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McDan:   (Reminder) FINAL ARTICLE #124

Issuing a package of decisions related to the entry and exit of funds across the Iraqi borders
28th August, 2019

Ali Mohsen Ismail, chairman of the Council for Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, has issued a series of decisions concerning the controls on the declaration of funds when they are brought in and taken out across the Iraqi border

Among the new decisions, customs authorities may be allowed to search people and inspect their luggage to verify the authenticity of the information

As for the amounts allowed in or out of the territory of the Republic of Iraq, amounts below (10) thousand US dollars or the equivalent of other currencies are allowed to enter without authorization

Amounts exceeding (10) thousand US dollars to (20) thousand US Dollars are required to be declared with the need to show supporting the purpose of the introduction or removal of these amounts

It is required that the process of inserting and removing funds through financial institutions exclusively if the amount exceeds (20) thousand US dollars

One of the decisions stipulates that "the entry and exit of amounts exceeding (1,000,000) (one million Iraqi dinars) is prohibited even if they have been declared, and the amount is withheld and legal proceedings are taken  LINK


John:  I just noticed that the IQD is now a tradable currency at this satilite location. i personally went to the exchange window and asked the teller if they exchange the iqd, his answer was yes! The rate hasn't changed yet but it's still a good sign to see them now handling the IQD. 6 months ago the teller told me they dont handle exotic currencies.


Samson:  China excludes 16 kinds of American goods from additional fees
11th September, 2019

China moved on Wednesday to exempt 16 kinds of US products from additional retaliatory tariffs, including animal feed and some lubricants, a Finance Ministry statement said

The exemption is valid from 17 September for a year until 16 September 2020

The ministry said the goods on my list of customs exemptions posted on its website would not be subject to the surcharge imposed by China on US goods     LINK


Harambe:  Bloomberg: Zimbabwe Holds Diamond Auction for 316,000 Carats  (9/11/19)

Zimbabwe’s state-owned Minerals Marketing Corp. opened a 316,000 carat diamond auction, which will close at the end of the week, an official said.

“This is the third auction we have conducted this year as there were some administrative issues which were taking place within the organization," MMCZ’s General Manager Tongai Muzenda said by phone on Wednesday. The last auction was held in July, he said.  

The auction, which began on Sept. 9 and will close on Sept. 13, has attracted buying interest from Belgium, Dubai, India, Israel and South Africa, but Muzenda declined to name the companies bidding, citing confidentiality.

Zimbabwe expects to produce 4.1 million carats of diamonds this year, up from 2.8 carats in 2018. At the peak of production in 2012, the southern African country’s output was 12 million carats.



Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Frank    ...the introduction of the description and pictures of the new small category notes and the coins, which in reality are called visual aids (there will be videos too)...IMO...will be be out before the end of this month of September...

Part II:  ...the satellite private banks information that they would be opening in the next two weeks: We got this information from our teams that were at the meetings with the CBI and approximated two weeks. 

That would still leave us 1 week left in the month of September...the description [of small notes & coins] is coming out IMO in two weeks. 

After that if they raise the value they can put the small category notes and coins in the hands of the citizens and they can open the 'satellite' banks...the three things need to come together...1, 2, 3..


Why do you feel so good about what's going on

Breitling    It's because the people who put this together they're moving this forward - that's why. 

The language that they used at the beginning, 'We are going to start adding value to our currency and we want to participate in certain markets.' 

You're watching it literally happen before your very eyes...


BGG:   Article:  "Central Bank announces strategic banking projects for the next five years"  Quote:  "...the success of the Central Bank’s policy in achieving an important transition to the Iraqi economy and achieve stability in the exchange rate and the recovery of the Iraqi dinar and raise its purchasing power, one of the objectives of strengthening the economy..." 


A Major Shift Suggests A Stock Market Crash May Be Near And The Bond Market Is Seeing Imbalances

Silver Report Uncut:  Published on Sep 11, 2019

Economic collapse news. A major shift is underway for the US stock market and it suggests we may see the stock market crash sooner rather than later. The Trend we have seen is growth stocks has far exceeded value stocks in performance. Now that trend has reversed and it has a lot of investors pretty nervous. No one has looked for value since 2013. Also the rush of corporations issuing bonds isn't matching the demand. The feds interest rate cut is not having the desired effect on bonds or companies wanting debt


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