IQDCalls Chat Early Monday  8-19-19 

IQDCalls Chat Early Monday  8-19-19  

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Tigger   The member of the Finance Committee Hanin al-Qadu, on Monday, that the use of metal categories and sent down for trading gives a notional value of the currency.

Al-Qadu said in a press statement that during meetings and discussions with officials at the Central Bank, we stressed the need to re-work coins that were used in Iraq during the past decades, instead of paper that is damaged and printed in large quantities again.

He added that the use of metal categories and their descent for circulation gives a notional value to the currency, noting that a number of neighboring countries - exchange rates are very high against the dollar - and yet we find that it has a coin in order to preserve the currency and not need to ask for more banknotes especially Small categories. ”

Al-Qdo expressed surprise at the "policy of the Central Bank, which does not favor the introduction of coins for circulation in the Iraqi market." LINK

chattels   Can anyone discern the meaning of the article posted by Tigger ?

Baxter   NOPE

Chattels   Baxter Unless it is a call for the reintroduction of a gold coin ?

Baxter   not a clue sir

Foxmulder   Qadu: Coins that have been used in Iraq over the past decades must be reintroduced

chattels   In Iraq, Falahi replaced as Anbar Operations Commander. (He was previously accused of collaborating with CIA).    …

chattels   Iraqi Nujaba militia: the US struck the PMF (Hashd) Saqr Base in Baghdad. US is moving ISIS & some tribes to confront PMF. We must pass a law to remove US forces.

chattels   Iraqi Speaker of Parliament tells US ambassador that US & Iraq must strengthen US-Iraqi cooperation in areas of security support & intelligence.


Chattels   Ammar al-Hakim, the leader of the Iraqi opposition movement, went far beyond the warning issued by the leader of the Sadr movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, yesterday, when he revealed the tendency to form a broad opposition front, and work to form a "shadow government", in order to modify the course of government Which is headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi, with no exclusion of confidence.

Chattels   " ........... «the formation of the opposition front comes in the context of the interpretation of the Federal Court that everyone who is not within the major bloc, it is entitled to be in the ranks of the opposition, and therefore Crystallized the desire of a large number of members of parliament to play the role of the opposition, and this cover provided by the opposition parliamentary wisdom bloc, after the request to name them, and after the interpretation of the Federal Court on it "

chattels   ................ Regarding the formation of a "shadow government," Tamimi says that "the shadow government is one of the options for democratic systems," but stressed that "this is not a prelude to a no-confidence vote as we are still part of the first step in our work as an opposition, and therefore can result in a withdrawal of confidence and may not It results in a no-confidence vote if the loyalist front, which is the largest bloc, can defend the government. ”

Chattels   Mahdi seems our best hope for stability in Iraq, IMO.

Wheresmyrv?   I agree chattels

foxmulder   chattels it seems that stability of the Government is quite a hard thing to achieve over there


chattels   Sorry about the caps.

chattels   Wheresmyrv? Good Morning, aging as best i can, and you sir ?

Wheresmyrv?   chattels Doing ok here thanks. Hard to believe we are going into 2020 with no raise in value.

chattels   Wheresmyrv? I was thinking earlier this morning about those I met along the way in this journey that are no longer with us.

Wheresmyrv?   I got into this back in late 2011 and if someone would have told me that it would have taken this long I would have laughed. Back in the day I was listening to the guru's thinking that we were on the verge of this popping.

chattels   Wheresmyrv? Yes, I had such urgent hopes in 2011.

Wheresmyrv?   chattels Yes I thought about them too awhile back

Wheresmyrv?   chattels Its sad that this is taking this long and that people have passed away waiting for this.

chattels   Wheresmyrv? Of course the guru narrative of today and any day has not changed, but we have.

Wheresmyrv?   chattels True

chattels   Wheresmyrv? Many, if still alive, have given up also.

