IQD CALLS CHAT Early Sunday  8-25-19

IQD CALLS CHAT Early Sunday  8-25-19

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  xyz   8-25-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni We do not want them to delete the zeros, because that's a LOP. What we do want is for the rate to increase. And the only reasonable means to accomplish that is via a float allowing the dinar to rise as investment comes into Iraq. Anything else does not benefit us. ...

You cannot significantly RV the dinar with excess of 42 trillion in circulation unless you can significantly reduce the money supply first. Hard to do unless gradual. ...We don't want a redenomination/LOP. Those are neutral events. It's current rate is its real value. Unless they float the currency and let market forces set the rate.

Tebow   Jo sorry don't listen to b*! Also don't waste my time.

 Tebow   xyz CBI has said no float, Kap missed that. Float is only reasonable to him. He doesn't know how many dinars are in circulation.

spankie   korean won is .00082 to the usd, i believe china has 150 tril out there

spankie   excuse me - 192 trillion yuan out there-- line #2

Matt   This is interesting  much we don't know but i do know maiinstream lies often and seems to be ran by falllen angels. Thanks Jo

xyz   Mark Carney calls for global monetary system to replace the dollar

Xyz   Bank of England Governor Mark Carney proposes new currency, and says trade war is dampening business confidence

xyz   Trump says he was "kidding" when he called himself the "chosen one"

JoeSchmoe   So now we have Kap saying DTZ means LOP???? Could it be that we all have just been stuck on the idea that DTZ means removing from circulation because it is what we want it to mean? ;dont no;

JoeSchmoe   we all know that is what Sam would say

JoeSchmoe   so whatever the 'real' meaning of DTZ is, how can kap deny it's plan, with ALL the talk and articles about it?

Zig   All we can do is wait...and guess....

Xyz   Iraqi banking sector under-developed, fundamentally weak   

Fitch said that Iraq’s banking sector is under-developed and fundamentally weak, therefore the lenders are not able to provide much domestic financing to the government and the private sector credit to GDP is one of the lowest of any Fitch-rated sovereign.

In a statement, the rating agency said that the two large state-owned banks, Al-Rafidain Bank and Al-Rasheed Bank—which have high non-performing loans and exceptionally low capital adequacy—dominate the sector.

Fitch affirmed B- long-term foreign-currency issuer default rating (IDR) of Iraq with a stable outlook.

Iraq's rating is constrained by an undeveloped banking sector, dependence on oil as well as weak governance and high political risk, however, the rating is supported by GDP per capita above the ‘B’ median, robust foreign currency reserves, a low level of debt service obligations and international financial support.

Fitch expects lower oil prices to lead a renewed worsening of public and external finances in 2019-2021, oil accounts for 85 per cent to 90 per cent of Iraq’s fiscal revenue and almost all export revenue.

Additionally, Iraq scores the lowest of all Fitch-rated sovereigns on the composite World Bank governance indicator, reflecting not only insecurity and political instability concerns but also corruption, government ineffectiveness and weak institutions.

xyz   mod less exchange rate not great unless float