TNT, KTFA and X22 Monday Night 9-30-19


BillsFan: I went to the bank today and exchanged some Euros I gave the 20 ND GOT BACK $20.57 USD!!! When i went 3 weeks ago I exchanged $500 usd & got 400 Euros foe my trip now its 1 to 1…. exchanged 20 Euros

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Zimbabwe Turns to Regulations in Bid to Stem Currency Plunge (9/30/19)

Zimbabwe has clamped down on mobile money, tightened controls on foreign exchange bureaux and dealers and banned the quoting of prices in any currency other than its own dollar as it struggles to manage a monetary system that’s spiraling out of control.

 The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe on Monday stopped operators of mobile money services, the dominant way in which money is moved in the country, from paying out cash. It also tightened the spread at which dealers and bureaux de change can exchange the Zimbabwe dollar to between 3% and 5% from the official rate, down from a 7% spread imposed less than two weeks ago. On Sept. 28 it banned the quoting of prices in foreign currency.

Zimbabwe is set for its first economic contraction since 2008, has an inflation rate that is estimated at more than 900% by some economists and is struggling to pay for sufficient food and fuel imports. On the inter-bank market the Zimbabwe dollar fell to a record 15.19 to the U.S. dollar on Monday, down from the 2.5 it was reintroduced at in June, and trades even lower on the black market. Since the local currency’s initial abolition in 2009 the country had mainly been using U.S. dollars.

“Government is trying to control the of foreign currency, trying to control the parallel rate” to avoid further inflation, said Derek Matyszak, an independent governance consultant in Harare, the capital. “Government is swimming against the tide, there is a lot of pressure to re-dollarize.”

 Ecocash, a mobile-money service operated by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Ltd., has 6.7 million active users in a nation of about 14 million people. It’s the first time since its introduction in 2011 that its users haven’t been able to use the so-called cash-back service


Samson:  Iraq and Kuwait sign minutes of joint cooperation at the conclusion of the joint committee meetings between the two countries

30th September, 2019

Iraq and Kuwait signed on Monday minutes of joint cooperation at the end of the first session of the Iraqi-Kuwaiti committee held in Kuwait on September 29-29 to discuss the mechanisms of activating bilateral agreements and ways to increase trade exchange between the two countries. The Iraqi side was signed by Trade Minister Mohammed Hashim Al-Ani and Kuwaiti Minister of Trade and Industry Khalid Nasser Al-Roudhan.

According to the minutes of the meeting, "within the framework of strengthening bilateral relations between the Republic of Iraq and the State of Kuwait in order to strengthen the development of economic, trade and investment relations in a way that serves the common interests and prefers the wise guidance of the leaderships of the two countries to bring the process of close cooperation between them in various fields to the level of ambition.

From the Agreement on Trade Cooperation signed in Baghdad on 28 December 2014 in Baghdad, the Iraqi-Kuwaiti Joint Ministerial Committee held its first session in the State of Kuwait during the period 29-29/9/30. Q meetings on the Iraqi side, the Minister of Commerce of the Republic of Iraq, Mohammad Hashim al-Ani, and presided over the meetings of the Kuwaiti side Khaled Nasser Al-Roudhan, Minister of Trade and Industry and Minister of State for Services Affairs, also participated in the work of the Committee a number of officials from the ministries and institutions concerned, in both countries." He added that the two heads of the joint committee welcomed the two sides, expressing their satisfaction with the development of bilateral relations and turning them into a concrete reality that enhances the brotherly ties and interests between the two countries and brotherly peoples and achieves mutual interests in the spirit of brotherhood and understanding. Preparatory Technical Committee".

It was agreed during the meetings, to "hold the meetings of the next (second) session of the Iraqi-Kuwaiti Ministerial Joint Trade Committee in the Republic of Iraq at a date to be agreed upon later through diplomatic channels."

The Minister of Commerce Mohammed Hashem al-Ani has stressed during the meetings of the joint committee, "the economic and trade interests between Iraq and Kuwait are very close and overlapping in some aspects to a degree difficult to separate them," and said, "This meeting was not the result of coincidence, but a real embodiment of the desire The two countries are sincere in opening up communication and economic trade cooperation in the best interests of our two brotherly countries.

He pointed out that "the current government of Iraq and since its formation has clearly announced the policy of openness and communication with its brothers and neighbors in all areas of trade and economic," noting "the need for the participation of Kuwaiti companies in the process of reconstruction of the areas affected by terrorist operations because of the expertise, capabilities and companies with companies.   LINK


Samson: Iraqi Center for Combating Rumors: monitored 38 rumors aimed at spreading chaos

2019/30/09 11:37 

The Iraqi Center to combat rumors that there is an organized campaign of rumors exposed to the Iraqi street aimed at spreading chaos and robbed hope of security and stability and fragmentation from within.

"This week, approximately 38 rumors were promoted through false statements by military commanders and tribal elders about the demonstration," the center said in a weekly report. Abdel-Wahab al-Saadi, where Saadi said that he does not have any page on social networking sites.

"Most of those who are trying to spread chaos by fomenting the street with fake information, pictures and old videos are fake pages and run from outside Iraq.

Their aim is to provoke the fiercest soft war to spread chaos and rob the hope of safety and stability," it added.   LINK

Ikaika:  Yep, here too ! Soooo sad this deception !


Samson:  Oil prices retreat and Brent crude reaches $ 61.71 a barrel
30th September, 2019

Oil prices fell on Monday as China's economic outlook remained weak, even as manufacturing data improved, as the ongoing trade war with the United States weighed on demand growth at the world's top crude oil importer.

By 06:32 GMT, Brent crude futures were down 20 cents at $ 61.71 a barrel, while US West Texas Intermediate crude futures were down 3 cents at $ 55.88 a barrel.

Data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed that the official PMI rose to 49.8 in September, slightly better than expected and up from 49.5 in August, but remained below the 50-point level between growth and contraction on a monthly basis.   LINK

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