Wheresmyrv?   chattels Oh yes, I can believe that. Gotta be a lot that has sold

Wheresmyrv?   chattels If SWFG was still here I wonder what his thoughts on all of this would be

Wheresmyrv?   chattels I used to enjoy reading his posts and chatting with him, what a great guy he was

chattels   Wheresmyrv? Was thinking about him this morning.

Wheresmyrv?   I hope we get to see this in our lifetime

chattels   Wheresmyrv? Indeed, but my wife and I were talking about giving our children the best info we could to make decisions in the future.

chattels   BAGHDAD / NINA / Second Deputy Speaker of the Council of Representatives Bashir Al-Haddad said that the political blocs are exerting pressure on the Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, because of his desire to resolve outstanding differences with the Kurdistan region and open corruption cases, noting that "there is a movement in Baghdad against the improvement of relations with Erbil He wants to treat the Kurdistan region as a province and not as a constitutional entity.

Al-Haddad said in a press statement: "The delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government will go to Baghdad during the coming days based on the previous mutual visits, where it was decided to form committees on the oil and budget and Article 140."

chattels   I am slightly hopeful that Mahdi can resolve some issues with the Kurds. The Kurds seem to like and trust him.

chattels   The political forces opposing Mahdi in Baghdad are substantial. Many would just as soon crush the Kurds.

foxmulder   chattels we can only hope ! Finalizing art 140 seems to be unobtainable

chattels   Rightfully or wrongly, I have believed for a long time that stability in Iraq and the eventuality of our liquidity event depend upon the Kurds indirectly.

foxmulder   chattels I think you are right

chattels   I need to go make a living. Have a fine day all.

JoeSchmoe   Question...who is this Jeff-dinar investor dude? IMO, just a new name spewing the same crap?

Wheresmyrv?   JoeSchmoe His channel is on youtube, I watched a few of his videos

JoeSchmoe   Wheresmyrv? and

JoeSchmoe   what is your take on the guy

Wheresmyrv?   He's thinks once they have a full government that then they will RV

Wheresmyrv?   He thinks late September

JoeSchmoe   Wheresmyrv? i know what he thinks, but what's your feeling about the guy

Wheresmyrv?   My personal opinion about him is that I hope he is right but we are dealing with Iraq and they are a bunch of buffoons who cant manage themselves out of a wet paper sack.

Wheresmyrv?   He thought it was going to hit last june or july when the market hit 28K

Larrykn   Iraqi 2020 budget to be submitted next month

larrykn   Former VP says Iraq should boost co-op with US to improve army

larrykn   Iraqi troops raid desert areas in search for ISIS cells in Anbar

larrykn   Parliamentary economy determines causes of weak international investment in Iraq

Economy news _ Baghdad   The Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment limited, Monday, weak international investment in Iraq.

The Committee Member said, Riad al-Tamimi in a statement "the economy news received a copy of it," a lot of States and international companies have a clear desire to enter the Iraqi market and investing in all areas but what's keeping her many reasons. "

Tamimi said that "one of the most important reasons precarious security climate in some areas which is a suitable environment for investment, in addition to routine and slow Government action."

He stressed "the importance of encouraging investment procedures and laws with appropriate security atmosphere for reversing the positive image of the foreign investor to enter Iraq and start projects of benefit to the parties of simplified procedures and encouraging."

Tamimi said he "couldn't go to a better economic reality without international involvement in the reconstruction and investment in all areas."

larrykn   Iraq increases the domestic production of gas oil and gasoline

Economy news Baghdad   The oil Ministry said in a statement that Iraq has increased domestic production of oil, gas and gasoline in 2019.

The current rate for producing gasoline 14.29 million litres per day up from 11.485 million litres on average in 2018.

Gas oil production has risen to 11.23 million litres per day of 7.84 million liters in 2018.

The statement said the increase stemmed largely from increased production of some Iraqi refineries rebuilt after being destroyed by the armed factions.

The statement said that Iraq uses most of the fuel that produces for domestic consumption.