IQD CALLS Chat Early Wednesday 9-25-19 Part 1 of 2

IQD CALLS Chat Early Wednesday 9-25-19 Part 1 of 2

Xyz   RV???? trigger???

Parliament officially turns its session into secret

Clay   I wish Z but doubt it

Clay   its the CBI not parliment

Doug_W   there is an interview W Chris Wallace and Iranian president at 6 on Fox news channel

Sandyf  @Larrykn  sandyf if you read what I posted I said this was an old article, you can twist things anyway you want but that is what they are telling us back then, but I guess you gurus need to get your point across no matter what. good going

I am not twisting anything, if you want to believe that currency sat in banks gets worn out that is entirely up to you. Doesn't make it fact.

Sparky   xyz ... fact and rate...status quo..

sandyf  Blast from the past, found this in the bottom of my inbox, dated 18th Oct 2006.

Dear Ompus / FreeDinar members and customers,

Last night at around midnight Arizona time, the website for the Central Bank of Iraq went down. They normally post the daily exchange rates at 2:30 am (again, AZ time). However, when 2:30 came and went, with the site still being down it made us wonder.

After our local “geek” did some investigating we found that the site was not down due to circumstances such as weather, or bad connections. It was taken down by someone at the CBI.

For this reason, along with all the recent news good economic news (Foreign Investment Law passed, the Hydrocarbon Law being voted on, the 10K Dinars being distributed to their citizens, and much, much more) we have decided to suspend sales immediately.

We have taken our entire inventory off the site, and any checks that come in after this announcement, or that haven’t been cashed will be placed on hold.

Because of the fact that NOBODY can get the current exchange rate of the Dinar, I would assume that no dealer, including Chase Bank is currently selling.

If and when CBI posts the rates, and if they are new (like we have all been waiting for) we will send out a new email, and depending on what the rate is, we will either be selling Dinar, buying Dinar, or retiring from the business!

Of course we hope the latter, and we also hope that many of you will also be able to retire or at least live your dreams.

We also hope that many of you will not forget the men and woman that have fought for us and Iraq and have given the ultimate sacrifice. I know many charity’s here in Phoenix that will be having a very good year, if this all pans out the way we hope.   Thank you,  Dan Fadden  CEO  Ompus / FreeDinar

Sandyf   For those that only believe what the CBI say.

At the end of August this year currency in circulation stood at 48.589 Trillion Dinar.

xyz   sandyf so?

Sparky    sandyf .. what would that equate to, if they stage it at a penny ,? Fathomable ?

Sparky   sandyf ...then, let supply and demand take over, post Art 8, and Reconstruction money coming in from investment ?

Sparky   sandyf ... possibly 2 years to get to .10..., could be possible...imo......pure speculation on my part...

larrykn   Iraqi President meets Trump on sidelines of UNGA74

Iraqi President Barham Salih met with US counterpart Donald Trump at the Lotte New York Palace hotel on the sidelines of the 74 session of the United Nations General Assembly.

During the meeting, Salih said that Iraq is responsible for protecting its own territory and sovereignty, adding that Baghdad has achieved great victories in combating terrorism and we are in the process of reconstruction.

On the other hand, Trump said that the elimination of ISIS terrorist group is a major achievement, pointing out, "our relations with Iraq is long and good."

Larrykn   Abadi meets British ambassador, discusses bilateral co-op

Former Prime Minister and head of Al-Nasr alliance Haider Al-Abadi held a meeting on Wednesday with British ambassador to Baghdad John Wilkes to discuss enhancing joint cooperation between the two countries.

During the meeting, the duo discussed the political, security and economic situation in Iraq and the Arab region and their impact on the many world countries, Abadi's office said in a statement.

They also talked about the British participation in reconstructing Iraq, in addition to promoting the bilateral cooperation between the two countries in all fields.

For his part, Abadi stressed Iraq's earnest desire to develop relations with both countries and to serve the common interests.

larrykn   Iraq attends Middle East Strategic Alliance meetings in US

Iraq participated in the Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA) meetings kicked off on Wednesday at the headquarters of the US State Department in Washington.

The MESA meetings are headed by the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

The alliance is known to be against Iran.

The meeting will be held for two days, at the United Nations headquarters on the sidelines of the meetings of the 74 session of the General Assembly with the participation of the Gulf States and Jordan.

An official US source said that the alliance is centered on confronting Iran and other threats in the region," describing the meeting as "it will be very important."

During the meetings, the ongoing arrangements for the Alliance project in the political, security, military and energy spheres will be discussed with the participation of the member states of the alliance.

The current tensions in the Middle East will also addressed during the MESA meetings.

larrykn   One IMIS militant killed in ISIS attack in Baquba

One IMIS militant has been killed in an ISIS attack in northern Baquba, Diyala Governorate, security sources told The Baghdad Post on Wednesday.

The ISIS attack targeted an IMIS position in Khanaqin district in Baquba.

Several IMIS vehicles have been destroyed in the attack.

Governmental forces have taken tightened security measures in the vicinity of the attack scene.

The deceased’s body has been taken to the forensic medicine department.

