IQD Calls Chat Early Thursday  9-5-19

IQD Calls Chat Early Thursday  9-5-19

Larrykn   Central Bank to join official monetary and financial policy forum

Central Bank of Iraq   Banks   Economy News – Baghdad   On Thursday, the Central Bank announced that it is taking steps to join the Official Forum of Monetary and Financial Institutions (OMFIF), an independent global think tank for central banks, pension funds and financial institutions with $36.2 trillion in investment assets.

"Membership in this forum provides insight into key investment topics with two integrated channels in analysis and meetings, through high-level practical exchanges and content, as well as participation in meetings conducted in cooperation with The International Monetary Fund, the Bank of England and the German Central Bank."

"The accession process benefits from capacity-building opportunities for mid-level and senior staff, with OMFIF developing dedicated member projects in London, Singapore, Washington and other global financial centres," he said.


madness   all this action cbi is doing yet no action for us, im hopeful for oct. 1st

larrykn   Al-Rafidain announces the authorized granting of advances electronically to employees and retirees

Economy News – Baghdad   Al-Rafidain Bank announced Thursday that its branches are the only ones that grant advances to employees and retirees.

"The granting of advances to retirees and civil servants of the home country is through its branches, which are the only authorized entity for grants," the bank's information office said in a statement seen by Economy News.

The bank warned against "dealing with any entity that claims to give advances in return for certain amounts and is not responsible for any entity that lends the employee or retiree."

He called on the bank to "not believe the rumors and false news promoted by some social networking sites regarding the granting of advances to a particular category and the approval of the bank's social networking sites to see the bank's activities and news regarding the release of advances and loans".  

madness   this is getting really shaky, it all comes down to the zeros on the currency

larrykn   Rafidain explains the mechanism of granting loans of 100 million for the purchase of housing units

Economy News _ Baghdad  Rafidain Bank on Sunday announced a 100-million-dollar loan mechanism for housing purchases.

"A 100-million-dinar loan, which is granted at a maximum limit to employees to purchase housing units in investment projects, should cover 50 percent of the employee's total salary and monthly interest," the bank said in a statement.

"These loans have been set by the most important conditions for the employee to be permanent owners and continue to serve with a letter of support from his department, preferably from those whose salary has been settled with the bank, in addition to not having received a residential loan from any bank," he  said.

100 million loan will be for vertical or horizontal residential investment projects," he  said.   

  larrykn   Central Bank establishes banking relationship with RAMP program

Economy News _ Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq announced Tuesday that it is continuing to establish a banking relationship with the World Bank's Ramp Reserve Management Advisory Program, indicating that the relationship included investing in its bonds.

"The relationship involved investing in the bonds it issues," the bank said in a statement received by Economy News.

"Through the Department of Foreign Investments and Remittances, a plan has been prepared to cooperate with the World Bank on the side of reserve management, and to invest in dollar-denominated bonds, with at least $300 million," the bank added.

The World Bank's Ramp Reserve Management Advisory Program is a platform for advising on the development of asset and reserve management in developing countries and international institutions to enable them to maximize their financial resources.

Chattels   Iraqi opposition parties form shadow government

Adnan Abu Zeed September 4, 2019


larrykn   Rafidain launches additional supplementary advances to state employees through MasterCard

Economy News – Baghdad  Al Rafidain Bank announced on Tuesday the launch of additional supplementary advances for employees of state departments ranging from (5, 10, 15, 20, 25) million dinars and estimated salary of the employee, through the international MasterCard card and their salaries are home to the bank.

"The double advance spoofed twice as much as the employees of the state departments to more than 11,500 employees who have already been granted personal advances and who have submitted the second additional advance and were disbursed to them by MasterCard," the bank's press office said in a statement.

"The disbursement of this advance was made through the customer's fingerprint and then informed the employee by sending him a text message notifying him of his advance, after he completed all the legal procedures to give it to him and spend it through electronic payment tools to which the financial balance was filled," the statement said.

larrykn   Parliamentarian predicts a wave of change to the birth of a new political trend on its way to Iraq

Baghdad-In  A member of the Strategic Planning Committee MP Mohammed Iqbal al-Saedi, on Wednesday, said that there are clear signs of the birth of a new political trend, and the destruction of political blocs each other is to avoid the drift generated by the next wave of change.

