News, Rumors and Opinions Friday Morning 8-30-19

Operation Disclosure


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

Economic pressure on China will continue until the Chinese government undergoes reforms to become a Republic.

China will not be included in the gold treaty or participate in the New (Gold-Backed) Financial System until they drop communism just like Russia did.

If China does not undergo reforms, the Chinese people will lose faith in their government therefore causing a revolution.

The situation in Hong Kong is the beginning of the end of communism.

President Trump is utilizing the Emergency Economic Powers Act to continue the economic pressure on China.

Meanwhile, the IG report on James Comey was released which reveals an even larger conspiracy.

Expect more documents, reports, and investigations to be released exposing the corruption by the Deep State Cabal.

The US Dollar is expected to plummet during the process of DECLAS thus triggering the return to the gold standard.

President Trump will declare a State of Emergency to save the US Dollar by returning to the gold standard via Executive Order.

The RV is expected to occur before the US Dollar plummets which is quickly approaching as the first wave of DECLAS begins.


Pearle:  today the CBI came out and said...for now on anything less than $10,000 American dollars can enter Iraq and it can leave Iraq... 10,000 to $20,000 American dollars requires documentation...anything more than 1 million IQD coming in or out of Iraq is not allowed...Is 1 million IQD equal to $20,000 American Dollars?.


Harambe:  Bloomberg: Yuan Falls for 11th Day, Set for Longest Losing Streak on Record  (8/29/19)

The yuan can’t stop sliding, despite efforts by China’s central bank to stabilize the currency via the daily fixing.

The currency is on track for 11 straight sessions of losses against the dollar, which would be its most prolonged slump according to China Foreign Exchange Trade System data that goes back to 2007. The currency briefly fluctuated Thursday after the central bank set its daily reference rate at a stronger-than-expected level for a seventh straight day -- a sign that the People’s Bank of China is growing uncomfortable with the yuan’s descent. 

The onshore yuan has traded more than 1% weaker than its daily fixing for the fourth day, signaling that the impact of the PBOC’s efforts to support the currency are diminishing. Bearish sentiment is prevailing in the wake of China and the U.S. exchanging escalated tariff threats. On Thursday the currency slipped as much as 0.09% to 7.1711 per dollar in Shanghai.  

“The steady onshore yuan fixings reflect a stronger PBOC policy signal to stabilize the yuan,” said Ken Cheung, chief Asian FX strategist at Mizuho Bank Ltd. “However, it appears they’re not strong enough given the prevailing yuan sentiment and deadlocked China-US trade talks.”

An escalation in the trade war between China and the U.S. has helped make the yuan the worst-performing currency in Asia since May. It has plummeted by almost 4% in August -- set for its biggest monthly drop since January 1994, when the modern exchange-rate regime was adopted. A slowdown in China’s economy has also dented investor confidence.

Given that trade war risks aren’t abating, the PBOC may have to consider using verbal or currency intervention to clarify its tolerance level for weakness in the yuan, Cheung said.

The onshore yuan traded 0.05% lower at 7.1678 per greenback as of 2:48 p.m.


Sunshinegirl:  My opinion as to why the US media is not talking about Iraq and the dinar is because it will be a win for Pres Trump and they can't allow that to happen.

Iobey777:  BINGO!!!! EXACTLY!!! IMO!


Samson:  Russia repays its debts and returns to the Council of Europe

29th August, 2019
Russia has completed the repayment of the remaining debts of its formerly frozen membership of the Council of Europe against the backdrop of cautious optimism that the West's attitude towards Russia is beginning to change.

The government decision to allocate approximately $ 54.7 million from the Russian federal budget to be transferred to the budget of the Council of Europe and the budgets of its bodies: retirement reserve and emergency budget, the group "Pompidou" specialized in the fight against drugs, "Venice Commission for Democracy by Law" and a group of countries against corruption (GRECO And the Open Partial Agreement on the Prediction and Prevention of Natural and Technological Disasters, as well as the Expanded Partial Agreement on the Cultural Orientations of the Council of Europe. In order to repay Russia's debt in 2017 and 2018, according to a statement issued by the Russian government and published on Thursday on the official portal of Russian legal information.

Moscow has already paid its 33 million euro membership fee for the Council of Europe in 2019.  This was after the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council voted in June, in favor of restoring the right to vote for Russia, after five years of freezing on the back of the Crimea to the strength of Russia.

In response, Moscow, one of the main contributors to the Council's budget, froze part of the payments allocated in June 2017, until the rights of the Russian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe were restored.

The return of the Russian mission to the Council comes to full operation against the backdrop of the increase in the number of votes calling for the return of Russia and the Group of Seven, "G7", which was excluded after the events of Crimea.    LINK


Warren Buffet Just Reached A Record Level Of Cash Holdings! Yield Curve Most Inverted Since 2000

Published on Aug 30, 2019

That was right before the 2000 bubble burst. That's right the yield curve is now more inverted than the great recession. Also there is no sign of stopping as dad continues to thrive for safe havens. And what is Warren buffet doing with his money. You would think if markets are as hope filled as portrayed Berkshire Hathaway would stand to make some return on their holdings.

But digging deeper we see Warren buffets Berkshire Hathaway now has reached all time record cash holdings of $122 billion. that's more than half the value of Berkshire Hathaway's total holdings.

Warren buffet is revered around the world for his investment success and this is a key part of His investment strategy. be greedy when others are fearful. What does He see that most don't.

Trump Takes Aim At The Federal Reserve And China

Destroying the Illusion:   Published on Aug 29, 2019