News, Rumors and Opinions Monday Morning 8-26-19

Operation Disclosure


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

President Trump is currently out of country at the G7 Summit in France.

All world leaders at the summit have been given briefings on what to discuss at the summit.

The implementation of the New (Gold-Backed) Financial System will be discussed behind closed doors.

IG Michael Horowitz has completed his investigation into the alleged FISA court abuses and his findings will be given to AG Barr by next week.

The Inspector General's findings will allow the Attorney General to begin DECLAS triggering the arrests and prosecutions of various high profile individuals and government officials.

Arrests, indictments, prosecutions, and trials will last throughout the remainder of the year.

Meanwhile, the Governor of the Bank of England claims that the US Dollar can no longer be the World's Reserve Currency.

Also, various banks are claiming to be broke which signifies that the Fiat Financial System can no longer sustain itself.

The New York Stock Market is in the red, losing all gains for the year.

Ron Paul claims the Federal Reserve is on its final legs.

The Federal Reserve will soon cease to exist after the US Dollar drops significantly triggering the return to the gold standard.

President Trump will ensure the return to the gold standard by executive order and declaring a State of Emergency.

The RV will begin before the US Dollar drops.

Lee Wanta :

Wikipedia states ”The Federal Reserve System (also known as the Federal Reserve or simply the Fed)is the central banking system of of the USA”  This is a deceptive lie. It’s not a Bank! , not a Reserve ! It is it not even Federal! It’s a clearing house, Private Criminal Enterprise.


Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

G-Lin :   Article:   "Economist: The central bank follows a fiscal policy to keep the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar steady" 

This sounds like a fixed rate to me.

 I can't imagine spending the amount of money coins will cost and not have an increase in value...


Bluwolf  :  First off we are at a great moment to receive this BLESSING on schedule I might say. All is moving along according to the actual and only plan.

 Securities are in place and on highest of alerts so are all banks and there personnel...

All leaders around the world are pushing both this Global Currency Reset and this Revaluation scenario forward and so you know there is no delays no upsets and definitely no way back and this has been guaranteed.



Harambe:  Bloomberg: Why Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe Remains Mired in Misery: QuickTake


Harambe:  The Herald: Zimbabwe Treasury Bills demand high (8/25/19)

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s second Treasury Bills auction — which was aimed at a broader market than the first one — has been oversubscribed, with bids amounting to $121 million.

This is just over double as the central bank was seeking to raise ($60 million) through the auction.

Unlike the first TBs auction, which was limited to financial institutions, the RBZ broadened the second auction to include asset managers, insurance and pension funds and “other corporates”. 

The RBZ said it received bids totalling $121 million for the 365-day TBs.

The central bank floated the bills to raise money to finance Government operations, and the over-subscription reflected strong investor appetite for the instrument.

The bills had an “open tender on yield basis” interest rate, and special features, which included prescribed and liquid asset status, tax exemption and acceptability as collateral for overnight accommodation at the RBZ.

The results show that the highest rate offered was 50 percent, lowest 12 percent, while the average was 14,365 percent.

The indicated high demand for TBs among financial players, will provide a sign ahead of Government’s plans to issue an Infrastructure Bond later this year.

Earlier this month, the RBZ floated 91-day TBs to “finance Government operations”.

The TBs were offered to the various local financial institutions, which are already believed to hold the largest quantum of previously issued TBs.

That first auction’s $30 million Treasury Bills tender attracted bids worth $132,75 million.

Market watchers are, however, cautious about the market being flooded by the TBs.

“The RBZ has floated TBs of $60 million, barely a month after it auctioned $30 million worth of the same instrument and the rationale being to finance various Government programmes . . . Government is perpetuating a crowding out effect,” said analysts at Morgan & Co.

“A crowding out effect occurs when rising public sector spending drives down or even eliminates private sector spending.

“This is because the high and continuous Government borrowings tend to absorb all the lending capacity and liquidity in the economy.”

Treasury has, however, reiterated that TBs issuance will be closely monitored and will only be on a “need-to” basis.


The perceptions of the public, as a whole, are generated from the vast flow of narratives by a host of Intel providers. If one would analyze the messages being delivered collectively, it can be determined that most all the information is relative to functions, procedures and processes after the GCR/RV/Redemption has taken place.

The commentary related to excuses why this hasn’t happened is generally related to some function or process that is not up to speed, flaws in the system that have to be fixed, or agreements that have to be in place that will allow the function of these systems to move forward. I.E, redemption centers, 800 numbers, QFS, DLT (Data Ledger Tech), CIPS (Cross- Border International Payment System) etc. Or from the public perspective Humanitarian Projects (Executive Summaries or Business Plans) and generally all other preparation activities.

