IQDCalls Chat Monday Evening  8-19-19

IQDCalls Chat Monday Evening  8-19-19  

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 larrykn   Iraq increases the domestic production of gas oil and gasoline

Economy news Baghdad   The oil Ministry said in a statement that Iraq has increased domestic production of oil, gas and gasoline in 2019.

The current rate for producing gasoline 14.29 million litres per day up from 11.485 million litres on average in 2018.

Gas oil production has risen to 11.23 million litres per day of 7.84 million liters in 2018.

The statement said the increase stemmed largely from increased production of some Iraqi refineries rebuilt after being destroyed by the armed factions.

The statement said that Iraq uses most of the fuel that produces for domestic consumption.

Larrykn   Al-Hakim in efforts to form 'shadow government'

Portmagaland   Good Morning all, been jamming out all morning to the Pixies, "Where is mind". Thought it was fitting for this roller coaster world called Dinarville and felt like sharing it, if you're into the Pixies. It was theme music to the show Leftovers on Showtime:

Portmagaland   I love the line, your head will collapse because there's nothing in it.

Portmagaland   The song was in the movie the Fight Club, where he sets us all free by blowing up the credit database on all of us.

Dave Good Morning folks   ....i like all the news articles regarding coinage today....

Dave   "coins cost more to mint...."  than notes.....

Dave   they want their coins back....

Dave   Parliamentary Finance Committee intends to raise the price of the dinar against the dollar and give it strength

Dave   A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Abdul Hadi Saadawi said in a statement on Monday, August 19, 2019, that the Finance Committee will work to raise the price of the dinar against the dollar and give it strength among other currencies in the Arab world, or at least maintain the current exchange rate to have monetary power within Local market.

The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives revealed that there is a tendency to reintroduce the coin, which has been used for decades in the country, while members of the Committee proposed to pre-empt the coin minting process by “deleting zeros” from the current currencies to be valuable to the small cash categories.

Dave   He added, that the use of metal categories and their descent for trading gives a notional value of the currency, noting that a number of neighboring countries exchange rates are very high against the dollar and yet we find that it has a coin in order to preserve the currency and not need to request more banknotes, especially those with small categories . He expressed surprise at the policy of the Central Bank, which does not favor the introduction of coins for circulation in the Iraqi market.

Dave   For his part, a member of Parliamentary Finance Majid al-Waeli readiness of the Committee to prepare any legislation required by the Central Bank, which could benefit the economy and the Iraqi market, including the circulation of coins.

Al-Waeli told Al-Sabah that the committee respects the independence of the central bank and its monetary policy, stressing that the bank has technical autonomy by decision regardless of administrative affairs.

While member of the Committee Jamal Cougar, that all countries in the Middle East and the world have a coin, indicating that this type of currency gives strength to its economy.

Dave   Cougar told Al-Sabah that he hoped that the concerned parties could strengthen the currency so that the small groups could have purchasing power in case of using coins. Committee member Ahmed al-Saffar said that the cost of the coin is more than paper, and that it is harder to carry on the citizen.

Al-Saffar told Al-Sabah that inflation in the economy prevents the minting of coins and makes them circulate among citizens, suggesting that there be a step to delete the zeros preceding the coinage process to be a value for small groups against.


Dave   long art edited some...just like them discussing this.......increasing the purchasing power......

Dave   a Value for small coinage,,,,,,

futuremoney   Dave haven't heard that talk for a while..glad to hear it again

Young_SC   Dave you should ask Kap his opinion about that article 😂

Young_SC   One of the many things he forgets

Sparky   ...fills, and Dinars.. ? Any talk of metal coins is very nice to see...

Dave   Sparky note that they mentioned coins to have a value and not a burden

Dave   cost of coins

Dave   should have posted the entire art then

Sparky   Dave ...and, historically, coins have been in very low denominations...tops out at 2 dinars I believe...

Dave   Sparky delete 3 zeros then one is feft with pieces or fils

Dave   left

Dave   with value?

Dave   Kap would disagree no doubt

Sparky   Dave 1/000 of a Dinar...per fil

Dave   huh?

Dave   like to see a 1 dinar coin......

Sparky   Dave one fil equates to one thousandths of a Dinar...

Sparky   Dave yup, that would put me in Happy dance mode...

Dave   Sparky yes according to Kap

Sparky   Dave ...mi, according to CBI history of currency...

Dave   Sparky CBI minted fils yrs ago never released

Sparky   *no

Dave   did not have Kurdish language on them.....8yrs ago os so

Sparky   Dave waiting until necessary... maybe sooner than we think...

