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Monday UPDATE for August 19, 2019

Various Bank Sources are reporting the following...

A. "Just received a memo stating to get  ready, no rates were seen."

B. "Some bank staff were told to report to their "Exchange Center" today."

C. "My Wealth Manager told me to get excited and that we would speak later this evening."

D. "My bank contact wouldn't answer his phone. He told me if he doesn't answer, it's because he's at the "Exchange Center" and can't talk on the phone."

Each message is from a different banking institution, all Tier 1 banks.

Members in CHAT are reporting their bank contacts not answering their calls......hmmmmmmm?

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RVAlready:  I think UST has realized that this cannot be delayed further.


MarkZ 2nd call Replay Monday 8-19-19




Samson:  Merkel: We are ready to leave Britain from the EU whatever the outcome
19th August, 2019

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would meet British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday (August 21st) to discuss Britain's planned exit from the European Union, adding that Berlin was also ready for any consequences

Johnson is seeking to persuade EU leaders to resume talks on withdrawal or endure the exit of the EU's second-largest member on October 31 without an agreement that eases economic shock

"We are ready for any result, and we can say that, even if it is done without an agreement," Merkel said at a meeting at the chancellery

"I think coming up with an agreement is always the best," she said. "If that is not possible, we will be ready for the alternative as well   LINK


Samson: White House: No recession despite global economic turmoil

2019/8/18 20:33

White House officials have backed away from fears that economic growth may falter, saying they "see little risk of recession" despite a volatile week in global bond markets. "There is no recession on the horizon," said White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow. "Consumers are working. Their wages are rising. They are spending and saving. I think we're good."  US stock markets fell last week amid fears of a "recession", with all three major indices in the United States closed at about 3 percent last Wednesday, only to double losses by Friday on expectations that the European Central Bank will cut interest rates. 

Trade adviser Peter Navarro refused to take warnings last week, telling ABC that "good economic dynamics encourage investors to transfer money to the United States."  He added, "We have the strongest economy in the world, and money comes here for our stock market. "This kind of escape to safety is usually driven by fears of global economic troubles, and in this case, the possibility that the Trump administration's economic tariff with China will curb investment and business growth worldwide," Navarro said. 

The US trade official stressed that "tariffs on Chinese goods do not hurt anyone here."  The Fed has raised interest rates seven times in the past two years as part of a plan to restore normal monetary policy following emergency steps taken to combat the global financial crisis and recession in 2007-2009.



Don961:  The White House is moving to cut billions of foreign aid

- One Day Has Passed
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House is moving toward cutting billions of dollars in foreign aid by the end of this week, CNN reported on Saturday.

The network is citing an official in the White House Office of Management and Budget (unnamed) that Washington is finalizing the reduction of the aid package, up to four billion dollars.

The move is expected to be announced next week, the official said.

The targeted assistance includes allocations to the United Nations, including some funds to support peacekeepers in countries such as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, as well as funds for cultural programs, he said.

According to "CNN", the administration of President Donald Trump is seeking to reduce such assistance as a "waste of the country's money", and it is trying to make it conditional on the support of US policies.

She explained that these moves are opposed by lawmakers from both parties, the Republican and Democratic, warning of the negative effects of this on US foreign policy.

White House officials, in turn, said they had the authority to cancel those funds without congressional approval.

There was no comment from the White House on the network until 08:30 (GMT).

In March, The Washington Post reported that the Trump administration proposed cutting the State Department and USAID budget by about 24 percent, particularly in terms of humanitarian, refugee and global health programs.

On August 31, 2018, the Trump administration decided to completely stop funding it for the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), claiming that it opposed the way the agency works, which faces Israeli criticism.

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