this will weigh the budget in 2020," al-Jubouri said.

"The financial deficit comes at a time when the country needs more urgently to rebuild and stabilize areas liberated from ISIS," Hesseh said.

"The government should not harm citizens' salaries and reconstruction projects and rehabilitate liberated areas," he said.

larrykn   Al-Maliki: I was surprised that Saleh did not send my candidacy book for the post of Vice President of the Republic

Baghdad: The leader of the State of Law coalition, Nouri al-Maliki, said Friday that President Barham Saleh had not sent his candidacy to be his deputy.

"The failure to appoint a vice president is a constitutional violation because the constitution stipulates that the president should have one or more deputies," al-Maliki said in an interview.

Al-Maliki expressed surprise that President Barham Saleh did not take the decision to send his nomination book( Al-Maliki) to the house of representatives for a vote on it, despite the fact that Saleh spoke more than once about his desire to be the head of the coalition state of law Al-Maliki mp for his first.

spankie   Maliki – delusional

Madness   I was thinking this is going to go 2 ways, either they erase the 3 zeros off our 25k note, bad... or they erase the 3 zeros from the exchange rate, good... exchange rate being 0.00084 then it would be 0.84

Clay   would be great

madness   I think there going to go the 84 route and then let the market raise it from there

Madness   was reading another post from another site and the guy made a good point. here it is A lop is the last thing iraq wants to do...a lop shows weakness, screws over their own citizens and sends a bad signal to investors...iraq cares about whats  their own borders.

[an increase won't make them any richer, would it?] they get the purcashing power and their lives back...we get rich...they care about their country and their citizens...

iraq is filthy rich we are nothing to them...['we' are nothing, what 'we' hold.] yep. we will find out soon.

[but would you agree that we have been here before? expectng to find out] no they are bringing out the fils/coins...we havent had that.

foxmulder   madness at this point in time , I would be happy to see them just make , a major move .

EricB   Kaperoni Thank you

madness   alot has been said this week about us being foolish and not seeing a return on the iqd, well one could also sit back and shake there head and say, well gee it would also be foolish to try and come on the international market with a currency worth toilet paper

madness   well fox they did take another 10 days off, those iraqs and there holidays geez

foxmulder   Just want to witness the rate go on a positive climb , we have no control . And all the opinions and statements made do not make a bit of differance , until Iraq changes it's current status..

madness   with all the holidays its amazing there even able to get oil out of the country

Madness   yeah I think common sense would say when they do make a move, it will be an change to the exchange rate not dropping the 3 zeros off the currency

madness   well fox they want the 25k notes off the streets, but I think the 3 zero thing is the rate factor, a dinar is hopefully worth a dinar

foxmulder   madness it was discussed that they would drop the zeros off the notes AND exchange rate

madness   yeah thats were it gets shaky exchange rate good for us, exchange rate and notes bad for us

madness   but then lets say our treasury is holding dinar in there reserves, that would in effect be devaluing there currency and I think the treasury would be pissed if they tried that, I know I would be

madness   lol matter of fact the treasury is already pissed off of many countries lowering the value of the their currency, I hopeful they will not let iraq do the same thing, we have a much stronger foot hold on them, they did that to us we could jack them up pretty good

spankie   they need purchasing power- devalue currency is good for places like china or india that sell everything- iraq needs the opposite - purchasing everything

madness   good point and God knows they have the oil gold and wealth to do it

spankie   oil they sell - not much else- kuwait is the same selling oil is 90% of revenue

madness   well I think they want to branch out into agriculture too and build an high speed internet structure too

Spankie   they need everything- banks are set up for this

Clay   yes theyb are come on Iraq

spankie   why all the banking changes- for a lop-? could have done that way back

Clay   yep   no lop     no Kap

spankie   if they are doing coins then there will be a change in value- imo --the coins are heavy - imagine buying a car w coins at todays value

Clay   heck yeah  tons

spankie   baxters always talking semi load of dimes

Doug_W   Silver:$19.46

EricB   Kaperoni Morning, one last thought if you will. If the majority in Iraq are dependent on the govt for income, together with the average business person, city, county, state, federal employees if you will, plus the various unions, teacher, trucking etc it would seem the banks would have a good handle on the large notes in Iraq.

Surely the banks aren't handing out cash for govt services or salaries to the citizens right? What segment of their society would be getting cash? So aside from typical ATM use, assuming its similar to here in the US with daily limits, the large notes should be under control, no?

Deano   Here's a question that I presented two nights ago. Should have posted last night with Kap, but was concentrated on other things with him.

Deano   Who believes they can or cannot rv overnight?

Zig   Deano : I no longer believe that is least not a major move as many are hoping it does....I do not care how it increases in value, just hoping it eventually does so....

