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Frank: The protesters gave them 2 weeks…...the deadline is the 15th...we're looking at the 2nd week right now..

There is a possibility that the Monetary Reform will soon mean more than the protesting in the streets…There is a possibility we will see what we are looking for somewhere around Sat.or Sun.…….

 3 days ago the CBI told WalkingStick’s  firm with 6 banks that on the 14th of Oct…..they are to have the new currency (LD’s) .... To be followed by FILS..(coins)


Bodyman:  The great news is we are still at the threshold with no known delays, and interested parties are waiting in anticipation….. I take it as a major positive that banks are alerting their employees that the RV is real….. That is something they have not done previously!   IMO none of this would be occurring if we were not very close

SwampyJack:  Just a banking experience this afternoon.. Went to WF to buy dong. 6MM Dong = $294.40 (inc. frt) and Indo Rupiah 1,940,000 = 155.98 (incl. frt)   I had to smile when the bank teller said that "both of us are going to be pretty rich very soon when these revalue" refer to the Dong. I asked if he held anything other than VND and he said no.

SwampyJack:  Then one of the retail managers asked me why I had spent so much time with the teller... and then she smiled and said that "I know, you were buying VND Dong... are you buying for investment or are you planning on going on a trip". I just replied, if I told you I was buying for investment, you would not have allowed me to complete the transaction". We parted both with smiles on our faces.... she knows ... But anyway, the rates have NOT changed as of Noon today.

Alf:  I just got back from the local WFB. I ran into the same manager who always told me "no we don't deal with the VND" so I asked her about the sign behind her that says courtesy is job#1. I insisted she look it up for me and she's still saying we don't deal with the VND. Well she starts to research it and BINGO she found out they did deal in the VND. surprise,surprise and she couldn't stop laughing.


Humor While We Wait: 

Sabickford:   Just saw three people jogging outside and it inspired me to get up & close the blinds.

Sometimes I just want someone to say," I know it's hard. It's going to be okay. Here's a coffee. And 5 Million Dollars."

Thank God I don't have to hunt for my food. I don't even know where Tacos Live.

I never wish death upon anyone who wrongs me, I wish explosive Diarrhea while on a date. Much More Satisfying.

If you ever hear me order a decal coffee…I've been kidnapped and I'm trying to signal you.

The spider in the shower was probably relieved to get washed down the drain after the view of me he got from that angle

I've decided not to have kids. The Kids are taking it really hard.

I'm Sorry, we can't hire you but your background check was Hilarious!

I am presently experiencing life at a rate of several WTF'S an Hour

You're never too old to throw random stuff into people's shopping carts when they aren't looking

Anyone who says they "Have no Regrets" Obliviously doesn't know how to party.

I don't just march to my own drum, I lead the parade

I'm really sick of my friends that can't handle their alcohol. The other night they dropped me 3 times while carrying me to the car.

Arguing on the internet is like wrestling a pig in mud. After a couple of hours you realize they like it.

Just thought I should warn you. My Sanity has departed and left no forwarding address.

There are two rules to Success. 1. Never tell everything you know.

Life is like a roller coaster. You can either scream every time there is a bump or you can throw up your hands and Enjoy the Ride

Stupid people are like Glow Sticks. You Wanna Snap 'em and Shake them till the light goes on.

I Don't understand your specific kind of crazy, But I do admire your total commitment to it.

Grant me wine to accept the things I cannot change, Coffee to change the things I can and a opaque mug so my co-workers can't tell the difference

Please God cure my hangover and I promise I will never drink again, also please forgive me in advance for lying about never drinking again.

If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning

I think I'm allergic to Chocolate. My Butt and Thighs are showing definite signs of swelling

Always be nice to a scuba diver. We know places where NOBODY will find you.

Finding Friends with the same mental disorders as you….Priceless!

Everyone should believe in something. I Believe I should be on the beach drinking margaritas. Who's Coming?

BACK OFF. I have a CRAZY WIFE and I'm not afraid to use her!

Warning: going to sleep on Sunday will cause Monday     

I woke up hungover to the sound of my neighbor mowing the lawn. I figured he'd have to mow around me, I'm not moving.

The answer may not lie at the bottom of a bottle of wine, But you should at least check.

Good Advice - NOT: Make jokes about your girlfriends weight. Girls love a man with a sense of humor.

Remember when you had to smack the side of the TV when the channel wouldn't come in clearly? I feel that way about far too many people!

Don't use a big word when a single un-loquacious and diminutive linguistic expression will satisfactorily accomplish the contemporary necessity

U.S. headed for civil war as military mobilizes to take down cabal

October 7, 2019   By Benjamin Fulford

The United States is headed for full-blown civil war or revolution, as the U.S. military has now mobilized troops and reserve units “to take down the Deep State,” Pentagon sources say. “With 125,000 indictments, many will be unsealed, making for a bloody October revolution or October surprise before the satanic Halloween holiday.” They note that “Melania Trump wore red on October 1 to signify Red October for a new fiscal year as the military mobilizes troops to defend Trump.”

The mobilization order can be confirmed on the U.S. Marines’ own home page:

The order authorizes Marines and other U.S. military units to take action inside the U.S. if “a Governor requests Federal assistance in responding to a major disaster or emergency,” or “When directed by the President,” or following “a Request For Forces (RFF) from the responsible Combatant Commander.” The order further reads, “Marines with subject orders will execute orders… in order to respond to threats in the Homeland.”

Multiple sources, including Dr. Steve Pieczenik (who served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, and James Baker) confirm that the mobilization is in response to an attempted CIA coup led by CIA Director Gina Haspel against U.S. President Donald Trump. Dr. Pieczenik, by the way, is the son of Holocaust survivors and has gone on the record blaming Nazi Jews as being involved in the mass murder of their own people.

CIA sources confirm that Haspel is “a blood relative of the Rockefeller clan (Clinton, Zuckerberg, etc.).” Furthermore, the sources state that Haspel “was in charge of ‘Cat’s Eye,’ the first secret black site for interrogation of alleged terrorists, set up in Thailand. She also ran a secret black site at Guantánamo Bay prison after 9/11 at the request of GW Bush/Dick Cheney. (This was totally off the books).

She travelled between Thailand and Cuba. After her mission in Thailand, she was appointed Station Chief of the CIA London office. She is overseeing the plot to…….( The remainder of this article is only available to members of ….full report released to public on Thursday at midnight)

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