IQD CALLS Chat Early Thursday 10-3-19 Part 2 of 2

 IQD CALLS Chat Early Thursday 10-3-19 Part 2 of 2

madness   well my theory has been if I was a country leader, happy new year and come out with a bang, but now you have riots 7 dead over 400 wounded not looking good for us

Young_SC   Every day its the same people complaining about this or about that well then to solve the problem

Young_SC   Cash Out

madness   lol cash out where?

Young_SC   Young_SC go cash out your dinar at the bank to get your money bank

Young_SC   Or exchange currency

madness   you must mis interpret what im saying, the dinar is going, I just think this could be a major set back for all us holders GET IT

Young_SC   Did people ever think that at its most horrible moment that finally the citizens will get what they want from the GOI based on the list of demands

Young_SC   madness major set back in what way?

Young_SC   madness if you read the news then you will know why they are protesting

madness   that is a good assumption and I hope your are right

Young_SC   You do know why they are protesting right?

madness    they may have to finally move quick to RI, so im hoping for the best on that

madness   yes they are pissed off of the corruption

Young_SC   madness exactly

madness   cant blame them

Young_SC   Bingo

Young_SC   You should inform Chattels too

Young_SC   On why they are protesting

madness   but giving people purchasing power when they have no job to even make money is really stupid, you have to make money to spend it

madness   I would be pissed too

madness   guess its better to be pissed off than pissed on

Young_SC   madness unemployment is one of the reasons for the protesting aswell

madness   yes exactly they have 7 demands, they also want the currency auctions to stop, they have promised those poor people so much and have not delivered squat

Young_SC   madness and that is why tbey are protesting

Young_SC   So are you sure it will be a smart thing for the GOI to tell the citizens they have to wait 3 to 6 more months for their demands?

madness   well it could go both ways for us holders, fingers crossed the GOI grows a half a brain and does the right thing, but this is iraq were talking about

Young_SC    GOI will get replaced if demands are not delivered aswell

madness   no I agree with you, there about to have a dam major war on there hands, they better step up to the plate and do the right thing

Young_SC   madness bingo

madness     im worried we the US might have to step in as well

Young_SC   madness US is already there

Young_SC   Always have been

madness   they were doing so good too I was getting a little proud of them, then nope lets be idiots and not follow through on anything that would help the people

madness   I know

madness    well one thing is for sure there is no turning back, there at a break point now

madness   its called fight phuuck or hit the fence, wonder what there going to do

Young_SC   This protest came for a reason

Young_SC   And now the citizens will be taken seriously

madness   yeah all the politicians are stealing the entires countrys wealth

madness   guess I cant throw stones I dont like politics but we have a gaggle of idiots here in the US too

Young_SC   Like i said, the whole reason for this investment is directly for the citizens of Iraq to receive their purchasing power it is not directly for us. We just benefit because we bought the dinar at a low rate and will prosper when they change their rate. That is all

Young_SC   People like Kap forget

Young_SC   And most do

madness    kap is hell bent on convincing every person this will never happen

Young_SC   We here in North America are the ants

Young_SC   When it comes to this matter with Iraq

madness   but with that said one must ask, if your so hell bent on that idea, what the hell are you doing with all your time this far out

Young_SC   madness what do you mean

madness    I call them trolls, if you think its never going to happen, then fine thanks for the advice and move on, why spend so much time saying the same krap on dinar sites, let us wallow in our sorrow if it does not happen, my research tells me different

Young_SC    madness i thought the samething to

Young_SC   That is a key question

madness   yeah you must have one damm lonley life to spend this much time convincing people this is never going down, hell if he spent half the time doing this bs and maybe go find a nice lady he might get ahead in life, there is always an angle,

madness   not you young I meant krappy

Young_SC   madness lolol

Young_SC   And Kap is soo presistent about it too

Young_SC   Which to me is a mystery

madness    matter of fact if I wanted any krap from him I would squeeze his head, my buddy who brought me into this thinks he is a troll plant, there to try to get people to unload there dinar, taking a step back kind of seems that way

madness   no he has an agenda where not that stupid, he may think we are,

Young_SC   I find that there is a lot of confusion being placed out there to confuse people and misdirect them

Young_SC   Kap created the narrative of Iraq falling into a LOP to bring it to 1 to 1 and then float

madness   yep, sure is and what a waste of space, Hey jerk off were not selling our dinar, even it never goes, it was still a fun ride

Young_SC   What in the world does that mean      LOL  that   is insane

Young_SC   What kind of nonsense is he saying

Young_SC   LOP is decreasing the value your money

madness   well he does say the opposite of what the cbi says, so thats a clue right there

Young_SC   The dinar is worth nothing now

madness   lol yeah how take you take nothing from nothing

madness   in the words of raw eddie murphy nothing form nothing leaves nothing lol

