MilitiaMan Friday Evening "The Dance This Weekend Could Be A Fun One"


Samson:  The Central Bank establishes a unified database for the banking system between its branches and the Center

26th September, 2019

The Central Bank of Iraq established a database for the banking system (ICBS) in its branch
in Erbil in a move to consolidate the main database in Baghdad and other branches.

  This bank confirms that the remittances in the payment system (RTGS)  made by banks to
their accounts in Erbil and Basra branch can be carried out directly and in real time,
while the accounting department in this bank is currently working towards linking the
database with the Mosul branch, and
it is hoped that they will be completed before End
of the year.

Central Bank of Iraq   information Office   2019/9/26

MilitiaMan:  "The Difference Between Calendar Year and Fiscal Year for Business Taxes. ... The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) defines the calendar year as January 1 through December 31. A fiscal year is any consecutive 12-month period that ends on the final day of any month except December. It is normally 52 to 53 weeks long."

MilitiaMan:  Not that the IRS definition is the same for Iraq, but, imo if they are going to go live with a new rate and interlink the ISX or ISE with the NASDAQ, Iraq businesses will need to be in line with accounting to USA time lines. The part of Mosul being in line with the end of this year could have a profound influence if this definition fits. Take note that it refers to the final day of any month except December.. IMO The present last day of this month is this Monday and the NASDAQ has signed a new agreement with the ISX from what it looks like anyway. ~ MM

"Nasdaq Inc. and the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) have signed a new agreement to extend their market technology relationship. As part of the agreement, Nasdaq will continue providing ISX with matching engine and central securities depository (CSD) technology. Published. Jul 19, 2019"

MilitiaMan:  Articles show this October for this agreement, as for being a time frame that was selected by Iraq and the NASDAQ. imo Additional interesting events has me looking at this short term time frame having very significant implications for us.

The citizens have been given ample warning and educational tools on topics such as, (i.e., new currency, new coins or metals, CD Roms, Bill Boards, TV, etc.)  to allow for them to be participants in the relatively and newly created platform to allow investors immediate access to investments via the ISX / ISE, Nasdaq, etc., through high tech tools such has their new smart, visa and or master cards..

All that has been done or is to be and an on going concern, with the main push of education being over with now by showing the push to be on the ISX / ISE, imo. ~ MM

The interesting events that caught my attention has been a President of Iraq, Barham Saleh in a 37 second video with the POTUS during the time frame of the recent UN meetings while they were together.  I believe at the White House they  talked about good things between Iraq and the USA, they talked about many good things and many things they talked about Trump said, "They couldn't talk about." Therefore, what they spoke about was or is, a "SECRET, imo". ~ MM

Now fast forward to Wednesday or Thursday (?) where we hear from FF77 via Frank26 that the Iraq HOR in Parliament made the day a "SECRET" session. See the similarities and wonder why? What or why is there a need at this time to be so "SECRET"? What is it Iraq is doing and not talking about? First Potus and Saleh then the HOR?  \

Then think about this, the same time frame we have FF77 telling us on the last banking day of the week they closed early and that it too was suspicious in nature, as they sited maintenance tests to run new security features during banking hours.

So, lets see close early to test something during what would be normal last day banking hours that precedes coincidentally (or is it), a new week that could effectively set the stage for the ISX and NASDAQ to get in line and go live.

 Now realize there is nothing anyone can do about it as Banks are closed in Baghdad until tomorrow. What could they have to do that is so SECRET?

Well, imo the HOR are not the most honest folks in town from the looks of the Accountability Department.. lol The HOR sessions from my recollection start around 1:00 pm Baggers time frame-ish. So lets say they do the camel and pony show for a couple of hours and then bam! Banks are closed early for testing of new security features?

They could have secured the banks,  as in so much they make it safe to tell the HOR about the heads up, as to what the CBI and ISX have in store for the world. Just has Saleh and Trump said, effectively. "We can't talk about it." lol  At least then, some time real soon maybe they can? lol ~ MM

So this is an interesting time indeed. Circumstantial and not so circumstantial things have been in play and they sure they look very promising. If this theory has any legs what so ever, the dance this weekend could be a fun one.. We shall see.

Samson:  Parliamentary delegation visiting the region .. These are the most prominent files

2019/26 22:53

MP revealed the mass of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mohammed Shaker, a parliamentary delegation will visit the Kurdistan region early next week.

Shakir said (for the Euphrates News) that "the delegation consists of members of the committees of legal, oil, gas and finance; to discuss a number of issues with officials of the region." "There is a good rapprochement between Erbil and Baghdad," he said.

The visit comes at a time when a delegation from the Kurdistan Parliament headed by Deputy Speaker Heiman is Rami, on Thursday, to Baghdad.

In this regard, the Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources in the Kurdistan parliament , said in a press statement that "the delegation explained during the meetings of the policy of the provincial government with solving problems and as long as the two sides live in the framework of one state, the only way before them is to solve the problems through dialogue."   LINK

MilitiaMan:  So this happened on Thursday, an interesting time frame for agreements and SECRETS from the HOR.. lol . They came to an agreement or a policy for the two sides to abide by a framework to solve problems. Well Sunday starts a new week.. This reeks of good things and well timed too.. I smell money on the horizon!!! ~ lol ~ MM