KTFA Members "Mahdi Resigns??" Saturday 10-5-19


Don961: Political groups on Whatsapp: Abdul Mahdi decided to resign after a meeting at the headquarters of the Federal Police

2019-10-05 Yes Iraq:

Political groups on Whatsapp: Abdul Mahdi decided to resign after a meeting at the headquarters of the Federal Police

The resignation announcement will be Saturday morning

News that Barham Saleh assumed the functions of the executive

Two options are being considered: Barham Saleh takes over until early elections

The second assignment of an agreed figure to form the current government   link

 MW:  Isn't  Saleh with or WAS with the CBI?? Or could this be a "squirrel" like Kuwait?? THANKS DON!!!!

Don961:  NO .. THE  MAN WHO ASSISTED SHABIBBI IS   Dr.. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh

Talia:  Mahdi sure buckled fast for someone that announced he wasn’t going anywhere....oh and Allaq since you have moved on to bigger and better things maybe it’s time for the newly suggested Minister of Finance Dr. Shabibi to step in to finish what he started so long ago, all IMO

SteekyJan:  My thoughts exactly!!! C'mon down Shabibi and push that button!   I feel a SUDDENLY coming!!!


Don961:  The latest developments until 3 dawn on Saturday: Abdul Mahdi escapes to resign!


 Yes Iraq:

- Reports of a resignation to be submitted by Abdul-Mahdi before Saturday noon

- Parliament is determined to re-consider the demonstrators after a speech by President Mohammed Halbousi and news of a number of important decisions during Saturday's session

- Associated Press: An Iraqi policeman fired a bullet at the leg of a demonstrator talking to Iraqi journalists near Tahrir Square. The number of demonstrators near the area was about 1000 people and security forces opened fire in the surrounding streets to prevent the arrival of more demonstrators.

- Lifting curfew in Iraq starting from five dawn Saturday and the Washington Post quoted a spokesman for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Ali al-Bayati:
(Arrest of 35 people from hospitals in Baghdad And Nasiriyah).

Source: Ministry of Health: Victims of demonstrations in Iraq exceeded 100 Said and 1100 wounded

- Statement of Abadi:

* Abadi rejects the method of treason demonstrators and demands a national declaration of the right to peaceful protest, and have mercy on the martyrs.

* Abadi calls for early elections to avoid the pains of government failure and blocking the horizon of the political process.

* Abadi calls for freezing the provincial councils and consider their governments caretaker governments.

* Abadi calls for a fair election law and fair election mechanisms under wide supervision to ensure its integrity and not to repeat the violations of 2018 that distorted political life.

* Abadi calls on the government and political forces official pledges to ensure freedom from quotas, weapons, corruption and swallow the state.

* Abadi provides a vision for the current and next stage puts the government and political forces in front of options to test the seriousness and credibility to get out of the current impasse.   link

Samson:  The death toll exceeded 90 .. A new rise in the number of victims of demonstrations in Iraq

5th October, 2019
The crisis cell in the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, on Saturday, revealed a rise in the number of victims of demonstrations in Iraq.

As of 12 noon on Saturday, the number of casualties had risen to 3,978, with 39 deaths, the cell said in a statement to Twilight News.

In its statement, the cell added that the number of detainees was 567, 355 released and various damages 37.

And escalated on Friday, clashes between Iraqi demonstrators who are demanding to "bring down the government" and security forces, which fired at the protesters.

The top Shiite cleric in Iraq, Ali al-Sistani, on Friday, criticized the Iraqi government and urged both political leaders and demonstrators to retreat "before it is too late."  

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, the Iraqi government to resign and work for early elections under the auspices of the United Nations.

Sadr said in a handwritten statement, "inject the blood of the Iraqi Sharif resignation of the government, and let's start early elections under the supervision of the United Nations."

Sadr added that "the disregard for Iraqi blood can not be tolerated."  LINK


Don961:  Protests in Iraq .. gift poor or revolution revolution?

- 4 Hours Have Passed

The images of protesters against the current government and those demanding their departure are similar; after complete despair of “patchwork” solutions, false promises and the acquisition of money. There are fundamental differences this time from the previous protests, and political analyst Dr. Yahya al-Kubaisi that what distinguishes the current demonstrations that they started without any introductions or indicators, and it is noticeable is the age groups that form the core of this movement, they are young people, unlike past demonstrations.
Al-Kubaisi adds that young people see that the corruption of the political class and structural corruption in general leads to the denial of the right to participate in the rent held by the authoritarians, pointing out that the demand for services and infrastructure has remained in the background of the scene demanding the overthrow of the regime.

