News, Rumors and Opinions Sunday Afternoon 9-15-19

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT -September 15, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

The world's largest oil facility in Saudi Arabia was attacked.

Iran is being blamed for the attack which may cause geopolitical repercussions.

This was a coordinated attack on the oil industry and the petrodollar.

The oil industry is the main culprit in suppressing new energy technologies and keeping the petrodollar alive.

The triggers to drop the US Dollar are being set off.

The US Dollar is expected to take a 50% drop, more or less.

China's economy is expected to collapse once the US Dollar drops.

Protests against Beijing will erupt across China to reject communism and push for reforms.

If Beijing refuses change, China's provincial armies will be forced to move against Beijing under pressure of the people.

Meanwhile, President Trump is expected to return the gold standard in order to save the US Dollar.

Soon after the US returns to the gold standard, a global gold treaty will be announced requiring all countries to adopt the gold standard.

Various undervalued currencies are expected to revalue significantly as each country adopts the gold standard.



Eccle519:  I wonder if the Saudi Arabia drone strike helps or hurts...seems oil prices going up only helps

Melby12:  The drone strike wasn't a smart move by Iran. It isolates them even more from the rest of the world

Eccle519:  melby: Was it confirmed Iran did it?

Melby12:  Technically not confirmed yet

Eccle519:  Iran has the motive and capability for sure

Debritt;   Madhi said not us

Eccle519:  lol...Iraq definitely doesn't have the capability

Debritt:  Who else has the capability?

Eccle519:  The Deep State has the capability

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil could rise $10 per barrel after drone attack forces Saudi to cut output in half

Harambe:  AP News: Iran dismisses US allegation it was behind Saudi oil attacks (9/15/19)

Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Frank26  ...I will tell you this with confidence, the visual aids of the new small category notes and fils are coming out this month of September.  The visual aids are coming out this month.   ...a little while after the visual aids IMO they will lift the three zeros and a little bit after they lift the three zeros they'll introduce the new small category notes or at the same time when they lift it they will do it all together...the moment you see the visual aids is the moment I say goodbye...

Frank26   IMO I honestly don't think the Democratic Party wants the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar...I don't know if they're doing anything to stop it cause they can't...I don't think the democrats want Donald Trump to bask in the glory of what's about to happen...They represent the United States of America.  I want them to work in unity with the Republicans but the jealously is so vicious and it's so wicked IMO that it's causing this rip.  This tear.  And based on the things I "think" I know politically we're not being supported for this by the Democrats...



Samson:  US threatens to punish Iraqi political forces and reminds them of freezing funds "Aras Habib"

14th September, 2019
The US Treasury said on Friday it would impose sanctions on any Iraqi political body dealing with Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

"Iraq was a victim of neighborliness and geography with Iran," US Treasury Assistant Undersecretary for Counterterrorism Affairs Marshall Billingslea said at a news conference. On Iran.

"When we make these classifications of terrorists, we do not want to negotiate with them, we apply sanctions against them. We have classified Aras Habib among them as he was facilitating terrorist operations," he said.

He stressed that the US has frozen the financial assets of "Habib," the head of the National Congress Party and the director of the Islamic Bank of Bilad, saying "we will not hesitate to target major political forces in the Iraqi parliament if proven to deal with the Revolutionary Guards and the regime in Iran." LINK

Samson:   The start of the Iraq Energy Forum conference with a global presence

14th September, 2019

Launched in Baghdad, the conference of the Iraq Energy Forum 2019, with the presence of a large global and Arab, including OPEC

The conference bore the theme of “Economic Cooperation for Peace and Prosperity in the Middle East”, which will be held for four days at Al Rashid Hotel

The conference will include a speech by OPEC Secretary General Mohammad Barkindo and four sessions to discuss the energy sector in Iraq and the region

"The conference will discuss the challenges facing the oil sector in Iraq and the world," said Adnan al-Janabi, chairman of the Iraq Energy Forum   LINK


Samson:  IRGC: Iran has prepared itself for an all-out war

9/15/2019 9:16

The commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Air Force, Amir Ali Haji Zadeh, said that Iran and the United States do not intend to war but the field forces are in contact in the waters of the Gulf, and the war could break out. "All US bases and ships in the region 2,000 kilometers away are within range of our missiles," Haji Zadeh said. 

The commander of the Air Force in the Revolutionary Guards that the possibility of a war with America was likely "even if the United States targeted [empty land] in Iran in response to the downing of the drone." The Iranian Revolutionary Guards announced the downing of a US spy plane on June 20 in the province of Hormozgan in southern Iran.

Tensions between Iran and the United States have increased significantly in the Gulf region recently over attacks on commercial ships and oil tankers. The United States has accused Iran of being behind the attacks amid media reports that the Trump administration is considering military options to deal with Iran and growing fears of war in the region.   LINK