"In Iraq, the conflict is taking shape on a daily basis, and clear signs of the birth of a new political trend, based on an audience that has begun to break restrictions and break down legacies that have been deposited with the new political system," he said in a tweet.

"The disruption of political leaders and the destruction of each other is an attempt to run forward to avoid the drift generated by the next wave of change," he  said.  

madness   which way you think this will pan out, do they delete our 3 zeros from the 25k note and we break even or do they delete the 3 zeros from the exchange rate that being 0.00084? then it would be 0.84 and let market forces take over?

chattels   madness I do not know.

chattels   And I am less than impressed with anyone who purports to know.

madness   I dont either but it would be nice to know, be a bummer if people have wasted the last 15 years to come down to the wire and get shafted

larrykn   Kuwaiti mp attacks Iraq over complaint: Kohl with the eye of the ramming loss

A Kuwaiti mp on Tuesday attacked Iraq over his complaint against Kuwait at the UN Security Council, saying it was "a loss."

"This is Iraq's long-standing approach... I'm not going to do that. Kohl with the eye of the sand is a loss."

Mp Osama al-Shaheen said that "the Government of Iraq's complaint against Kuwait is provocative behavior that is not surprising to the neighbor of the north," calling on the government to "respond practically and objectively, as well as take full security and diplomatic precautions."

Iraq sent a letter to the Security Council accusing Kuwait of pursuing a policy of imposing a fait accompli by making geographical changes in the maritime border between the two countries after mark 162 in Khor Abdullah by strengthening a shallow area [Fashet al-Ayj] and establishing a unilateral edifice of a square structure on it. "This has no legal basis in the joint plan to regulate maritime navigation in Khor Abdullah," she said.  

larrykn   Ok back to your regular programing lol

larrykn   madness I really wouldn't worry about a LOP that is just not going to happen , its been in many articles someone is just trying to stir the pot.

larrykn   chattels good luck my friend , take care

chattels   larrykn “ There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume.

If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear.

We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to – The Outer Limits. ”

madness   ok so a LOP would be knocking our 3 zeros off the 25k note and in effect making it 25 correct

chattels   madness I have always argued / allowed for the possibility of a " lop ".

madness   if they lop were basically up the creek with no paddle then

chattels   madness It is a recurrent notion, indeed there will be rumors and the possibility of a " lop " until there is a definitive event of some type, eh ?

xyz   9-4-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni ...why would Iraq be working so hard to create a market economy and get private investment if they did not plan to follow the IMF directive to float the dinar?

I believe that is why we have not seen the CBI do anything as of yet...The conditions for the float are not in place...meaning the laws and investment. ...People tell me all the time...We don't trust the IMF.

Or what proof do we have the IMF is in charge. etc. Well my question is...when has the IMF been wrong with Iraq? When has Iraq not done what they IMF asked?

chattels   madness I have abandoned any worries regarding events over which I have no control.

madness   I would have to say chattels smart move

madness   on the bright side, the cbi did say they did not want to lop, they want a fixed rate and peg

chattels   The persistent debate regarding " lop " or " float " or " RV " have become tedious. I am invested and will stay the course at this point for better or worse.

madness   they also said they did not want to float, but kap keeps bringing that krap in dinar land, it funny cause it goes against exactly what the cbi is stating

madness   im in it too, I drank all my dinar

chattels   Assuming one even has a reliable translation, perhaps, but who can believe the accuracy of any information out of Iraq ?

chattels   madness It is all " madness " ! :)

madness   my dinar is collecting dust, I have not looked at it in a while, but was getting giddy about breaking out the monopoly board with some dinar dong and zim and having fun

Chattels   We have participated in a great adventure. Will we experience awe and mystery or disappointment in the outcome ?

foxmulder   chattels it would be nice to really find out , one way or another.

foxmulder   chattels that's good news

chattels   " I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Quote by Maya Angelou:

madness   I dont know chattels, people that have been in this 15 years, it my go haywire, im worried after all that time some my become suicidal knowing they just got shafted, others will become severely depressed, who knows it could be bad, I have not been in that long, but its something to ponder for some folks, or hopeful everything works out for the better and its a happy day

chattels   madness Adulthood or " manhood " requires more of us.

