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Iobey777:  I'm so very excited about the news today!! THANK YOU, FRANK and WALKINGSTICK for all the help!! IMO...we Must be getting close for the Canadian banks to be telling their customers which banks will exchange "foreign currency" and how much the spread will be!! OH YEAH!!

With all we have heard the last couple of days...let's see..the citizens are celebrating from "something", the CBI is showing them coins and talking about lifting the 3 zeros..and that's the BIG talk on the streets...

The citizens got a "special" ONE time text message from the bank yesterday! The education is flowing continually oh..and did I mention the citizens are CELEBRATING? C'mon!!!!

This is the last weekend of the month of August..Sept 1 is Sunday...Parl goes back.."supposedly" on the 3rd and Frank mentioned today that historically changes are made in Sept!

(IMO) Listen to the YT video! Oh yeah..and the Banks in Canada are talking about spreads and telling their customers which banks will exchange foreign currency!!

I'm thinking this weekend is the "perfect" time for them to spill the beans about the new rate!! It's TIME!!!    PRAISE GOD!


Frank26:   TIGHTEN UP


P71rock:  Tried to find a similar site to what frank showed on youtube and here is what i found. IMO.


This site looks like the one Frank showed. (at about 19 min in video)


Samson:  Parliamentary orientation to reduce significantly the national and religious holidays .. These are the most prominent

2019/8/29 8:37

The Committee for Endowments and Religious Affairs in the House of Representatives revealed a tendency to reduce public holidays within the relevant law.

The chairman of the committee, Hussein al-Yassari, said in a press statement that "this law was within the responsibility of the reconciliation and clans committee when the waqf was under its responsibility, noting that the committee, after becoming independent, was reinstated within the same relationship." 

The leftist allusion to the existence of "a tendency to reduce the number of official holidays that exceeded expectations" considering that "contrary to what exists in the countries of the world."  He added that among the fixed events is the third day of October, which is a national holiday, and on 14 of July holiday to announce the republican regime in Iraq, in addition to religious holidays and is the first and the tenth of the month of Muharram and the birth of the Prophet and the days of Eid al - Fitr and Eid al - Adha." 

The chairman of the Committee of Religious Endowments Parliament, on the existence of a proposal that the 25th of December to be a holiday on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Christ (p)". 

The leftist also pointed out that "there is a proposal that a limited number of these holidays to be assigned to the governor and provincial councils after the approval of the Council of Ministers, and that the name of the law (law of public holidays and memorabilia) such as celebration of the teacher or the popular uprising, which will not be an official holiday."  The dispute over whether Eid al-Ghadeer is a public holiday caused the law to be passed from the last session to the current one.    LINK


Samson: Parliamentary economy: one of Eid al-Fitr holidays, the state suffered losses worth 80 billion dinars
29th August, 2019

The Committee on Economy and Investment, on Thursday, that one of the holidays in the Eid al-Fitr, the Iraqi state suffered losses worth 80 billion dinars

The committee said in a statement received, the economy news, "We called on the parliament to amend the law of public holidays in the House of Representatives to determine the working hours in state departments and reduce some public holidays because they incur significant losses of the country," noting that "one of the holidays Eid al-Fitr has been incurred The state estimated losses of more than 80 billion dinars

The committee added in a previous report that "the Ministry of Planning has developed a study, that the number of employees in Iraq (4) million employees, including (2) million and (200) thousand civil servants and the rest within the security services," noting that "the income of the Iraqi individual per hour The average monthly income of an employee is 500 thousand dinars for (22) working days and (6) actual working hours

She added that "if the number of holidays and counted on the level of per capita income per day will be found that Iraq is incurring significant losses in public holidays by (8-10) billion dinars per day," noting that "one of the holidays in the country that lasted for (10) Days led to the loss of the country by more than (80) billion dinars through the salary of the employee without the presence of actual work LINK

 Samson:  Allocate a quarter of a trillion dinars to develop the ancient city of Babylon

29th August, 2019
Directorate of Antiquities of Babylon, on Thursday, the allocation of 250 billion within the five-year plan for the development and rehabilitation of the ancient city after its inclusion on the list of World Heritage. 

The director general of the Directorate, Hussein al-Amari, in a statement reported by the newspaper "morning" and saw it (information), that "the stage after the vote on the inclusion of the ancient city of Babylon will be a stage of proving itself and is more difficult than writing the file." 

Al-Ammari added that "international observers from the International Council of Sites and Monuments (ICOMOS) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) make annual visits to assess the development of the site provided that it does not affect its archaeological status." He explained, “The Directorate, in cooperation with the provincial council, is in the process of rehabilitating infrastructure, restaurants, kiosks, the presidential palace and clading the Shatt al-Hilla area, in addition to installing surveillance cameras.” Which is included in the same list, as well as the support provided by the World Monument Organization for the rehabilitation of some archaeological facilities and buildings.”   LINK


Samson:   Contractor Ruling Against Iraq could top $140m

29th August, 2019
A US military contractor has won a judgment estimated at $140 million against Iraq to reimburse it for unpaid invoices relating to work done for the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

Dale Stoffel, the President of Wye Oak Technology, was killed in mysterious circumstances fifteen years ago while attempting to recover the debt.

In its ruling, the District Court of the US District of Columbia said:

“Fifteen years ago, Wye Oak Technology, an American company, entered into the Broker Services Agreement (BSA) with the Iraqi Ministry of Defense (MoD) to play a key role in re-equipping the Iraqi military. Iraq urgently needed to rebuild its armed forces as the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) transferred sovereignty back to the Iraqi people and the interim Iraqi government prepared to hold its first parliamentary elections since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

“The BSA was set to be the central component of the Iraqi Military Equipment Recovery Project (IMERP). Under the BSA, Wye Oak was responsible for developing an inventory and assessing what military equipment was salvageable and what was scrap, providing military refurbishment services, arranging for scrap sales, and arranging for the sale of military equipment. Wye Oak began performing as soon as the BSA was effectuated.

“By October 2004, Wye Oak submitted three pro forma invoices to MoD for work in relation to the IMERP. But MoD never paid these invoices to Wye Oak. Instead, MoD paid a third-party, Raymond Zayna, the money owed to Wye Oak under the BSA. Nonetheless, Wye Oak continued to perform under the contract while desperately trying to extract the funds it was owed. And briefly, Wye Oak thought it succeeded. After months of performing vital activities as part of the IMERP despite not being paid, all issues seemed to be solved after a December 5, 2004 meeting. However, this was not the case.

“A few days later, Wye Oak’s president Dale Stoffel and his colleague Joe Wemple were brutally murdered on their way to arrange for funding to finally be released. Nonetheless, Wye Oak still did not immediately abandon the IMERP even after Dale Stoffel’s tragic death. Instead, Wye Oak exceeded the goal of producing a mechanized brigade of operational armored vehicles for Iraq’s January 2005 parliamentary election. Yet Wye Oak was never paid for the vital work it performed under the BSA.

“Now, more than fifteen years after Wye Oak entered into the BSA, and more than a decade after Wye Oak first filed suit, the Court finds MoD breached the BSA. And because MoD is an integral component of the national government itself, the Republic of Iraq is also liable for the breach. Ultimately, the Court will award Wye Oak damages for its three invoices, lost profits from construction, lost profits from refurbishing military equipment, and lost profits from scrap sales.

“Also, the Court will award Wye Oak prejudgment interest and costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses. “

According to Associated Press, a lawyer acting for Wye Oak estimates that the true judgment will total roughly $140 million.

More details here.    LINK

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