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Samson: Sadr City is protesting for the second day in a row and the government closes the republic bridge

2019/10/2 10:34

Public protests continued for the second consecutive day in Sadr City, east of Baghdad. The bridge between the Tahrir Square and the Green Zone continued to be closed.

Baghdad and several provinces on Tuesday witnessed demonstrations against poor services, unemployment and the general situation in the country and caused clashes between security forces and demonstrators that resulted in dozens of injuries from both sides and the death of demonstrators, two of them a young man from Sadr City.   LINK



IQD Iraqi dinar today 0.8403 0.0008

S41755k:   Thats interesting the zeros are removed on the digital platform and not on hard currency. One aspect is you only deal with hard currency in country and isn't that what Iraq is doing at this time, making a transition from the three zeros to LD's to digital.


Samson:  Government Media: Citizen Killed and 200 Wounded in Iraq Demonstrations

2nd October, 2019
The government media cell on Tuesday issued a joint statement by the ministries of interior and health on the demonstrations today.

The statement reads as follows:

"The capital Baghdad and a number of provinces witnessed the launch of protests demanding the provision of public services and job opportunities."

The cell regrets the violence associated with these protests, issued by a group of rioters to overthrow the real content of those demands and strip them of the peacefulness for which they emerged.

At a time when we stand in solidarity with the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution, and on the basis of the principle of national responsibility, we call on all citizens to calm and restraint, and affirm the continued security services in the performance of their duties in order to ensure the safety and security of the demonstrators.

The Ministry of Health reveals the continuation of its medical staff to provide treatment to the injured who were received by the health institutions, where it recorded one death, while the number of wounded (200) injured, including (40) injured members of the security services, a number of them came out after receiving first aid, With the continuation of medical staff in providing health care for the remaining of the number (50).

Demonstrations that began on Tuesday in the cities of Iraq were peaceful, demanding the change of government because of its failure to improve services and create jobs, but clashes erupted that prompted the securty forces to disperse.

Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Saad Maan announced today that "mendes were behind the violence in today's demonstrations."

In a statement to the Iraqi News Agency, Maan praised the peaceful demonstrators, but stressed that "behind the events of violence are indebted, their aim was to provoke violence." Maan called on citizens to calm down and work with the security services to protect public and private property, according to the news agency "conscious".

For his part, Director General of the Civil Defense Major General Kazim Bohan, said that "Mendesin among the demonstrators burned four buildings today." "We have succeeded in controlling all the fires that have also targeted, simple people, in addition to other sites," Bohan said.   LINK

Samson: Deputy calls for an emergency parliamentary session in the presence of the three presidencies
2nd October, 2019

Member of the House of Representatives Sadiq al-Sulaiti, on Wednesday, to hold an emergency session of the Council in the presence of the three presidencies to discuss the subject of demonstrations, stressing the need to take "bold decisions."

In a statement received by Alsumaria News, Al-Sulaiti said that the Constitution guaranteed Article 38 freedom of peaceful demonstration and expression of opinion. Public. Al-Sulaiti called for holding an emergency session tomorrow or afterwards, in the presence of the three presidencies, and taking the people's aspirations of bold reform decisions, concessions and pledges to heal the wounds of the demonstrators and convince the angry street.

Al-Sulaiti stressed the need for the security forces to stay away from using live bullets and arbitrary methods to disperse the demonstrators, calling for mercy for the martyrs of Iraq in Tahrir Square from the security forces and demonstrators. There are scattered areas of the capital Baghdad, as well as its (Liberation Square), angry demonstrations since yesterday evening and renewed this morning to demand reform.

Protesters burned tires on major streets in several areas of Baghdad and a number of provinces, as security forces cut off the main roads linking the provinces with the capital.   LINK


Samson: Government Information: Abdul Mahdi's officials agreed with the demonstrators to end the demonstrations
2nd October, 2019

Officials in Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi's office have agreed with representatives of demonstrators to end the protests, state media reported on Wednesday.

