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Samson:    Russia is ready to consider returning to the G8

2019/8/21 21:54

Russia announced Wednesday its readiness to "consider" a possible return to the Group of Eight, which includes the best industrialized countries, which were expelled in 2014 because of the Ukrainian crisis.

US President Donald Trump said Tuesday he could "certainly support" Russia's return, contrary to the positions of his G7 allies he will meet late this week in Biarritz in southwestern France. 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a news conference in Moscow: "If a decision is taken at this summit concerning Russia, we will of course be prepared to study it and respond to it." 

Russia was expelled from the G8, which also included the United States, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom, after it annexed Crimea to its territory in March 2014.  Moscow announced last year that it had no intention at all to return to the G8, after a first invitation In this regard by Trump, explaining that she is comfortable working within the G20.

Lavrov hailed the G20 as a "mechanism for reaching consensus" as opposed to "G7" warnings to Russia. In addition to the Ukrainian dossier, differences between Western countries and Russia also include the Syrian and Iranian dossiers, accusations of Russia interfering in several electoral processes, and the issue of poisoning former Russian spy Sergei Scribal accused of Russia in England in March 2018.  LINK


Samson:  Chinese yuan falls against US dollar to 11-year low

22nd August, 2019
China's yuan fell against the dollar to an 11-year low on Thursday on concerns about an economic slowdown, prompting Chinese state-owned banks to support the currency in the futures market.

The yuan weakened to 7.0752 against the dollar, its lowest since March 2008, but later recovered to 7.0732 yuan to the dollar.

The yuan's decline coincided with Hong Kong stocks falling on concerns about the city's protests, pushing the New Zealand and Australian dollars lower and supporting the Japanese yen.

The rest of the currencies were confined to a narrow range ahead of a speech by the US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell in Jackson Hole on Friday, which will be closely examined after a coup in the US Treasury yield curve, an indication of a possible An economic recession in the United States. 

Expectations of further interest rate cuts are high, and US President Donald Trump's public calls for strong monetary easing in the US central bank have caused a stalemate.   LINK


Ulued:  We are in a good place. We know this has to happen,...the pressure is building….I"m not hoping.., I am positive….International cards are ready,.....Banks are more ready than before,......We are more ready than before....and this has never happened before...Like Future Shock the movie...

Tishwash:  Parliament proposes to establish a fund in which the budget surplus is deposited

A member of the Parliamentary Follow-up Committee, Anaam Al-Khuzaie, called on Thursday to reconsider the mechanism of managing the country's financial resources and to overcome the financial routine. 

"The problem of deprivation, poverty and lack of services in the southern governorates, despite being floating on a sea of black gold, despite the general budget's dependence on oil imports from these governorates, has worsened," Khuzaie said in a statement. The general budget of the proportion of petrodollars and investment allocations specified for these provinces, but the situation of living and service has not changed, but has worsened during the previous years.
The delay in launching investment allocations and the short period between the arrival of these allocations to the governorates and the end of the fiscal year is the main reason for the survival of the situation as it is and increase the rate of disadvantage, poverty and lack of services.  

"This painful reality requires a review of the mechanism of managing the country's financial resources and overcoming the existing financial routine through the establishment of the Public Projects Fund or the Investment Fund, in which the overflow of the public budget is deposited annually (end of December) in order to finance approved projects after the commencement of The new fiscal year (January 1) to ensure the continuous financing of projects and get rid of the funding gap between the beginning of the year and through the approval and publication of the budget and the launch of allocations, which may be up to 6 months.

Al-Khuzaie explained that “this problem is repeated every year,” stressing that “the opportunity exists this year to implement the project or investment fund proposal and overcome all obstacles that limit its legislation and its application on the ground to serve the oppressed Iraqi people and to improve the service and investment reality and create new jobs in Iraq".   link


Lee Wanta:

Lee Wanta :It is time today that we take back our Country from the unlawful US Corporation, the unduly elected & the non elected puppet criminals who run the Non-Federal Reserve System (not Federal, Not a Bank), here & overseas. We are a Constitutional Republic, not a Corporation.

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