He also did not go head of the Iraqi Group for Strategic Studies and political analyst Dr. Wathiq al-Hashemi away from Kubaisi, explaining that the government was surprised - like political blocs - out demonstrations, as they were popular calls and through the media, without the sponsorship of well-known partisan parties, as it was Previously, which was called by the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr or the Communist Party.

Characteristics of the revolution
According to the media and human rights activist Khaled al-Sakr, the current movement came in protest against corruption, injustice, low living standards and high levels of unemployment, which is frightening due to the lack of job grades and job opportunities, which were reduced to groups belonging to the ruling parties.

The head of the Kurdistan Organization for Human Rights, Dr. Hoshyar Malu, contrasts this by saying that it is neither a poor revolution nor an Arab spring as much as a revolution to demand legitimate rights. Its negative impact on Iraqi politics in the eyes of the demonstrators.

The excessive violence used by security forces against protesters and civilian casualties caused by the use of live bullets, gas bombs, media blackout, and the use of methods used by authoritarian states such as Internet censorship, counter propaganda and letters of suspicion and incitement to accuse the protesters of “Baathists and Saddamists”, al-Kubaisi said. In addition, the Prime Minister's recent statement did not depart from this methodology, in which he spoke of "non-peaceful aggressors who raised slogans punishable by law threatening public order and civil peace"; to increase the size and intensity of these demonstrations; Z limit that forced authorities to declare a state of curfew in Baghdad and some provinces.

Regarding the expected results of the protests, Al-Kubaisi said, “Despite the unprecedented spread of the current protest movement and the great sympathy I have received from the people, the numbers of participants are still relatively limited and have not reached the point where they pose a real threat to the regime, so it is difficult to determine the path that can It will take it in the coming weeks, either toward escalation - especially if it is done in the context of defending the authority and the site and from parties of a problematic nature such as armed factions linked to Iran - or toward a gradual fading after the discharge of anger. ”

, the legal advisor, Dr. Mohammed Jassem al-Ameri, explained that the government's practices against the demonstrators are punishable offenses as stipulated in the Iraqi constitution of 2005, adding that Article 38 of the Constitution gave the right of Iraqis to demonstrate peacefully.

Al-Amiri asserts that the brutality of the riot forces by using live bullets and killing and injuring hundreds of protesters are murders according to the Iraqi Penal Code No. 111 of 1969;

The demonstrations witnessed in Baghdad and the rest of the provinces since the beginning of this month differ from all its predecessors; because they are not supported by any internal political or external; Make them become the criminal's rule.

Al Jazeera    link

Don961:  Iraq's dollar bonds tumble 1.2 cents amid unrest and rising death tolls

- 6 Hours Have Passed

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's dollar-denominated sovereign bonds fell 1.2 cents to a four-month low on Friday after the death toll from violent protests across the country rose to 46 as unrest escalated rapidly.

The 2028 issue fell to 95.14 cents, a four-month low, according to data from Refinitiv. Bonds have fallen more than two years since the start of the week.

The unrest, sparked by public anger over worsening living conditions and widespread corruption, is the biggest security challenge facing Iraq since the defeat of IS in 2017.

Reuters    link


Don961:  The demonstrators impose their word with nine main demands, including the overthrow of the regime and the accountability of the killers

 Saturday 05 October 2019

Baghdad - Writings
You did not understand our message and did not listen well to our demands, but confronted us with repression and murder in cold blood for 4 days and your oppression and bullets is still your means to communicate with the protesters.

Today we announce it to you and to the whole world that no politician will kidnap our movement or our will this time.

The message of the Iraqi demonstrators on the fifth day of the protests that began since Tuesday, October 1, 2019, to the Iraqi authorities and bodies controlling the country's capabilities and worshipers announced today in a document of nine items are the main requests they said they will not give up as follows:

First: the overthrow of the current political system, which was characterized by failure and deterioration of living conditions and discrimination and injustice.

Second, we do not accept the recycling of solutions, because the current system is a waste that the protesters do not accept to recycle again.

Third: Writing a new Iraqi constitution that shares academic and popular rules from within.

Fourth: Prohibition of all personalities who participated in the political process for 16 years and proved their failure in the management of the country.

Fifth: The United Nations should supervise the process of change and get rid of the political system and its parties, cronies and tails

Sixth: Initiate public courts on all political and religious symbols that participated in the political process and recover the looted funds.

Seventh: We do not accept resignation or dismissal but change the political system

Eighth: No politician has the right to speak on behalf of the demonstrators, especially those who participated in the management of the country for 16 years of failure, destruction and destruction

Ninth: Accountability of the security leaders who caused the killing and wounding of the demonstrators and referring them to trial

The demonstrators then concluded their document "Death to the traitors and enemies of the people and killed by the parties and politicians hired."   li

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