IQD Calls Chat Early Wednesday 9-11-19

IQD Calls Chat Early Wednesday 9-11-19

Larrykn   Rafidain signs a contract with a Lebanese company to establish an integrated information center

Banks   Economy News _ Baghdad    Rafidain Bank announced on Wednesday that it has signed a contract with a Lebanese company to establish an integrated information center.

The bank said in a statement received by the "economic news" a copy of it, "he signed a contract with the Lebanese company Crystal Networks of Shore to contribute to the establishment of an integrated information center (DC) (Data Center)."

The bank added, "The contract includes the provision of all the requirements of the system (ACTIVE) and (PASSIVE) as well as the establishment of the Center for Disaster Recovery (DISASTER RECOVERY) and linking with (DC) and linking the branches of the bank inside and outside Iraq with (DC)."

  Rafidain Bank was established by Law No. (33) for the year 1941 and commenced its operations on 19/5/1941 with a paid-up capital of (50) thousand dinars. The number of branches of the Bank is currently 164 inside Iraq, in addition to 7 branches outside Iraq: Cairo, Beirut , Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Sana'a, Oman, Jabal Amman.


larrykn   The Association of Private Banks meets the Minister of Finance and Economy of the Regional Government

Banks   Economy News _ Baghdad   A delegation from the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, on Tuesday, visited the Minister of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government Awat Janab Nuri Saleh.

The transfer of the Regional Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Mohammed Munther, congratulations and Blessings of the President of the Association of Private Banks, Wadih al-Handal, on the occasion of fattening the post of Minister of Finance and Economy in the Government of the Region wishing him success and success in his work.

The delegation discussed with the minister the possibility of joint work with the ministry through seminars, training courses and joint workshops, as well as coordination between the Ministry of Finance and the Association of Banks through the establishment of a joint committee to follow up topics related to banks in general.

For his part, expressed the Minister of Finance and Economy, the ministry's readiness to cooperate with the Association of Iraqi private banks, praising the efforts of the Association in the Kurdistan region.

 Baxter   HEY ZIG..HEY ZIG..HEY ZIG..HEY ZIG... YOUR FAVORITE GURU HAS POSTED: 9-11-2019 Newshound Guru Jeff ...clear back in July....I said IMO our next window for the possibility of the rate changing would be over the weekend of September 21st/22nd.

As you see all the factual information is walking you up to that point..most of the other gurus are just now catching up with us...we're looking amazing...In my opinion I think we have about another week and a half left in this...

Dave   Howdy folks....

Dave   I have a few 50 dinar notes to throw in.......

Dave   What would be Kool is if we could get a Dinar pool going.......Closest to date and rate

Dave   Closest to.......lop or no lop......just a friendly bet.....

Loren   @Doug_W I am sure hearing some pretty wild rates, and the date is sometime this month. What are you hearing?

Dave   Loren need to go to facebook....Doug comments there

Loren   I am reading all over place, (no lop)

Doug_W   Loren I quit trying to do that many years ago

Loren   @doug I have been in the dinar for 15 years, I have never heard the talk that we are hearing?

Loren   Are you guys saying that this the same old, same old?

Dave   Loren Pretty

Loren   Have you been following constantly over the years?

Dave   ME.........???????????

Loren   @ Dave Yes

Dave   just enjoy torpedoing KAP Sandyf SAm....etc, simply based on my opinion......

Loren   When I was in Iraq, watched the Chinese coming in to make oil deals, before Obama pulled the DOD out. Then the Chinese stopped, I believe that this would have happen a long time ago if Obama wouldn't pulled the dod?

Dave   Chinese Elders?????

Wilder   It's like a drug. Need a fix. Then when it wears off. Depressed and po'd

Loren   I knew that they were Chinese, that is all I know.

Loren   I don't think that the Chinese Elders would risk going to Iraq. Do you?

Dave   Loren Best do your own research excluding Guru talk

Loren   Do you think that I am engaging in Guru talk?

Dave   not sure.....

Wilder   Guru Loren?

Loren   How many Guru's do you think have been to Iraq?

Dave   Got into this `10 yrs ago from what the CBI had to say......

Dave   connect my own dots.....

Loren   I would say that it started before that, I know that I bought mine in Iraq in 2005.

Loren   Have any of you discussed the consequences in Human lives of Obama's pull out?

Loren   Just in case you don't know the cost was high, especially for Christians. I have been looking at pictures of Mosul, the damage looks like something right out of horror movie. .

Loren   I left in 2013, it wasn't in bad shape then.

Loren   to me the talk is different, the President we have is unlike anyone that we have ever had before. Didn't it make a impression on you when Trump didn't bomb the missal site because he would be killing incent Iranians, instead he sanctioned the guy that ordered the drone to shot down.

Loren   I don't know the rate, I don't know the date. But I do believe that not now ever.

Zig   Loren : Nobody knows....we just have some fun.....and wait.....and wait.....and wait.....and.......

Loren   I have been watching several different sites, the one thing that I do believe is that there is not going to be LOP. I do think that it is a possibility that there will be a float?

Loren   I will tell you this, I have just finished redoing 4 houses for rentals. I could use more capital for my business. Maybe that is why I am being so hopefull?

Dave   Loren good to have dreams.....

Dave   only invested what i could afford to lose.....

Loren   For sure, what would life be without dreams? People get on me for buying and Dinar. I ask them if they (buy) lottery tickets?