Dave   Sparky hope so doubt it though

Dave   Sparky CBI i belive may have pics of rthe coins

Sparky   Dave yup, I do recall that...the new coins are all inclusive, hopefully...

Dave   WITH VALUE!!!!!!!!

Sparky   Dave ... I would think that they would be more than melt down value...

Dave   no....

Dave   each coin costs about twice that of paper to mint

Sparky   Dave to see it in the if coinage...good sign... along with talk of 140...

Dave   calculated 1000 dinar coins to buy that coke would cost at least 60 bucks

Dave   Sparky like that talk

Sparky   Dave yes, agreed, they must have significant value to be prudent to circulate...

Dave   tell that to Kap

Sparky   Dave ... haven't seen coins over 2 dinars...

Dave   Sparky okay 500 coins then

Sparky   Dave but, what do I know... not much...

Dave   the art suggested coins not to be a burden ergo no wheel barrows

Tebow   Dave 19 Aug 19, 02:26 PMDave they want their coins back.... Whatcoins are those that they back?

Dave   tell that to Kap

Sparky   Dave 1 dinar coin, for a coke, at 1:1

Sparky   Young_SC just agree with his logic...with the amount of IQD in circulation...but, again, what do I know... could come out 1:1 or higher...way past my pay grade...

Young_SC   Sparky it was what Dave and myself had been telling you for the last month or so but you preferred false opinions

Young_SC   CBI/IRAQ had always stated purchase of power

Young_SC   For its citizens

Young_SC   No float aswell

Sparky   Young_SC ...half the stuff I read is either contradictory, and/or Arabish...

Dave   CBI has said what that is contradictory?

Dave   Kap contradicrts CBI

Dave   yes govt blaims cbi and visa versa

Tebow   Sparky you'll have to believe Kap knows the amount in circulation,he doesn't

Dave   CBI remains autonomous

Sparky   Tebow agree...key point well taken...

Dave   Tebow Sparky figures the hard currency auctions are digital

Young_SC   Tebow lol

Sparky   Dave ... what about the new " overseer" combat CBI corruption...?

Dave   as far as Govt concerned ...Immunity

Dave   Sparky what CBI corruprtion

Tebow   CBI has been buying dinars thru the addition for years, maybe one might consider that as removing from circulation

Tebow   auction

Dave   the Govt authorizes who can join the auction

Dave   CBI does not regulate this

Sparky   Dave ... I never said that... just that a LOT of currency changes hands.. must be loaded on camels...250,000,000 a day...20 buyers/sellers ... logistics boggle my mind...

Sparky   Dave ..the CBI is now trying to enforce legitimate bank accounts...for traceability...

Dave   so that makes cbi corrupt?

Young_SC   Sparky dont you mean the corruption within the government

Young_SC   CBI is not the Government

Sparky   Tebow ...agree, ...but that will take a long time... trillions is a lot of Dinarz...

Dave   Sparky Sparky Sparky

Tebow   Sparky trillions? Says who

Dave   AUCTIONS???????

Young_SC   Dave i was just gonna say that

Sparky   Young_SC sure CBI governor isn't as corrupt as the PM that put him in ?

Young_SC   Sparky man stop listening Kap 😂

Tebow   LOL

Young_SC   How does kap know about the actual amount in circulation???

Young_SC   Trillions???

Sparky   Young_SC ... question for much IQD is in circulation ?

Young_SC   Sparky i do not know sparky

Young_SC   That is my point

Dave   CBI sure has been ranking in 4 a month at least

Dave   4 trilliondinar

Tebow   does one really think the CBI would tip it's hat and let people know their plans.

Dave   Tebow Kap?

Tebow   Kap? What

Sparky   Tebow another excellent point...

Dave   Tebow they obviously know how much they printed

Sparky   Dave are they going to support and sustain anything over what value they have now ?

Dave   Sparky doubt they could now?

Dave   still n ot much confidence in banking or foreign invesrtmenrt

Sparky   Dave no... just want your thoughts...

Sparky   Dave agree... foreign investment in Reconstruction is the key,... imo...


Dave   think of all the people still out of work.....

Sparky   Dave ... could "stage" at a higher level, but, must be able to sustain...or they will collapse...

Tebow   Dave of course the CBI knows how much they printed, why wouldn't they

Dave  Think of what Dubai has built out of nothing

Sparky   Tebow ...yes, I agree the CBI will keep the real numbers under their hat... until this goes down...

Dave   Tebow now if cbi is sitting on tons of dinar would that necessarily mean that they are out of circulation?

Tebow   They also know how much they've taken out of circulation, Yes Sparky!

Sparky   Dave ... another real good question...!

Tebow   Dave Dave well if they revalue they don't have to cover the whole amount they have. Only what they need to support the Iraqi economy

Dave   Sparky    i say no

Dave   Tebow pretty much

Sparky   Dave agree...

