IQD CALLS Chat Early Saturday 9-14-19

IQD CALLS Chat Early Saturday 9-14-19

Red   How's everyone's #FullMoon Fri the 13th Friday night???? Are we partying yet??? or howling at the moon... 'happy-dance

foxmulder   Red howling

Portmagaland   Check this out guys, some of you may have already read it, someone posted something from Wells Fargo about exchanging currency, not the dinar, but just Wells Fargo's procedures regarding their new procedures in exchanging currency effective 08/19/19. It sounds like Wells Fargo wants to bend people exchanging over, kind of their MO.   

Red   foxmulder yup.... watin on that RV...need a little destressing time.  

Portmagaland   Sounds like if this pops, I'm staying away from Wells Fargo as their procedures sound shady

Red   Portmagaland I saw that. They are getting ready to screw you over...

foxmulder   Red RV I have heard that phrase before ..

Portmagaland   Red Sounds like it bigtime

Portmagaland  Like they'll take possession and might not pay you

Red   Portmagaland Yeah....WF execs are frauds...stay away

Portmagaland   Red I hope all the other banks that can exchange dont follow suit

Red   Portmagaland Central Bankers are all frauds...that's the whole problem

Portmagaland   After taxes and the bank taking their fees, we might get 33% if we are lucky

Red   Portmagaland I saw something very right back

Portmagaland   I hope a work around I these banks

foxmulder   Red the reality is if and I mean if ..! And when there is a change in the status of the currency any bank will exchange

Red   Portmagaland Check this out... Kinda makes you go Hmmmm....Maybe Mad Dog and Field are correct.. ;thinking:

Portmagaland   foxmulder Yeah, but they are talking about taking a serious chunk that they shouldn't have a right.

AM Red   foxmulder finding one that wont take a big spread though... Knightsbridge is the lowest

Portmagaland   Red That was the new Zim Dollar and it didnt last that long at that rate. They are hyper inflating again

Portmagaland   I saw a loaf a bread coating over $7 today

Red   Portmagaland No....There are 2 there... the Zim dollar at 1:1 and the new RTGS at 8.41

Red   Portmagaland That's the US treasury site.... that's not the rate on XE

Portmagaland   Red I just can't get with that. I do have one note, but it was for a novelty yo show my daughter when shes older to teach her about hyper inflation

Red   Portmagaland I guess we'll wait & see

Portmagaland   It says it was last modified on 8/14/19, it's probably some nerdy 12 year old kid having fun with his dad who has a Zim note

Portmagaland   Created that website, seems more realistic than 1 to 1 or even .01 to 1

Red   Portmagaland Official website of US Govt.... look at the link


Red   Portmagaland

Red   foxmulder Not sure if you have Knightsbridge Exchanges in US??

Portmagaland   I just did a search on the treasuries official website in the link I posted that I pulled off yahoo and it took me to your link

Red   Portmagaland scroll down to the bottom and look at Zim. There are 2 listed.

Portmagaland   Has the dinar listed at 1138, I see the Zim Dollar at 1 to 1, but they must be talking about one of their other dollars, they came out with a new one every year

Red   I think I need to get some more Venezuela currency...both kinds??

Red   Portmagaland They have no currency at PAR with US...Never have!

Red   Portmagaland They haven't used ANY Zim for YEARS. they were using US, SA rand, and I can't remember the other one. NOW, the new law states they will not have any currency but Zim in country. It gives me hope.

Portmagaland   Check this out, this just happened, Oregon has Video Slots like Vegas for the lottery and 280 locations crashed, one of which is my wife's. Plus, I got back from lunch today and the systems for the state all crashed, so all the state workers in Oregon played on their phones for the second part of the day

Red   Portmagaland weird. Friday the 13th playing with y'all

Portmagaland   Oregon is having a crash in the system

Red   Portmagaland Did the banks crash too?

Sparky   Red ... both...

Sparky   Red ... harvest Moon...

