IQD CALLS Chat Early Saturday 9-28-19

IQD CALLS Chat Early Saturday 9-28-19

Xyz   Blame Maliki for delay...   9-28-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni ...technically we were very close 6-7 years ago under Shabibi...Shabibi clearly prepared, held the dinar within 2% for 14 months or so and announced he was ready to move forward.

As well the World Bank launched an extensive campaign on behalf of the CBI to inform citizens. For whatever the reasons, Maliki stopped him. Everyone is aware of that.

Zig   Saint Kaperoni Tweets.....HOT OFF THE PRESS!!......Read all about it!!!..... ;read; ...... @kaperoni...........

"If we're lucky and Iraq succeeds in launching a market economy around the first of the year, and we see the significant transition built into the budget for 2020, then we should see the Central Bank move off the peg and begin to float the currency next year. But time will tell."

"I don't care if people that follow me believe the research that I've done. But I do want people to understand there could never be a significant overnight RV of the currency despite with the Gurus say everyday. There's too much currency in circulation for such an event."

xyz   Zig 9-26-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni ...I am 100% positive of what I say

Xyz   Iraqi parliamentary delegation to visit Kurdistan to discuss financial, legal and oil files

An Iraqi parliamentary delegation will visit the Kurdistan region early next week to discuss a number of issues with officials of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in the Iraqi parliament, Mohammed Shaker said Thursday.

Mohammed Shaker said that the delegation consists of members of the committees of legal, oil, gas and finance, pointing out that there is a good rapprochement between Erbil and Baghdad.

This visit comes at a time when a delegation from the Kurdistan Parliament headed by Deputy Speaker Heiman Hawrami, on Thursday, to Baghdad, and in this regard said the Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Parliament in a press statement that the delegation explained during the meetings The two sides live in a single state. The only way for them is to solve problems through dialogue.   LINK

 hattelsBaghdad / Nina / Foreign currency markets in Baghdad, on Friday, stabilized at the exchange rate of the US dollar against the dinar.

The market price in Baghdad today 1203 dinars per dollar, or 120 thousand and 300 dinars for one hundred dollars.

xyz   French "Spiderman" arrested after climbing a building in Germany

chattels   BAGHDAD / NINA / The leader of the conquest Alliance, Hadi al-Amiri, said he wants Iraq on its own and can not be the tail of anyone.

chattels   They can be their own " tail ".

Tebow   xyz good question

chattels   BAGHDAD / NINA / Financial expert Safwan Qusay said that the process of economic reform in Iraq needs to adopt a new approach to combat corruption.

xyz   Tebow and the answer is?

chattels   Increasingly my thinking is that Iraq just has too many problems for our liquidity event to happen. Lack of security, instability and corruption remain constant companions for Iraq.

chattels   But, who knows ?

chattels   Have a fine day all.

chattels   Removal of Iraqi CTService’s Lieutenant General Abdel-Wahab al-Sa’idi said to be at request of CTS Director General Talib Shaghati Kenani after 200 “ghost soldiers” were discovered in Sa’idi’s Command.

Tebow   chattels no one knows

Zig   chattels: "But, who knows?"............That pretty much sums up this whole venture........

Tebow   Zig no one

Xyz   Barzani: Erbil And Baghdad Are Making Serious Efforts In The Negotiations And We Hope To Reach An Agreement

BAGHDAD / NINA /- President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, expressed his hope to reach an agreement with Baghdad, calling on the Federal Council of Representatives and Iraqi political parties to visit Erbil for further talks, especially with regard to the Kurdistan oil file.

"The relations with Baghdad are good, and negotiations are continuing in a positive atmosphere," said Barzani, according to Rudaw Media Network on the sidelines of the Kurdistan University Forum in Erbil. Added ``I think Baghdad and Erbil want to solve all the outstanding problems and certainly all efforts are continuing for this purpose. ''

On the negotiations for the preparation of the 2020 budget, the President of the Kurdistan region said: "I hope to reach an agreement and we all look forward to an agreement," noting that "the parties are making serious efforts to reach solutions."

On the dialogue with the Iraqi political blocs, Nechirvan Barzani stressed "dialogue is always required with the Iraqi political parties and all political forces to achieve mutual understanding."

He added, "Unfortunately, questions and problems are often raised about the Kurdistan oil file and we have invited the Federal Parliament and political parties to send delegations to Erbil for further talks on these issues and to reach a settlement that serves Kurdistan, Iraq and their people."

Last Thursday, a delegation from the Kurdistan Parliament, arrived in Baghdad, to discuss several issues, including the share of the region of the fiscal budget law for 2020, where the delegation met with the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, in the presence of the President of the Kurdistan Regional Representative in Baghdad, to discuss the draft budget law 2020.

Oil, budget and disputed areas remain at the top of the outstanding issue

xyz   Good news for Iraqis