At the end of the day we have to focus on the common denominator for any of these activities to have relevance and that has to do with “how is all of this being paid for?”

We all have a rudimentary understanding off what a Gold/Asset standard for currency is but what is the detail behind making it so? It is easy to look up definitions of what and how currencies function, gold standard or fiat, but where are the actual assets and who is in control of them?

Multiple individuals claim they have or have been given the authority or signatory power to represent these assets. These assets have various names, Gold Wrapped Accounts, Global Collateral Accounts, Humanities Wealth, Global Trust Accounts etc.

What it all boils down to is, there is no one person in charge of it all. When these terms are used they are used only to generalize what are actually multiple assets or accounts held by multiple owners. Some of these owners have, in the past, allowed various countries to hedge their currencies or sovereign financial instruments against a portion of their wealth. Most widely known were some Chinese Dragon Families or, in some instances, a co-op of European Royals.

But, over time, this act of benevolence to help save and secure the global financial situation was corrupted. The leaders of these countries became self-entitled and saw no problem taking advantage of their benefactors. They began issuing government issued financial instruments (bonds, treasuries, and currencies) and overprinting currencies hedged against the collateral they did not possess. In most cases these instruments were guaranteed by the customs intake or taxes generated from the activities the bonds represented, but the underlying collateral was the gold.

The authority that was given to collateralize these financial instruments was a fixed amount per structured agreements. The abuse of these privileges with over-printing of currencies and excessive bonds issuing is where the financial systems began collapsing and becoming insolvent.

Fast forward to today. The entities who have the underlying assets (Gold) are now hesitant to do it again. The previous agreements have to be restructured to allow for a GRC and based on previous experience those who have the assets are reluctant. This is the reason why we are not seeing a GCR.
Governments can go bankrupt but countries cannot.

Even though there may be a regime change the liabilities and obligations of the country remain. All the illicit debt created by governments, in this case through government issued bonds, must be mitigated and settled by whatever new regime takes over. This is kind of like when a company is bought out. If you want to keep on using the name and licenses, all associated prior debt must be accounted for.

If countries want to keep their sovereign status and all the international benefits that come with that status, then all prior debt obligations must be acknowledged and settled in order to move forward with a new financial paradigm. Out with the old and in with the new. We can’t have old debt resurfacing and causing disruption in the new value systems.

The logistics over the past years is what has been worked on and has been a prerequisite for the gold values to be released. QFS –an i.t. system needed to track, monitor, secure and survey the financial activity generated from the released funds. DLT (Data Ledger Technology)- to compress and deliver messages for funds. Global agreements and treaties-everyone is on the same page. Indictments-to root out and prosecute the corrupt activity and prove that steps have been taken so as not to repeat previous corrupt activity.

The commentary and narratives we hear are all about the logistics and for the most part all the logistics have been hammered out. The past month or two has been about testing the systems and making adjustments where needed. Everything is at the ready.

This huge skyscraper has been built and it is just a question of turning on the lights and the plumbing. Once the powers to be who are providing the gold cover are satisfied there are no leaks or shorts in the systems, it gets turned on.

To better understand the debt liability and obligations that exist from decades past that must be settled for release of the gold values one only has to examine the default sovereign debt instruments and the liabilities associated with those instruments.

I have copies of the guarantee certificates from 1913 that accompany the sovereign external bond issues. These certificate are present in most historical bond issues. In this case I have focused on the Chinese Super Petchili . I cannot provide the actual pictures of the certificates for they are numbered and it would be a conflict with confidentiality. So I copied the verbiage exactly as written from the certificates including all grammar, spelling and capitalizing. These are verified authentic instruments with the proper signatures and seals and come from an actual 1913 “Super Petchili “box.

The reason I focused for the Super Petchili is that they are what has been mentioned to bring into redemption centers for processing. These are not certificates from the 1913 LUNG-TSING-U-HAI RAILWAY bonds. The railway bonds have been nicknamed “Super Petchili” and I admit I can’t find out how, when and why they are called this but there is actual 1913 Super Petchili’s.

So I cannot determine if the request for “Super Petchili’s” is relative to the actual bond series or if the railway bonds will also be considered Super Petchili. I guess the only way to know for sure is to take them in and find out.

Understand that this just an example of the debt created by sovereign bond issues but all other like sovereign bond issues follow the same scenario of obligation.