Bix Weir, Dave Janda, and X22 Sunday PM 9-29-19

Bix Weir: 

Cryptos Rigged, Repos Triggered & Deutsche Bank Dives BACK into Derivatives!!

RoadtoRoota:  Sep 29, 2019

EVERYTHING I've been screaming about for the past 12 years is HAPPENING NOW!! Hang on tight as the old system dies and a new system is born!!

About minute 2:30:  The old system is dying and the new system is taking it’s place….……what happened in September with the old system is the destruction of the derivative market. That’s what the Repo is all about. The Fed has to bail out the banks.

This is the End Game and we are in the middle of it..: The derivative bomb went off on Sept. 11

Dave Janda/Operation Freedom

The Deep State Is Cornered: Prepare Accordingly

Sep 27, 2019

In this edition of Operation Freedom's special segment series, Dr. Dave and Dan Brigman chat about some practical, hands on means of preparing for an inevitable deep state implosion.

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