Doug_W   I say NO overnight

Deano   Ok appreciate your answers. And I agree with a no overnight. But what if Iraq has been preparing this to happen overnight. They've been working on the logistics to do what we as well as their citizens have been waiting for. they have been dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

Deano   No takers on my little theory? Fair enough.

Clay   Deano just want 1 to 1

Deano   @Clay I get it. My point is everyone agrees to no overnight rv. But it is my opinion that they've been working on this for quite some time.

Clay   agree   its not overnight by any means

futuremoney   Deano Im at the point that I don't even know if what we have been waiting on even exists..

Deano   If they were going to just flip the switch they would have done this a long time ago. But they didn't. They opened this box of a puzzle and started putting the pieces together.

Deano   @futermoney never give up hope. I believe we're a lot closer than what some think.

Deano   I get it and I understand. You guys have been in this a lot longer than I have. But he who is patient will prosper.

Loren   Has anyone here ever been on dinar speculator, with Medic?

Clay   heard of him but no

Loren   I was wondering whatr happen to him, I followed him while I was Iraq

Loren   The last that I heard from him, his health wasn't real good. But that has been years ago.

Clay   I remember

Loren   Hey I really need to get something off of my chest.

Clay   go ahead

Loren   I spent time in Kuwait also, while was there I discovered that the Kuwaiti's get paid a oil bonus according to the percentage of Kuwaiti that they have. Another words the higher the percentage of Kuwaiti that they are, the higher the amount of oil bonus they receive. Kuwait is taking care of its citizens and their understructure, Their town and roads compete with what we have here.

Clay   I have a patient that teaches school there   knows nothing of the dinar

Loren   To my point, Iraq has more oil than most of the Middle East. On top of that I am reading that they also have 96 tons of gold to back up their currency. Which in my layman calculations works out be somewhere just south of $5T. Now it seems to me that if Iraq wants to set a rate that they have the capital to back it up?

futuremoney   Loren agree

Clay   question is why arent they

futuremoney   issue most have is the note count..

Clay   not me never believed in it

futuremoney   Clay you dnt believ in the note count?

Clay   no

Portmagaland   Good morning all. This isnt going to happen "overnight", huh? I'm guessing those of you who have been in this game for ten to fifteen years can already vouch for this, but I get the "overnight" naysayers meaning, however, for some of you 10 to 15 years is 3652 to 5478 nights, no?

futuremoney   Clay you think its false info from Iraq?

Clay   yes

Loren   I have look at that too, I figure that its somewhere around 50t.

Clay   dont know why

spankie   keeps speculators away

futuremoney order to hide what they want to do

Clay   could be spank  could be future

future   moneyClay how do you account for the UN saying what the note count is?

Clay   no idea why they would

future   moneynot guru stuff

Clay   true I guess

Loren   I will say this, in ten years that I have been following this. That I have never seen advertisements wanting to buy Dinar?

spankie   with the worthless dinar they will continue to to have high note count

Clay   spankie agree

Futuremoney   Loren yes its in my facebook and email s quite constant

Clay   its currency and currency sells   useless today maybe not tomorrow

Loren   Yes but they are not selling they are buying. My best question would be, do you know of anyone selling?

Doug_W   Loren I have gotten a lot of mine off Ebay

Clay   I have sold needed the $

Loren   When?

Clay   recently  not like my finances were 9 years ago

Loren   When did you buy, recently?

Clay   hopefully Doug

Doug_W   not in a couple years now no

Clay   9 years ago

Loren   Has anybody been paying attention to Iraqi dinar auctions? I have heard that they have stopped selling dinar?

futuremoney   Loren still selling

Loren   Shoot! that would be a major indicator .

futuremoney   yep

futuremoney   Clay you plan on re buying?

Clay   no

Loren   I am going to leave my reaction as shoot, however my disappointment is much deeper than that.

Loren   Maybe I will go to Ameritrade, maybe things look better there?

Zig   Loren : Do you keep in touch with anyone in Iraq?......Would be interesting having someone in chat who lives there, etc....

Sparky   Baxter ...Kap brought in an op ed about coins, and a quote from CBI position saying their not ready yet, and he was attacked... by blue sky dreamers..

Sparky   ...may have been from Finance committee member... talking about coinage...

Doug_W   Silver:$19.55

Sparky   ... after all this time invested, why would anyone discount a very possible and positive scenario...baffles me...float...vs flat line...vs b* pie in the sky pipedream...

Zig   Kaperoni does have thick skin....he will be back.....nothing intimidates him.....give him credit for that.....this is not the friendliest place for someone like Kap........

Sparky   ... don't get me wrong, would love to see it come out at $1 plus out of the gate...and, I don't know enough, to know that it won't... just seems improbable to me...jmo...