Portmagaland   Nope, my I was with my wife at BofA nothing no problems

Portmagaland   But theres no way Zim can be 1 to 1, theres people out there with boxes of the stuff

Portmagaland   The Dinar is far fetched as it is

Red   Portmagaland #TrustThePlan

Sparky   Portmagaland ... Just like Microsoft...1000 to 1...and, that I's still paying...

Portmagaland  Sparky Hello sparky, pleas do a google search on US Treasury, pull up the website, then at the website to currency rates, see if you see what we are seeing

Portmagaland   The RMB rate is off on that site its listed at 6.68 and really its 7.08

Red   Portmagaland It is said Melania Trump is more powerful than Trump himself... Financially. I think it has something to do with Adnan Sakli

Sparky   Portmagaland ... strengthen king dollar...?

Portmagaland   Sparky The US treasury site says the Zim is 1 to 1 not the RTGS, the Zim Dollar

Red   Portmagaland last time updated mid Aug....

Portmagaland   Red I saw that

Sparky   Portmagaland ... only need to watch the markets...

Portmagaland   Sparky Why would the US Treasury post that on their website?

Red   Portmagaland That was just before the US UK flyby over NY Aug.22 to cue the start of QFS

Sparky   Portmagaland ... forget about that...zim bull  

Red   Sparky Uh....That IS the US TREASURY we are looking at....that has to account for something

Sparky   Portmagaland ... About to break resistance...

Portmagaland   I tried to get some Venzuela Bolivar off ebay a few months back, it couldn't get through customs, they sent it back, I got my money back

Portmagaland   Sparky What's about to break?

Sparky   Portmagaland ... then, bounce and then skyrocket...

Portmagaland   Red Red, is their video of that flyby, I havent seen it

Portmagaland   Sparky Silver

Portmagaland   Right?

Sparky   Portmagaland Portmagaland no...

Portmagaland   Sparky What?

Portmagaland   The markets, ok got it

Sparky   Portmagaland ... China trade deal is almost complete, short metals...imo...

Sparky   Portmagaland ... next dip, buy metals...imo..

Red   Portmagaland I picked up some...but I'm in Canada so no sanctions. I seen some for sale through Florida...?

Red   Portmagaland Venezuela that is...

Red   Portmagaland I'll see if I can find that video.

Sparky   Portmagaland ...imo, if China deal goes...feds may go to less than 0... for a short all the real estate you can leverage...and, retire at a young age...

Portmagaland   Sparky China's 4th is 10/01 and a trade deal to break in their 70th anniversary would make them all happy over there

Portmagaland   Sparky So real estate not silver, I had that backwards

Sparky   Portmagaland ... short window, to make you wealthy...imo...

Sparky   Portmagaland ...jmo..

Sparky   Portmagaland ... actually, you got it right .. research real estate trends...

Portmagaland   The reason is because Oregon is a Sanctuary State and they're loading up on refugees from Africa and the Middle East, plus everyone from south of the border. So, to pay for their kids schooling Oregon wants to raise property taxes by 40%, so I was investing in silver because they cant tax that.

Portmagaland   I want property, but I'm afraid of the state government out here raising taxes, I'm afraid of investing in something, I have to pay taxes.

Portmagaland   We dont have sales taxes here so silver ain't taxed

Sparky   Portmagaland ... well then, they will need somewhere to live...sec 8 pays on the first of the month...

Portmagaland   Sparky This is true

Sparky   Portmagaland ... just a heads up...

Red   Portmagaland  

Portmagaland   Sparky  So, in Portland you cant raise the rent higher than 10% in a 12 month period or you get stiffed by having to pay relocation fees for the tenant and I've had people tell me their property taxes on their rental properties go up every year to pay for the tenants children's school, so it's a headache with rentals in Portland

Sparky   Red ... that's how it's done bro, fighter jet squadron...

Portmagaland   And then they have weird discrimination laws were you're almost forced to take the refugees, its nuts

Red   Here is the Abel Danger livestream in regards to that flyby with Maddog(Michael Driscoll)  

Sparky   Portmagaland ... figure out a way, to house the influx... on government dime...

Portmagaland   Red Thanks Red, that was awesome and I read the thread and no seems to know what it was really about.

Sparky   Red ...they won't even hear them coming...