The Iran-backed IMIS militias have repeatedly attacked civilians all over Iraq.

They have a record of killing Sunnis and looting their stores, particularly in the regions liberated from ISIS, according to eyewitnesses.


Chattels   I trust that those who have continually challenged and demeaned sandyf and Kap about the currency issued by Iraq will now STFU.

  chattels   US Embassy in Baghdad tells US citizens in Iraq to be on alert for terrorist attacks in major cities.  …

chattels   Tuesday, September 24, 2019 3 Province Poll Finds Most Iraqis Feeling Secure

chattels   The group PAX released a survey on security in Iraq in July 2019. It interviewed 1,429 people in Basra, Kirkuk and Salahaddin. The last two were post-war zones, while Basra provided the perspective of Iraqis not directly involved in the conflict. It found that people generally thought the country was better off, although there was some trepidation about the future.

In general, respondents felt better about their safety. When asked how would you rate your personal security 60% said they were safer versus 40% who said the opposite.

When asked why, 92% said they felt less exposed to attacks, 76% said they saw fewer weapons, 53% said they could travel more, and 48% said they could leave their home feeling safe. 65% told the survey teams this situation was unchanged from 2018, with only 14% saying things had gotten worse.

Two years after the war against the Islamic State ended, and with attacks at the lowest level in the country since 2003 these responses should not be surprising. Even in Kirkuk and Salahaddin where the militants were still active, they are limited mostly to rural areas, and do not affect most of the population.

chattels   Abdul Mahdi's visit to China will reflect negatively on Iraq and affect its relationship with America

Wednesday 25 September 10:56 2019

Doug_W   Currency issued~~~~48,589,655,939 so much for that argument

chattels    Economist / Nina /: Iraq is a sovereign country and its relationship with China does not affect the US economic relations

Wednesday 25 September 09:58 2019

chattels   Doug_W Unless one cannot believe everything reported by the CBI, eh ?

Doug_W   IMO China has just set Iroc up to do exactly waht they USED to do to US and that is steal everything they can

Doug_W   chattels amen

chattels   Baghdad / Nina / Foreign currency markets in Baghdad, on Wednesday, stabilized the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

The market price in Baghdad Stock Exchange struggle 1203 dinars per dollar, or 120 thousand and 300 dinars for one hundred dollars.

 chattels   The central bank sells more than $ 244 million at a currency auction

Wednesday 25 September 13:32 2019

Doug_W   Surplus~~~1,179,008,490

chattels   Dinar Exchange rate under control, but the volume of sales at auction continue to be relatively high

Tebow   Doug_WCurrency issued~~~~48,589,655,939 so much for that argument, No the argument is still on. If you look at the total assets and liabilities they are the same. How can the be the same figure??????? Something is not right!!!!!

Spankie   more bogus iqd figures out there will stop speculative investment- iraq been out there mucho with funky reports

EricB   Zig Did you say a while back that you could pass along a question or two to Kap?

EricB   @Kaperony @sandyf Assuming the CBI is removing large notes from circulation via the auctions, destroying them and crediting them electronically AND assuming all employees in Iraq have bank accounts and the banks aren't distributing large sacks of cash to them AND assuming people in Iraq receiving govt benefits or subsistence also are not receiving large sacks of cash when they walk out of the banks,

it would seem the CBI would have a good handle on the large notes in circulation. My questions are this: Would the CBI be able to manipulate the stated quantity of currency electronically and discreetly? Did past govts that redenominated have these electronic technology/tools at the time they redenominated? Thank you.

EricB   Tebow Other than the daily news, most facts are already known. Redenom, peg, managed float or free float are the options, which path is taken is opinion at this point. I simply try to pick up bits of info here and there that might lend credibility to one or the other. Insulting people is ignorant and immature, but hey you are good at it.

EricB   xyz I'm tall enough already... I just like to see what kap, sandyf and others may know, if anything. The KELFLA guy had some interesting posts. Who knows what is accurate these days

Young_SC   EricB well like i said i want Kap to post that article quoting from the finance minister, CBI or the GOI saying in their own direct words that there is no such thing as an RI/RV because of too much currency in circulation

Young_SC   It is simple but for some reason Kap nor other individuals cannot understand that logic

Young_SC   Its not about making fun of Kap i just want proof or in print from the straight IRAQI source

EricB   Young_SC Agreed. Did he say they made that statement?

Doug_W   what I don't undertstand is why however much is "out there" has anybearing on a value

Doug_W   LOOK how much USD is out there and our value stays fairly constant

Young_SC   EricB Ive already posted 4 to 5 articles coming from the GOI or CBI stating no float only fixed rate and wanting to give purchasing power/raising the value of its currency

Young_SC   I just want Kap to do the same  That is all

Doug_W   I personally think having a stable SAFE environment 4 investors to bring cash into Iraq has FAR more weight than amount in circulation

Clay   Doug_W I agree with you

Clay   Young_SC yes seen that

Clay   no float   yet Kap insists

Young_SC Doug_W    its amazing how you mentioned the USD but yet KAP thinks Iraq cannot do the same

Clay   fairly