TNT, Frank26 and X22 Wednesday Night 10-2-19


RVAlready:  With Iraq telling the protestors they are waiting on the US, we might see some Iraq folks in DC real soon now

Pearle:  rvalready is that what they are

RVAlready:  Tony said they told the people they are waiting on the US

Pearle:  They seem to have done their part……All they are missing is a rate increase

Kue911:  Knock knock. Who's there? RV. RV who? RV there yet?


Tishwash:  Source .. Baghdad provincial council decides to disable official working on Thursday

Official sources in Baghdad said Wednesday that the official working hours of several circles in Baghdad have been suspended.
The source told Mawazine News that the province of Baghdad and its council decided to disable the official working hours of its departments without giving further details.   link

Frank26:  12 ARMORED TRUCKS 10-2-19

Small mistake from yesterday…..Dinar is not trading live ….yet…but it’s coming.

Don961:  Towards electronic banking

Wednesday 02 October 2019

 Dr.. In the name of Brahimi

 A very important step announced by the Central Bank of Iraq within the framework of reaching the goal of financial inclusion and related to banking services via the mobile application, in order to improve digital banking services and rely on modern technologies to ensure easy access to services provided to all segments of society, and this step can achieve Good results, especially if we know that the number of mobile subscriptions in Iraq is (36.4) million lines, the number of mobile owners is (34.3) million, the number of households that have a computer is five million and the number of individuals who are connected to the internet is ( 28.5 million Dr..

The above-mentioned statistics confirm that cyberspace is an important outlet through which banking services can be delivered and thus is an opportunity to bridge the relationship between the banking sector and the public and reinforces that relationship to reflect positively on banking and financial transactions.

 Which can create employment opportunities resulting from the spread of electronic banking, which is developing rapidly at the international level by taking advantage of the advances in computer engineering and communications and the communication achieved through the virtual world on Network Web.

The services proposed by the Central Bank include the possibility of transferring funds between banks via mobile phones, viewing the details of customer accounts and balances, viewing the details of services, loans, products and bank rates, as well as viewing the ATMs and branches of the bank.

 The importance of the availability of anti-fraud systems to control and control access to the application, and this is an important topic for Protection of customers 'accounts, confidentiality and security of their financial operations that also involve banks' reputation.

Iraqi banks today in front of an important step requires preparation for it well and is a challenge to the extent of its ability to enhance confidence by the public, as well as being a real opportunity to compete in the provision of better services, hoping to be a success ally.  link

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