Portmagaland   Red I listened to Field and Maddog already discussing the meaning of that flyby

Portmagaland   I just didnt see it, thanks again for digging that up.

Red   Portmagaland That's why I posted the livestream because the discuss the signals and what will happen when Trump steps down and General Dunford steps up while the Gold standard and Republic kicks in.

Portmagaland   Red I dont think Sparky are most people in this chat know about this angle

14 Sep 19, 02:01 AM Portmagaland   I'm pretty sure Woke does

Red   Portmagaland There is a reason why the US treasury has it listed 1:1 ratio about the same time as that flyby

Sparky   ...2 miles up, thread a needle...and put it on a dime...

Red   Portmagaland I know...that's what happens when you stick to one forum...

Sparky   Red

Red   Sparky you should check out that livestream... it might surprise you.... It explains a lot about the RV

Portmagaland   Red What do you think will happen when someone shows up with a box of that money? How can they possibly honor it? Plus, the Zimbabweans are going through* right now, if they have resources to fund such wealth they all should be living like Richie Rich. I just cant see it. I'm trying to believe this dinar thing will work out for us all.

Sparky   Red ... camping trip ?

Red   Portmagaland I think it has to do with particular trusts that have more than quadrillions in them...

Sparky   Portmagaland ...UAE confused.. ?

chattels   ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Restoration work will begin at the site of Mosul’s iconic al-Nuri mosque in the first half of 2020, UNESCO director general Audrey Azoulay told Iraq’s culture minister and the governor of Nineveh on Wednesday.  

Red   Sparky I should say GCR instead of RV. Those 2 are Marines and pilots on Trump team

Portmagaland   Red I listen to Trump haters like Mannarino and a few others, plus others that dont care whose running things like RTD, I tried to be as open minded as I can so I have a better perspective, but the Zim...

chattels   ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Restoration work will begin at the site of Mosul’s iconic al-Nuri mosque in the first half of 2020, UNESCO director general Audrey Azoulay told Iraq’s culture minister and the governor of Nineveh on Wednesday.   

Sparky   ...only trillion s... somebody do the math... for 8th grade...


Portmagaland   Sparky UAE confused about what?

Red   Portmagaland same here....but honestly..? I can't see these guys putting their reputations on the line for a bunch of BS. Can you?

Portmagaland   Red Unless they are part of some psyop

Portmagaland   Red Hillary Clinton was mocking us all saying she found her emails

Portmagaland   From Europe somewhere

Red   Portmagaland If that's the radar is way off...and it rarely is.

Sparky   Red ...Trump has no team,...figure it out...

Portmagaland   Red We have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best

Red   Portmagaland IG Horowitz report just sent to AG Barr. BOOM! It's coming.

Portmagaland   Red It's been coming for awile, it's like the Gurus in Dinarland

Red   Sparky Listen to the livestream. Seriously...

Portmagaland   Red I do remember when Q first came out, they said, we'd be sell shocked once we found out who Q was

Red   Portmagaland Yup. The * is going to hit the fan this fall. People are going to be shocked

Red   chattels Meetings tomorrow. Curious to see what happens...

Portmagaland   Red You listen to Area 17 Ground Zero?

Red   Portmagaland Now THAT id*t is a psyop

Portmagaland   Red He just went off the deep end

Red   Portmagaland Anyone seen Slick Willy and Bush Jr lately?? ...especially for 9/11 ceremonies..?? Anyone??

Portmagaland   Red He sounds like a redneck that has problems putting a puzzle together, but with that said it's all f'n crazy to include this dinar venture we are all in

Sparky   Red ...proxy government... War on whatever, about to be determined...for power play...

Portmagaland   Red Bush Jr laid a wreath on 9/11 in NYC

Sparky   Red ...they play golf together..

Red   Sparky  you would have to follow Q posts to understand. There's a much bigger picture at play here.

Portmagaland   Red Thetes a reason, I have all the George magazines now

Red   Portmagaland You sure it was GW?? not Jeb?