Young_SC   Lolol

madness   now rumor is companies are trying to buy back your dinar go figure

biff   Happy Independence Day Iraq!!!

madness   even if he was right about some of the stuff he says, just boggles the mind how a person spends or expends so much darn energy on something he believes nothing about. ????

madness   what a trip, some people have too much time on there hands

Andrewetoldthem   1st of dinar investor i like to say thank you for being honest about saying the nasdaq contract with iraq begun on 10/1 but now my question is do you think before you speak or you just blurr out your answers like a kid thats in 3rd grade

 how could nasdaq only promote software for another country when nasdaq is a * software it self now 3rd i taught you say the 2020 budget was post rate change now you saying they not ready to change the rate

now i want to be clear on something iraq only have 4 phase not more then 4 in phase 4 its to go internationally they are international just not fully international yet they will be when they revalued their country and money thats why you hear them talk about mobile banking etc

thats international phase and they became international 10/1 when their 5 year contract with nasdaq begun now i know i never say that would of change the rate i just say it begin then and has a business person would you want to promote me for free when your company its 1 of the biggest company in new york?

 now not for not least in the demonstration why you think the protester speak about abdul mahdi ? the rate will change and they will go fully international when abdul mahdi government its complete thats why all the protesters speak of him letting the government know they better get the education ministry voted and sworn in or they got another thing coming

 but me i think everytime they revealed the date when the education ministry will be voted in and sworn in that means its already done and that should be done on 10/5 and that happens then we get or revaluation and they will be fully international 2 on 10/24 them joinning the WTO BEgins now ask yourself that question can they join the WTO with a worthless money ?

madness     bro that was a long post, and NO you cant join the wto with a worthless currency, matter of fact it would be an insult, but with the riots going on well have to see how this plays out

Andrewetoldthem   madness lol but thank you buddy i was just tired of dinar investor keep insulting frank26 vital brad and his video not only he expose his self but he say the dummie reasons to justify it like a dems but since sept 21 his been piss off because he taught his calculation thats when the education ministry would of been sworn in aNd the fact when abdul mahdi and the parliament reveal everything after i told him and here that would of happen after the UN GA his been mad at the world then but anyways this say it all for him

Andrewetoldthem   that video of iraq tells you they was going to be able to have the isx live on nasdaq that day it became live it didnt say nothing about nasdaq promoting a damn software for them

Andrewetoldthem   and this their government youtube videos that show you everything getting done in iraq


Andrewetoldthem   this tell you their accession of WTO and then im going to post another link that tell you how a country joins the WTO


Andrewetoldthem   it was all pressure to push them to get things done because they speak of peace and doing right by their citizens that push them to get it done then

Three Presidencies in Iraq: Launching a Comprehensive National Dialogue

Last Updated: Thursday 03 October 2019 KSA 05:40 – GMT 02:40

Published Date: Wednesday 02 October 2019 KSA 20:35 – GMT 17:35

Source: Dubai-Arabic

Mohammed Halbousi and Barham Saleh and Adel Abdul Mahdi

The three presidencies in Iraq (the state, parliament and government) announced the formation of an official committee to deal with the demands of the demonstrators, launch a comprehensive national dialogue, as well as initiate the implementation of the Social Security Law.

AndrewetoldthemAbdul Mahdi receives the names of education candidates and revealed the date of arrival to Parliament

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) Revealed a member of the Education Committee of the House of Representatives Huda Jarallah, the handover of the names of candidates for the post of Minister of Education to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

The MP

Jarallah said in a press statement, “The Parliamentary Education Committee sent the names of candidates for the post of the Federal Ministry of Education to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, likely to have other names.”

madness   well I thought while the GOI is well for a lack of better words incompetent, its the cbi that has to pull the trigger and I think the US treasury has a say too, so many players in the game makes it so convoluted

Andrewetoldthem   madness THE CBI was clear on it when they say they have to form a fully gov before they able to do anything thats why the protestors had demand on it and the 2 most important 1s was to fully form their gov then revalued their country and money

Andrewetoldthem   Halbousi invites coordinators of demonstrations to attend the session on Saturday

Halbousi invites coordinators of demonstrations to attend the session on Saturday

Andrewetoldthem   Iraqi Prime Minister announces curfew in Baghdad until further notice

Andrewetoldthem   we get the education ministry voted and sworn in then we get the revalued because theirs only 4 phase thats 1 and 2 to stop the madness and 3 then they will be fully stable

Andrewetoldthem   even if sparky narcisse disagree and wont to see us fail even him he know better that nasdaq doesnt promote no damn software when they already a *software itself

Andrewetoldthem   well i post all the truth now its time to see iraq keep their truth and promise protest finish at 2pm today thats almost morning over there when we a sleep they awake

madness   well lets hope for the best, off to work be safe