chattels   " If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;

If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

And treat those two impostors just the same; .................. Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,"

chattels   We have dreamed the dream and thought the thoughts.

madness   well just saying, my aunt was a stock broker and its not uncommon if they lose everything to take a header out the window, thats why its disconcerting i* gurus posting gibberish to stir the pot and play with peoples emotions

chattels   madness Understood.

chattels   madness Money will not guarantee any of us happiness, but it is more comfortable crying in a Mercedes than on a bicycle, eh ?

madness   there is one thing I think though that people have not taken into consideration our treasury holds dinar, I dont think they would take to kindly of iraq lopping off 3 zeros and in effect devaluing there currency, the back flack from the US gov. would not be nice.

madness   and lol on the mercedes

foxmulder   madness is that for certain the treasury does

madness   we logic would dictate of course our gov. has dinar in there reserves

Foxmulder   madness well they regulated the sale of dinar who knows

madness   I heard rumors they are running out of dinar to sell, thats a first

foxmulder   madness have not heard that

Baxter   You can buy mine for a DIME

madness   yeah and iraq has placed laws on how much dinar can come in and out of the country

Foxmulder   Be nice to see them stop , along with the auctions

madness   no go im holding out for more than a dime, I would like 1 to 1

Madness   here is a trip, that zim note is now 35 dollars on ebay, 6 months ago it was selling for 165 dollars, so much for the zim note

Baxter   worthless..... not worth my dime

madness   yep, I only own 2 I never had any faith in it

madness   from the looks of it, not even worth your nickel which is half a dime

Baxter   worth zip

Baxter   what are you gonna do with it... banks wont take it.... it was demonitized over ten years ago

madness   im going to wait till the gurus pump it up again and then ebay it

Baxter   might as well

Whitelions   The Central Bank Begins Steps to Join the Official Monetary and Financial Policy Forum (OMFIF)

The Central Bank of Iraq has ....Public auction to rent restaurant CBI staff.....Gold prices in Iraq markets.....Monthly Rates (Base Price)....Daily Rates (Base Price)....Daily Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rates against Major Currencies and Gold (Buy, Sell)....Rates of foreign and Arab currencies against the dollar for the period (1995-2019)

»Rates of...Monthly rates of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar in the Iraqi markets

»Monthly Rates of Iraqi Dina.....Daily rates of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar in Iraq.....Daily exchange rates of the dinar against the US dollar in the window of buying and selling foreign currency

»Daily dinar exchange rates against the US

.Whitelions   I have not got the all posted yet but I'm working on it they are from the cbi site

Whitelions   those are the titles of the news releasese

Baxter   looks good.. thx

Baxter   something will happen someday.....

Baxter   Dimes will be a flying... LOL

Xyz   Syrian pound falls to record level  

Doug_W   Clay are U thinking of silver again??? Silver:$18.84

Tebow   - TNT: Natok: (Late Wed. Night) OM bank story this morning: Someone had someone that went to bank, the WF that was told that they had training on exchanging small currency (Zim) been in 12 years.

So he showed the bank member that he had 10,000 and I amthink 20,000 Zim's and was told they were waiting for the go ahead at any time.

She told him they would be exchanging the 50 & 100T notes, she would be giving him a 50T note! told him the 800's will be out soon.

During today's TNT call I got a cal Il from A friend that is a Senior mgr at a tier 2 bank. She got a call at 8 AM this morning and was notified that the 800#'s will be released over the weekend and for her to be ready. She was also told that the plan was to complete all tiers by 9/10 and you will

Baxter   UH OH.... both silver and gold are really down today.... silver down almost a dollar...

5 Sep 19, 02:25 PM Baxter   gold down 32 dollars

Xyz   Baxter so is Syrian Lira ;ice-cream;

Baxter   I saw that...

Baxter   good for them..

Doug_W   Silver:$18.84-0.74

Doug_W   Gold:$1,520.97-36.64

Baxter   wow..

Baxter   dropping like a rocket..

Baxter   that hurricane is doing worse damage in the carolinas than florida

Clay   yep

Tebow   China/US agree to trade meetings

Tebow   markets calm a bit