IQD CALLS Chat Early Thursday 10-3-19 Part 1 of 2

 IQD CALLS Chat Early Thursday 10-3-19 Part 1 of 2

Portmagaland   Deano The majority in here think it's going to RV that's why we all got into this game, so there's the answer to your poll

Deano   @Portmagaland I certainly agree

Portmagaland   Deano TWWIII said he negotiated a 1% fee with his bank when this pops and made and then made it sound like his bank knows about the RV. This is something the TNT crew talks about, their bank stories, so I was wondering about TWIII, is a TNT crew member?

Tebow   xyz they can't reduce the money supply. Iraqis like us are not going to turn in their large notes.

Deano   How much is in circulation 34 trillion ???

Tebow   Deano no one knows

Dave   wish we chatted more about the relevant events going dpwn in Iraq rather this Kap/guru bashing

Dave   posted o few cool articles response

Dave   Demonstrations ,shutting down green zone, 15 days for arrest warrants to be issued to prominent corrupt officials......

Tebow   Dave anything they do to get action in Iraq is good, they're doing something

Dave   used to chat about what is actually happening

sandyf   @Zig Dave : 20 trillion.....40 trillion.....what's a few trillion among friends?? :na;

It not so much about the actual amount. The CBI has an IQD denominated liability in respect of the currency that has been issued. This liability is underpinned by assets but the bulk of the assets are foreign currency denominated.

If the IQD were to rise in value the liability would increase but the asset value would remain the same. There is only about 8% equity in the CBI accounts so it would not take much of a rise in the value of the IQD for the CBI to be bankrupt.

Xbruster69   Eddie Cross reveals when NEW Zimbabwe currency will be released, heaps praises on Mnangagwa..


 Madness   wow things are heating up

larrykn   Iraqi protests turn deadly as security forces open fire on demonstrators

larrykn   Heavy security in Baghdad day after 2 protesters killed

larrykn   UN expresses concern over violence in Iraq protests

mo fo   hope the riots help the iqd and the citizens- but like before just talk from gov

larrykn   mo fo does seem that the people are getting tired of not having anything.

3 Oct 19, 06:31 AM larrykn   Social media users: Green Zone will fall by Iraqi youth

larrykn  Fire breaks out inside Engineers Syndicate in Dhi Qar

larrykn   Defense Ministry orders troops to be on high alert as protests continue

larrykn   Gunfights breakout in southern Iraq as protests spread nationwide

mo fo   GO Iraqies

larrykn   Hundreds demonstrate in airport road, 15 persons injured in Baghdad

larrykn   Iraq Gov’t Cuts off Internet Nationwide amid Fears of mass Massacre

mo fo   Sadre is behind all this

larrykn   this should get the attention on the govenment. they better get going or the whole govenment will collapse. This might be the turning point for Iraq.

larrykn   The people will only put up with so much before they react, seem they have hit that point now.

larrykn   mo fo they say the youth, so I'm not sure if this is Sadre or not

Foxmulder   Well same situation as in past yrs . Have an election...then protest . Anddddd repeat yr after yr . Clown show !!

mo fo   foxmulder it is hard being a corrupt gov-

mo fo   stop corruption is one of demands from protests

mo fo   with Maliki running free says something about the gov

madness   Iraq declares curfews as gunfights rage and protests spread nationwide

madness   that does not sound like stability to me

foxmulder   madness not at all

larrykn   madness no but it looks like the govenment will have to get things done and stop putting things off. which is good for us

Doug_W   I totally agree madness

madness   well they have 7 dead and 400 wounded

Madness   either they give the people purchasing power or kick the can down the road

madness   I think baxters dime just got tear gassed which is a bummer

foxmulder   No services, constant electricity... jobs ... it's a mess . Same ole same ole situation

foxmulder   madness LOL

madness   yeah and fox they even cut off the internet great way to make people happy

foxmulder   madness oh I know ! Just great .

Madness   you cut off my internet and I cant play my games, you would have a war on your hands too

madness   iraq better do something quick and real quick this cant keep up, if you were an investor what would you be thinking, ummm think I will take my money somewhere else till you all get your krap together. hence bad news for us

madness   and that poor dime

mikexx   This gives a really good incite. This is the real Iraq

mikexx   Guys, watch what i just posted

mikexx   Hi Doug, it's about the protests and corrupt Iraqi government, very interesting

Madness   wow excellent video, geez we are so screwed, still keeping my iqd but damm this is not looking good for us at this point in time, seems to me what good is giving people purchasing power if they dont have a darn job, how can you spend money if you cant make it??

Chattels   There is a lot of foolishness to go around already. The need of some people to call others out as fools seems useless to me.

chattels   Iraqi authorities close Baghdad’s Green Zone since it is a possible target of demonstrators.بغداد-تعيد-إغلاق-المنطقة-الخضراء-حتى-إشعار-آخر-جراء-

chattels   Iraqi MP from Sairoon Coalition: we are with the protesters 100%.

