IQD CALLS CHAT Early Monday  8-26-19

IQD CALLS CHAT Early Monday  8-26-19

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 Sparky   ... can't wait for decisive in, or, cash out...been a long journey...time to move on....this is like the carrot ahead of the donkey... ...donkey getting tired...

Sparky   ...maybe I'll ask Larrykn to teach me how to use the new trading software he's learning, day trade.. interesting and fun...if played correctly... lucrative...

Sparky   ... diversified with metals...but, just not fun... I want fun ! ...tell me Swamy, which road to, adventurous, and lucrative...... Aladdin s lamp, all 3 wishes...

larrykn   Good Morning everyone

larrykn   Turkey says it killed 15 PKK members since Friday

larrykn   Iraqi militia leader tells Israel to expect retaliation

larrykn   Minister of electricity: we need a 2500 mikawat annually to plug

Energy   Economy news _ Baghdad   Electricity Minister luai Al-Khatib, Monday, his need to 2500 mikawat annually to plug the deficit, noting that Iraq's need of energy estimated 26A mikawat during prime time.

The preacher said in a televised dialogue followed news economy "to" Iraq's energy production reached 19500 mikawat, with estimated Iraq needed during peak time 25-26 thousand mikawat, demand continued to grow 7-10% per year means that we need a 2500 mikawat annually to plug <. B21 > Khatib that "Iraq will not continue to import electricity or fuel from neighboring countries," pointing out that "the Ministry needs a specific time periods for the reconstruction of the energy sector and access to self-sufficiency."

larrykn   Near return experts «Exxon Mobil» for the West Qurna 1 field

Energy   Economy news Baghdad   Basra oil company revealed about Exxon Mobil pledged to return its experts to their offices in West Qurna 1 field within the next few days, certain prepared a programme to modernize and expand export system across the southern ports.

Said General Manager Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar, quoted by the official newspaper "morning" and "economy" informed, "the company has backup capabilities to lift crude oil export rate to a higher level of currently stable at 3 million and 400 thousand barrels daily standard commitment to OPEC parameters that Aiming to stabilize and support oil prices in the world market. "

He drew near to the return of Exxon Mobil experts operator President to West Qurna 1 field to their offices in the field North of Basra, according to the terms of a contract of oil licenses 2010 duration after the company moved operations to offices in U.A.E. State.

Jabbar emphasized the non-stop negotiations with ExxonMobil to view investing in the integrated South project, noting that "the Permanent Committee was formed in the oil Ministry headquarters to study and review the technical and commercial offer data for this gigantic project."

And it's not surprising that this topic takes a long time to the negotiations because it is one of the largest mega projects in the region in terms of diversity of projects and the amount of funds invested.

"Pursuant to a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of oil Kuwait State approved by the Cabinet recently, the parties have agreed to an International Advisory Commission to study the situation of common oil reservoirs in specific fields with Kuwait and preparing outputs for joint investment method for alrktah fields" and "the dome Safwan to ensure economic interests and benefits for both countries. "

larrykn   On the development and modernization of crude oil export pipeline system, "Abdel Jabbar said the oil Ministry had prepared a technically and ergonomically to update and expand the export system by extending three tube stations and crude oil depots in Basra to export terminals at the ports of Basra and Khor Operation Northern Arabian Gulf to export energy rate limits of 500 million standard barrels a day,

adding to the current export capacity of 3 million and 750 thousand barrels down to achieve reliability of proven on average at $5 million and 500 thousand barrels is standard across the southern ports after completion Project ".

Chattels   Baghdad / Nina / Foreign currency markets in Baghdad, on Monday, a decline in the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

The market price in Baghdad Stock Exchange struggle 1203 dinars per dollar, or 120 thousand and 300 dinars for one hundred dollars.

Baxter   Good Morning ITS A NEW WEEK OF DINAR MANIA....

spankie   with isreal and iraq at odds and maybe war this is not good for thois investment

spankie   iran backing iraqs play- they do not want freedom for their people

Young_SC   Lol@ people saying Iraq may LOP when Iraq already stated they want purchasing power for its citizens lolol

Tebow   they're not going to lop, they could have done that years ago

Tebow   They do not have high inflation

Young_SC    Tebow exactly

Young_SC   But it seems that most are still lost and dont understand   Including Kap

Tebow   popping does not give Iraqis more buying power

Young_SC   Kap just states the complete opposite from what Iraq had stated last week 😂

Xyz   10 cm long ... a worm has inhabited the skull of a man for 30 years!   

Doctors have uncovered the reason that a man from China's Jiangxi Province was thinner and made him suffer from painful headache and symptoms of epilepsy about 30 years of his life.

Asia One reported that the Chinese began suffering from severe headaches in 1989 (at the age of 29 years). He suffered the first attack of epilepsy while playing cards when his hands and feet shook and foam came out of his mouth and lost consciousness.

The man showed himself to doctors within 30 years, and took various medications for the treatment of diseases that afflicted his brain, but he did not lay nirvana throughout that period and did not recover from pain.   His last visit to doctors in July, however, has paid dividends to his health.

The doctors performed a thorough surgery on the man, removing the parasite from his head, who estimated that he entered this area of the body when drinking contaminated water.

Tebow   If the dinar was going to float as he says once investors come in, if the dinar went up say just 8% in value, their currency would be nonexistent on the streets as every investor in the world would buy and hold them. Iraq would be without a currency.

Zig   Stop picking on my best buddy Kaperoni.....

Zig    xyz : ;Thud

Currency    Trading Between 2 Nations Must Through Other Neutral 3rd Nation Currency Where Both Accepted

That is the best brief “solution” I can gave you guys freely.

Example: UK trade with EU through US Dollar, China trade with USA through Russia rubble, etc.

The easiest way to find “fair” currency where both nations willing to accept is both nation list the currency they want to trade from the most to the least. And the “sweet point” currency will appear.

It should change once every year if one out of 2 nation want to change that “neutral” currency due to any reason like surplus too much, want other currency, etc.

That is the best quick solution to by pass all kind of devalue currency, and is a future example of non-babylon system. So there is no need for any new currency system or global currency reset any more, you just need a new trading currency rule.

But this society need more than that currency trading. The root problems is way bigger. And there is no free lunch from the Messiah.   Regard,   Messiah

Zig   Currency : I don't think the Mod would mind you posting if you did 2 things: 1. Only use one name, maybe your original one....2. NO SOLICITING MONEY from our members.....

Tebow   Fake Messiah, real one doesn't hang in chatrooms!  Messiah don't need ;$$$

26 Aug 19, 09:52 AM mod   Zig Thank You "massiah" only post not read like a bot Unfortunately no listen

Doug_W Silver:   $17.73

Doug_W   Zig where ya been? jail?

26 Aug 19, 02:56 PM Zig   Doug_W : No...I can't stay that long anymore....I get tired of it....I don't know how people post in chats and forums every day......especially following this crazy

Zig   Among this place and years at other forums like PTR I must have posted tens of thousands of times......LOL   There are people who have been at PTR for over 8 there at the beginning of that thread.....Jeez.....

Baxter   I joined there in june of 2011... I think I got banned in 2013

Baxter   I can still sneak in there once in a while.. LOL...

Zig   Do you think we will ever make a decent profit from this???......Seriously..................

Baxter   Yes   I really do

Baxter   not to the extent of what the gurus say though

Zig   Okay.....hope you are right......

Baxter   so do I

Zig   LOL

Zig   I have not given up but not very optimistic now........

Baxter   I dont see anything more this year..but I do next year

Zig   LOL.....Always NEXT YEAR......

Baxter   I know