Portmagaland   Got the last two. I'm trying to figure out if the 20th anniversary is really a George Mag

Sparky   Red JFK Jr still alive?

chattels   Baghdad / Nina / Foreign currency markets in Baghdad, on Friday, stabilized the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

The market price in Baghdad was 1203.5 dinars per dollar, or 120 thousand and 350 dinars for one hundred dollars.

The prices of buying and selling the dollar exchange companies, as follows:

Selling price per dollar 1207.5 dinars, or 120 thousand and 750 dinars for one hundred dollars.

The purchase price for the dollar is 1197.5 dinars, or 119 thousand and 750 dinars for one hundred dollars

Red   Portmagaland COOL. I've only got a couple... I wish I had searched a year ago when he popped up.

Portmagaland   Sparky That's a rumor

Portmagaland   Sparky Pence is supposedly currently not VP right now

 Red   Sparky Yes he is. He goes as Vincent Fusca at Trump rallies, and Juan O Savin on livestreams

Portmagaland   Red Fire away red

chattels   Parliament will be busy studying the budget for next year and approved

Saturday 14 September 09:15 2019

Red   Portmagaland Hahahaha I wish I could post pics. I have loads of evidence

Portmagaland   Red If it is true and he is alive, he could unite our country

chattels   Iraqi Minister of Electricity: we are importing electricity & gas from neighboring countries for a limited time. We will be energy self sufficient by 2023.  …

Sparky  Red y... interesting...

Red   Portmagaland yup 2024 Prez

Red   Portmagaland hoping for VP 2020

chattels   US Treasury Department demands Iraq become electricity self sufficient & threatens to impose sanctions on any Iraqi entities supporting Iranian Revolutionary Guards. LINK

Portmagaland   Red Mark Taylor prophesized a Jr. - Jr. 2024 campaign.

Sparky   chattels ... I know you don't like small talk... Just the facts, Dano...

Red   Sparky Here Sparky...just a glimspe ....  

Portmagaland   JFK JR and Donald Trump Jr. ?

Sparky   Red ... bad Link..

Red   Sparky

Red   Portmagaland I'm not a fan of that Jr. If Trump doesn't go for 3rd term then JFK Jr and Candace Owens

Portmagaland   Red I thought Candance should of taken over for Sarah Sanders

Sparky   Red .. total cat crap..

Red   Portmagaland ...meh...nope...I follow certain accounts with the right intel and Q/Potus proofs on timestamps. Don Jr not going to happen

Red   Sparky You never watch the whole videos do you ever research if you don't follow through??? WHO is Todd least check that part out

Portmagaland   Red Theres been whispers about Don Jr these past few days from multiplex sources

Red   Portmagaland look for Candace 2023

Sparky   Red ... sorry, patience for B s...

14 Sep 19, 02:31 AM Red   ACK....why can't I post pics??? I prefer twitter

Portmagaland   Red He should have given here a position now so everyone knows who she is. MSM just shuts her out because they dont want the sheep see a woman of color kicking ass like Candace dies. Look how they didnt invite Tulsi Gabbard to the debate last night because Tulsi would have mopped them all up.

Red   Sparky Until you dig deep you will never "SEE"

Red   Yup. It's all rigged. Candace still young but she's riled the black community and theys wakin up!! BLEXIT

Sparky   Red ... agree...not enough hours in the day...

Red   Sparky do yourself a favor... .. history in the making. Greatest time to be alive!! Seriously...make the time

Portmagaland   Red See Sparky is a perfect example, people will need to to see action. Not tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

Sparky   Portmagaland ... wish Charlie Baker would run... Republican governor of Massachusetts... real dude..m

Portmagaland   We get enough tomorrows in Dinarland

Portmagaland   Sparky I dont know Charlie Baker, but I'll take your word.

Sparky   Portmagaland ... check him...

Red   Portmagaland I know...but I've been woke as a BernieBro since Bernie got screwed 2016, and I haven't looked back. Between Wikileaks, Weiner Laptop, Clinton "suicides" Clinton & Podesta emails, Pizzagate, and then Qanon...I've been down so many rabbit holes, I'm having a hard time climbing out. The Cabal is going DOWN!!!!!!!