The official Iraqi News Agency, in a news broadcast today, that officials in the office of Abdul Mahdi, met today, representatives of the demonstrators to discuss their demands, noting that they ended their demonstrations.

There have been angry demonstrations since yesterday evening and renewed this morning to demand reform. Protesters burned tires on major streets in several areas of Baghdad and a number of provinces, as security forces cut off the main roads linking the provinces with the capital.  LINK

Tivon:  Wait a sec, if this was a meeting where their concerns regarding the currency auctions and  implementing the "Monetary Reform Policy" by deletion of the three zeros which have been delayed to the point of citizens demanding because of the lack of employment which sparked the protests.

Then how else can you end these demonstrations other than to actually follow through and launch these programs ASAP?

Which plays directly into what Delta brought in about the "Visa" asking price of 0.84 which is not the program rate.

This week looks really promising for not only the citizens but the world. Not to mention Frank' stating that they already completed these demands. I don't know how else to look at this article and assume we are about to see something in very short order. 

Don961:  Stock market trades exceed 6 billion shares

Tuesday 01 October 201

Baghdad / morning 

 The monthly report of the Iraqi market for securities on the trading (6,486,313,938) shares with a total value of (7,522,220,419) dinars.

The Executive Director of the Iraqi Stock Exchange Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said that "the Iraqi Stock Exchange organized (21) trading session during the month of September 2019, and the number of shares of listed companies (12,130,457,479,915) shares, and the number of shares deposited by the shareholders (9,232,225,316,876) shares," He pointed out that "the number of companies traded shares by investors (52) companies, as the price index of shares traded in the first session of the month at (471.310) points and closed in the last session of the month at (475.48) points."

Disclosure and Transparency

He added that "the Iraqi Stock Exchange completed the requirements for the publication and dissemination of trading data for shares traded within the database of the Arab Monetary Fund as of the first of the month of September 2019 along with 17 Arab stock markets and thus have fulfilled the requirements of disclosure and transparency and to enhance the confidence of Iraqi and foreign investors with indicators Trading securities buying and selling on the shares of Iraqi joint stock companies.

Listing of shares

Abdul Salam pointed out that "the Securities Commission approved the decision of the Board of Governors to cancel the listing of shares of Al-Noor for financial transfer based on the instructions of the Securities Commission No. (3) to stop trading and write-off companies in the stock market Article (7 / d), for the issuance of the Department Registration of companies on the completion of the legal procedures necessary for the merger of Al-Harith Financial Transfer Company (not listed on the market) with Al-Nour Financial Transfer Company (listed on the market) and changing the name and activity of the resulting company to (First Capital Bank for Islamic Investment and Finance).

Amendment Code

He explained, "Last September, a number of decree laws were issued, the most important of which is the law amending the Companies Law No. 21 of 1997. Among its articles are article (2) of the amendment law, which abolished article (12) of the law and was replaced by article (12): the natural or legal person. An Iraqi shall have the right to become a member of the companies stipulated in this law as a founder, shareholder or partner, unless he or she is prohibited from his or her membership in the companies by virtue of the law or a decision issued by a court or a competent government authority. Acquiring membership as a founder or shareholder in joint stock companies limited to The proportion of the Iraqi contribution is not less than (51%) Fifty-one percent of the top of the Her money. "

Agencies and Delegations

The Iraqi Stock Exchange also issued his book No. 1703 on 25/9/2019 this content to the brokerage companies to work under it upon receipt of orders to buy shares of joint stock companies listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange from the foreign investor natural or moral, Article (5) of the amendment law that Repealed Article (91) of the law and replaced it; 

Article (91): First: The member shall have the power of attorney of a certified agency to attend, discuss and vote in the meetings of the General Assembly. He may also delegate other members for this purpose. 

Article (91): Second: The Securities Commission shall determine the controls of the form and contents of the title deed and how it is prepared and responsible for its health. 

(91) / Third: Agencies and deputies shall be deposited with the Securities Commission at least three days before the date set for the meeting. The Commission shall scrutinize it for its validity. The Agency and the delegation shall remain in force for any second meeting to which the first meeting shall be postponed. link

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