Tebow   Dave they know they're not getting ours unless they lop. They are not going to lop.

Dave   currency is either in circulation or not

Sparky   Tebow again, I agree...

Dave   Tebow tell that to Sparky

Dave   Again lol

Dave   giving you the gears

Dave   lol

Dave   i like to keep this simple/or most reasonable

Dave   baffle wirth b*?

Tebow   Dave yes in circulation but at the CBI. If the revalue they don't have to cover all at the new rate. Only the amount they need to run the economy. The rest... Poof!

Sparky   Dave's all about how much Dinar CBI has to cover in country, then support and sustain that value...imo

Dave   cover what?

Tebow   Sparky yes

Sparky   ... I also believe a higher currency valuation would be beneficial to Iraq, while sharing ports with Kuwait, for in coming Reconstruction materials...

Tebow   Then, I can say, what does any of us know just like the gurus. LOL

Sparky   Tebow ... exporting, lower currency exchange, importing... higher currency exchange rate...

Sparky   ... must be able to support and sustain whatever rate they have...unless they choose to live in bubble they currently exist in

Dave   Sparky they have the resources and more

Tebow   until we something happen, we see nutting!

Tebow   just words

Dave   UAE did great with much less

Young_SC   Dave indeed

Sparky   Tebow ... lots of good word's lately...Kurds, Kuwait,...104 party in Baghdad... haven't heard that before...

Dave   Sparky could be all done in a day......called from Federal Court

Sparky   ... resilient young population...God bless them...and bring change to a country that has no place to go but forward...

Dave   Sparky with no skills

Sparky   Dave ...gotta start somewhere...

Portmagaland   Sparky I hope they make like Prince and party likes it 1999

Sparky   Dave ... average population age around 25 ?

Dave   Sparky hear it young....

Dave   decades of war.......

Sparky   Portmagaland ... I know I will...when it pops... lol

Dave   did not work out well for Prince....neve

Sparky   Portmagaland y2k bro...

Dave   never stopped partying?

Sparky   Dave ...why stop ?

Portmagaland   Dave Not holding my breath on Peace in Oregon. Mayor Wheeler sent the police to my house because my phone call to their office made the snowflakes melt. I wasn't home when 5 O showed up but I talked to him on the phone for like 30 minutes. The cop is a marine, so you can guess, how our conversation went. MAGA all day long 👍

Sparky, think of the next adventure, then execute...

Sparky* execute was not a "PC" word these days...

Portmagaland   Sparky I never said executed, I think they took offense to me stating Portland belongs to the Untied States of America and that Mayor Wheeker's office is a domestic enemy and they can look in the mirror to see who is responsible for making Portland look like a third world ****hole.

Portmagaland   Sparky with MMA they dont need to go underground to fight snymore.

Sparky   Portmagaland ... just tax publicity...

Sparky   Portmagaland have rules though...

Portmagaland   Sparky They spent 2 million on Saturday's security. If Wheeler would let Antifa know, no more, the other groups would leave Portland alone. Perkins Coi, the law firm Hillary used to fund the Steele Dosier has a large footprint in Portland. I'm convinced if someone did some digging, they'd find a connection between Wheeler's office, Antifa and Perkins Coi. It's not coincidence Portland is the only city nationwide that has s monthly Antifa issue.

Sparky   Portmagaland ,can tap out... and can't throw against defenseless...

Portmagaland   Sparky I even told the cop that on the phone, he didnt object.

Portmagaland   Sparky So, more deaths in the underground fight clubs

Sparky   Portmagaland not to my knowledge...same thing as MMA... almost...never heard of anyone who didn't walk away...

Sparky   Portmagaland ... mostly service guys...

Sparky   Portmagaland ... sounds like you need to lose Wheeler...

Sparky   Portmagaland of the best fighters I witnessed, fought off his back...

Dave   Sparky Portmagaland confused....suggesting that the far right and left fight it out in the Octogon?

Sparky   Dave ... politicians don't fight,...they pocket the money from both sides...they play golf together, and laugh about us...

Portmagaland   Dave The far left wont go for the Octagon. They need to outnumber 10 to 1.

Portmagaland   Sparky Ain't that the truth. You hit on the exact reason why Bush Jr. refers to Bill Clinton as a brother from another mother.

Portmagaland   Sparky Do you think Trump is secretly golfing with these guys?

Sparky   Portmagaland ...that is the " fight club "... administrators...

Dave   Trump likes Golfing with Putin and Kim?

Sparky   Portmagaland ...war, boom, bust... economic reality...

Dave   his "BUDDIES"