"We are Tired" Emailed to Recaps

We are tired.

Tired of yet another Monday Morning and NOTHING has happened with the RV/GCR

Tired of waiting for the PTB to do something…..anything for humanity.

We are tired of hearing every day that the RV/GCR is ready to go.  Nothing needs to be done, just waiting for “someone” to say “go”

We are tired of the “Chinese Elders” constantly saying they will bypass the US obstructionists and nothing ever happens. We are tired of glitches, the cabal, lies and excuses.

We are tired of seeing almost 100,000 sealed indictments and the bad guys, the Criminals with a pile of evidence as tall as Mt. Everest of murder, lies, treason, corruption, embezzlement, sex trafficking, pedophilia, and more still walking around FREE shooting off their big mouths against America  on all the fake news channels.

We are tired of hearing about all the amazing, incredible inventions , hidden technology, suppressed patents that will be released “soon” Things that will save lives, save, countries, save the planet while the people we love are dying.

We are tired of watching parts of the USA (California, Oregan, Washington state for example)  )turning into a cesspool of homelessness, feces, rats, garbage and plague while the elected politicians won’t shut up about “Russian collusion” or “phony impeachement” (Just freaking shut up and do some work for your states dammit..)

We are tired of our big plans, hopes, dreams for our families, friends, communities, states and countries are always on “hold” while the politicians and “world leaders” play at being money grubbing, power hungry dictators.

Whoever has the Reset buttons needs to get off their collective “asses” and DO SOMETHNG NOW.

Release the reset. Release the gold/asset backed currencies. Release those patents on technology. Arrest all those damn criminals that have almost destroyed our world. And do it so we can all SEE IT. Get out from behind all those closed doors and just DO IT!!!

You do these things and we guarantee to you that us “little people” , the peasants, the common man, the deplorables, the “useless eaters, the toothless crackheads, the people in “fly over” country will explode into action using these funds to save our communities, our oceans, our poor and hungry people worldwide, our orphans,  our sick and sad and our entire planet .

Do you want “Humanity Projects”?  Well release the RV?GCR, and reset the financial system and watch how millions of us dive into Humanity projects.

JUST DO IT ……and we will do the rest.

We are tired of waiting.

Sincerely , A common, deplorable peasant with big plans to help this world.

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