Iraqi Human Rights Commission: protests in 9 provinces. 4 killed, 294 injured, & 120 arrested.

chattels   Renewed demonstrations in Dhi Qar .. The death toll has risen to 120 dead and wounded

chattels   Iraq: Death toll rises as protests escalate

Chattels   Abdul Mahdi announces a curfew in Baghdad until further notice

chattels   Things are looking good, eh ?

Doug_W   not really "C"

chattels   The Iraqi Economic Council calls for diversifying the sources of the national economy by revitalizing the tourism sector

chattels   Ah, there is the answer, eh ?

chattels   I am lining up to go over there right now. NOT.

foxmulder   chattels Good Morning.. it's as dysfunctional as it gets !

chattels   Halbousi calls for the presence of representatives of the demonstrators to the parliament building to discuss their demands

chattels   The Parliament can make a lot more promises and the protestors will go away. Quite a plan.

Chattels   Iraqi protesters say they will not stop until they arrive at Green Zone in Baghdad and remove corrupt officials. US & Arab nations warn their citizens in Green Zone. LINK

chattels   Maybe they can form another " high level committee ".

chattels   Baghdad / Nina / Foreign currency markets in Baghdad, on Wednesday, a slight rise in the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

 The market price in Baghdad today 1204 dinars per dollar, or 120 thousand and 400 dinars for one hundred dollars after it was yesterday 1203 dinars per dollar.

chattels   For those who have declared that Iraq has done away with the position(s) of vice president, read the following.

chattels   Nouri al-Maliki, a former vice president and prime minister who now serves in parliament, said in a radio interview at the end of August that he wanted to be vice president again and that the delay of President Barham Salih in choosing his deputies is “a clear violation of the constitution.”

Read more:

chattels   " ............ others who were elected to parliament, including Maliki, former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, former Interior Minister Qasim al-Araji, Basra Gov. Basra Assad al-Aydani and acting Kirkuk Gov. Rakan al-Jabouri, continue to refuse to take the oath of office and take up their legislative functions in the legislature. It appears that most if not all of them are seeking through this maneuver to keep their political options open for as long as they can."

Read more:

Doug_W   Urgent .. US Embassy calls on its employees to leave Iraq immediately

chattels   The Iraqi Constitution and the parliament's protocol have no deadline for the swearing-in of people elected to parliament. In addition, the parliament's presidency committee has blocked Article 18 of the protocol, which calls for the publication of the names of the legislators who have attended parliament and those who have not.

Article 18 reads, "In the event of repeated absence without a legitimate excuse five consecutive or 10 non-consecutive times during the annual session, a written warning shall be sent to the absent member inviting him to commit to attend. In case of noncompliance with the [parliamentary] presidency, the matter shall be submitted to the council [parliament] at the request of the committee.”

Read more:

chattels   “Parliament needs to amend the current laws but there is no real desire in this direction during the new legislative term. There are other laws and interrogations of ministers on the agenda.”

Read more:

chattels   When Abadi was prime minister in 2015, he decided to abolish the posts of vice president and deputy prime minister as part of his “reform package” in response to the demands of popular protests during the previous parliament session. There were three vice presidents and three deputy prime ministers at the time.

 The Supreme Court, however, overturned Abadi’s decision in 2016, deeming it “unconstitutional,” especially since the constitution stipulates in Article 69 that the “law shall regulate the provision of selecting one or more vice president.”

Read more:

chattels   “The Iraqi parliament is in the process of redrafting its rules of procedure and interpreting the paragraphs on constitutional oath to lift any confusion regarding the refusal to attend the parliamentary session for political reasons or for other reasons," legislator Hussein al-Oqabi told Al-Monitor. “Several ideas and proposals are being considered regarding the new draft rules of procedure, most notably in relation to setting a time limit for taking the constitutional oath and the allowed number of absences for each member of parliament.”

It seems unlikely that the current parliament will amend the laws that have brought about this situation. The political blocs that dominate the political scene do not want to lose the benefits provided by the legislation in force. In the meantime, the blocs that formed the government (Sairoon and Fatah) are busy pondering the future of Abdul Mahdi because of doubts that he will complete his constitutional mandate.

Read more:

chattels   D - Y - S - F - U - N - C - T - I - O - N - A - L.

chattels   And that's the way that it is from the news that I read out of Iraq on this Thursday, October 3, 2019.

Madness   guess its safe to say, unless they get the iran corrupt idiots out of there, well will never see baxters dime

madness   we were so focused on US vs Iran now look, they have in one week destabilized the whole country, there is no way an RI or rv or anything coming soon, bet the gurus say oh hey everything is ok send more donations, too bad thought for a moment this was going to be a good month for dinar holders, well guess its for sure maybe and thats a BIG maybe 2020

Young_SC   madness well then cash out

Young_SC   And where are you getting 2020 from

madness   lol no I have to go to work dont have time plus I drank my iqd long ago

Young_SC   CBI GOI never gave a date

Young_SC   So im wondering for those who say 2020

Young_SC   Its simple if no one see's this investment going in tbe positive way then cash out

Young_SC   The*

Young_SC   Then*