IQD CALLS Chat Early Monday 10-7-19

IQD CALLS Chat Early Monday 10-7-19

Chattels   Sunday, October 6, 2019   Govt Violence Reducing Number Of Protests In Iraq

chattels   When the protests originally began on October 1 they occurred across every southern province. That is shrinking in the face of the all the lie fire, dead, and wounded.

That showed that the government’s violent tactics were working somewhat. Still, places like Nasiriya and Diwaniya appear to be out of control once people gather. Basra on the other hand, appears to be relatively subdued with the security forces having learned their lessons from last year.

It also shows that all the gunfire is unnecessary if the police had been more pro-active and arrested crowds before they could even march on places like Tahrir Square or the government buildings. This is a lesson being missed by Baghdad.

chattels   Officials continued to be ineffective in their responses. Speaker of Parliament Mohammed Halbusi yesterday invited activists to meet with him and go over their demands. That happened October 5, but then people in the streets said whoever met with the speaker did not represent them.

Parliament was also supposed to have an emergency session, but there was no quorum due to the boycott of the Sairoon bloc led by Moqtada al-Sadr.

The weakness of the Abdul Mahdi administration from the start was that he had no party behind him, but rather was elected due to a deal between two rival factions Sadr on one side, and Badr’s Haid Amiri on the other. Parliament would do nothing if it met as a result.

The prime minister has been feckless during his entire time in office as well, and his weak speech saying he couldn’t do anything and that it was the people’s fault for getting killed just showed that he will do nothing substantive about the protests politically and rely upon the police instead in the hopes to put them down.

This is a very dangerous move as it is pushing many people towards revolution and wanting the entire elite to be brushed aside.

chattels   It appears that governance in Iraq may require an authoritarian figure. Likely a military one. I hope they get a " good " one.

chattels   The only thing happening at banks in Iraq this month is that protestors are burning them.

Doug_W   as do I chattels

chattels   The Guru notion that an increase in the exchange rate will be a panacea for Iraq's problems is as misguided now as when I first heard them advance such a theory years ago and at various troubled times since then. It is a foolish notion, IMO.

chattels   A good economy is a reflection of good governance and not a cure for what ails the government.

Doug_W   and a strong economy too

Doug_W   ooops I mis read your last

chattels   We are hearing again that the next budget is the watershed occurrence for our liquidity event. How many times has one heard that bovine scatology ?

chattels   Iraq needs a functional government rather than a " completed " government.

chattels   I read above where xyz posted an article about the resignation of cabinet ministers, but the link was bad for me. Anybody seen/read such an article ?

chattels   It is a " sourced " article so it may not be reliable, but I cannot locate it anywhere else.

chattels   larrykn ?

chattels   Iraq military admits ‘excessive force’ used in deadly protests

larrykn   seems to me as long as they protest we sit

chattels   So, the mystery sniper does not explain the government's violent response.

chattels   larrykn larrykn larrykn Good Morning

larrykn   they better watch out the people will take over the govenment if they keep this up

chattels   “Excessive force outside the rules of engagement was used and we have begun to hold accountable those commanding officers who carried out these wrong acts,” the military said.

chattels   larrykn Not likely the " people ", but the military.

larrykn   once you start killing your own people nothing good will ever come out good for the country

larrykn   I think most of the people have their own weapons. this could get nasty

chattels   " On Monday, Abdul-Mahdi said he discussed the recent events and reform plans in a phone call with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, without providing further details.

And Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov landed in Baghdad to meet top officials."

chattels   Plans to reform and committees to study and prepare may not be enough this time.

chattels   People need relief and that requires action.

chattels   Unfortunately Sadr has disabled an already dysfunctional Parliament with the boycott of his Sairoon Bloc, so Mahdi is left to his own limited executive powers to act.

chattels   There are matters in Iraq unfolding before our very eyes, as the Gurus say, but it does not appear to be a substantial increase in the value of the dinar.

chattels   And that's the way that it is from the news that I read out of Iraq on this Monday, October 7, 2019. Have a fine day all.

Young_SC   chattels The substantial increase from the dinar has to mentioned to the citizens from the CBI Chattels. Technically that is not the GOI job to do so


Doug_W   Canada is free too


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Andrewetoldthem   I Wonder what happened to their impeachment inquiry its easy for them to say it and scream about it but they cant get it done IT seems like Abadi maliki with an I its on the same track and Iran

#* you demsThe perfect plans WELL KEEP FIGHTING FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN !!! Then..............

Andrewetoldthem   Even the legit way wasnt easy Thinking you find a way out your people would of been proud of you they prefer to hate on youits ok we finally going to be able to play offense the dems chain its breaking nn when it do break Abadi Maliki with an i And Iran will finally realize the only way out this situation its to either A big win for every body or they loose kuz we aint going no where but they are soon

BNL NEWS@BreakingNLive   JUST IN: Rep. Debbie Dingell, a Democrat, revealed that she was pressured to support impeachment against President Trump. She was targeted by Tom Steyer and MoveOn. 



Andrewetoldthem   WE ALREADY IN PHASE 4 IRAQ ITS ALREADY international !!!!

JUST the revalued left be4 they fully formed internationally and thats why ABDUL MAHDI pushing hard for parliament to give him the power to finish its cabinet and sworn in the education ministry for the C.B.I CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ TO FINALLY HAVE THEIR COUNTRY REVALUED AND REINSTATED NN THEIR MONEY

IDK wHY THEY STILL resisting instead of winning we aint going no where they either get it better for every 1 or make it worse on their self

Andrewetoldthem   Doug_W its because of the dems the abadi maliki iran and their believers thats why we cant revalued the dems fell they all do bkuz the dems make them believe they could beat trump thats why they havent gave up

Clay   Andrewetoldthem international?

Andrewetoldthem   Clay yes with the 5 year nasdaq contract thats when they went international thats why with the riot every news was talking about it

Clay   Andrewetoldthem never seen where they have gone international

Portmagaland   Andrewetoldthem I hope you're correct. Just saw GE is freezing 20,000 pensions and GE is going to do 5 billion in pension buyouts on 7 billion of liability. It's going to get real scary here as well. 900,000 people in India could not get their cash, as well as, some ATMs in Honk Kong not having cash as well. Then all this rioting in Iraq. The world is in meltdown mode. Prayers.

Andrewetoldthem   Clay

Portmagaland   Back to work

Andrewetoldthem   Portmagaland no hong kong protest started because of a mask ban dont believe the lies


Andrewetoldthem   Iraqi PM Demands Parliamentary Support to Reshuffle Cabinet After Deadly Unrest

By Reuters


Andrewetoldthem   Doug_W no problem thats what family do we look out for each other hiron sharpen hiron

Crazycrypto   Seems Mahdi is already offering a reform package tuesday

Doug_W   in the cumming days

Crazycrypto   dude is in full panic mode

Clay   lol coming days

Baxter   S O O N .............


Clay   scarey if true

Wilder   Clay supposively U.N. and Fema on alert as well.

Clay   omg this is getting bad

Clay   Dems want to take over like a dictator

Wilder   Fast forward this video to 21 00.  . paul Begley from last night

Wilder   The plot thickens. Trump throws Rick Perry under the bus involved with the Ukraine deal. Hillary to announce that she is going to run again.

Doug_W   what a freak show

Doug_W   xyz Yes I agree Z

Portmagaland   Good afternoon guys, I've been paying attention to all the chatter about Marines, U.N. and Fema being activated.

Portmagaland   Take what I am about to say with a grain of salt

Portmagaland   The Trump activatingvthe marines story is not going away, it's intensifying as it is apparently a counter move. Before Obama left office and after Trump win, in December of said timeframes. Obama signed a law allowing U.N. Troops to post up in U.S. The marines are Trumps counter move to U.N. troops. Both U.N. and Fema were activated prior to Trump activating Marines. There is chatter that Calexit might go live and hence all this craziness. Just be prepared, pray and stay alert.

Portmagaland   I hope it's all be

Portmagaland   Bs

Doug_W   I am 70 and all my life I have heard "that" in one form or another all of it

Clay   settling down a bit I guess

Wilder   Portmagaland with a little pepper too. Signs of the times.


Doug_W   Portmagaland why do U listen to that JUNK?

Portmagaland   Doug_W If you listen to CNN or any MSM, I have the same question for you?

Doug_W   I do NOT

Portmagaland   Doug_W Ok, that's hood, I'm just searching for the truth.