IQD Calls Chat Tuesday Night 9-10-19

IQD Calls Chat Tuesday Night 9-10-19

Wilder   No dinar talk tonight?

Portmagaland   Wilder sorry, I just had some more silver come in tonight, sweet!

PM Portmagaland   Wilder I'd buy more finar, but all the recent talk has me a little spooked

Wilder   Nice

Wilder   How much dinar does one need?

Portmagaland   3 Indian Head five onces, two rolls each of pre 65 dimes and quarters

Portmagaland   Wilder I have enough to be rich if it goes big and if they lop then raise to three bucks., I'll pay of a couple credit cards and buy more silver

Portmagaland   Wilder You do silver

Wilder   I have 3 bags of pre 65 dimes. 1 of quarters. And bars and such.

Portmagaland   Wilder I like the dimes too, I'm going to get another bag next payday. I think the dimes will be most important when or if SHTF.

Wilder   The dinar. We inherited quite a bit and with what we had. .10. I'm outa here .

Portmagaland   Wilder Me too, but all the naysayers have me worried, but I just cant see Field McConnell misleading us, however, he thinks the Zim is going to go, that worries me about him.

Wilder   If and when shtf. It will be a tough road to deal

Portmagaland   Wilder Yep, wont be able to trust anyone and brass will be more valuable than silver.

Portmagaland   Wilder You think anything exciting tomorrow will hapen?

Wilder   Novody knows anything either way. However. If the dinar was going to lop or whatever i thnk it would have done so by now. I have a feeling there will be new notes printed if not already and will be a trade deal made. But i don't know nothing. Speculation on my part

Wilder   Portmagaland Tomorrow? Would be nice.

Portmagaland   Wilder That's how come I take it all with a grain of salt, we dont know and politicians and central banks are notorious for lying, so you cant believe them either

Portmagaland   You have any 64 Kennedy's, I got em, just in case a certain someone pops out of a rabbit hole

Portmagaland   I want to take the day off

Wilder   Sad part is. The tine that i have wasted on this over the 14 years. I blame it ob my daughter. She's the one that told us about this back then. Along with those firemen that retired because of Kuwaiti dinar

 Portmagaland   Wilder 14 years, wow! Time for some closure and if they lop, that's just messed up because our government told us to buy it originally

Wilder   My brotber was a fireman and was afraid to take tbe chance on Kuwait

Portmagaland   Wilder Bummer and hopefully this time around is good for everyone

Portmagaland   I'm thinking about taking tomorrow off, but if no news, bummer

Wilder   I don't see a lop. That's a bad cuss word.

Wilder   Who is McConnell ?

Portmagaland    Wilder Field McConnell is an old marine pilot who has a youtube channel, very popular show.

Larrykn   Rafidain signs a contract with a Lebanese company to establish an integrated information center

Banks   Economy News _ Baghdad    Rafidain Bank announced on Wednesday that it has signed a contract with a Lebanese company to establish an integrated information center.

The bank said in a statement received by the "economic news" a copy of it, "he signed a contract with the Lebanese company Crystal Networks of Shore to contribute to the establishment of an integrated information center (DC) (Data Center)."

The bank added, "The contract includes the provision of all the requirements of the system (ACTIVE) and (PASSIVE) as well as the establishment of the Center for Disaster Recovery (DISASTER RECOVERY) and linking with (DC) and linking the branches of the bank inside and outside Iraq with (DC)."

  Rafidain Bank was established by Law No. (33) for the year 1941 and commenced its operations on 19/5/1941 with a paid-up capital of (50) thousand dinars. The number of branches of the Bank is currently 164 inside Iraq, in addition to 7 branches outside Iraq: Cairo, Beirut , Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Sana'a, Oman, Jabal Amman.


larrykn   Religious reference on the Karbala incident: This is what we expect from the concerned authorities?

Political 11:13 - 11/09/2019  Baghdad - Mawazine News   The religious authority Sheikh Mohammed al-Yacoubi, on Sunday, called on the concerned authorities to not fail in granting the rights of martyrs and those injured in a stampede of visitors during the ceremony commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS).

Al-Yaqoubi said in a statement received by Mawazine News: “We have squeezed the pain as we receive the news of the death of more than thirty loyal Husseinis and the injury of more than a hundred during the performance of the ritual Tuairaj Ritual at the door of the sanctified Husayn al-Haram, and renewed the calamities of Ashura this injured patient.”

He added: "We plead to the Imam His age and time, which is comforted by his grandfather Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) to include them all Btavh and calls for martyrs with mercy and high status and their families with patience and great reward, and for those who are healing and safety, they have come to console him (peace be upon him) and pray for his victory and to show his pride and dignity do not waste His presence. "

He continued the religious authority, saying: "We expect the concerned authorities not to fail in granting the rights of martyrs and the injured and to redeem their hearts and alleviate the pain of calamity."

larrykn   Military Intelligence arrests terrorist after returning from Kirkuk

Security 02:15 - 11/09/2019   Baghdad - Mawazine News   The Directorate of Military Intelligence reported on Wednesday the arrest of a terrorist after his return from Kirkuk.

In a statement received by Mawazine News, the Directorate said that the detachments of the Military Intelligence Division of the 15th Division, in cooperation with the 92nd Brigade and following accurate intelligence following the follow-up of one of the terrorists fleeing to Kirkuk after liberation, arrested him in an ambush to control the eastern entrance of Tal Afar. In Mosul. "

"The terrorist is wanted under a warrant of arrest in accordance with the provisions of article 4 of terrorism," she said.

larrykn   The Association of Private Banks meets the Minister of Finance and Economy of the Regional Government

Banks   Economy News _ Baghdad   A delegation from the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, on Tuesday, visited the Minister of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government Awat Janab Nuri Saleh.

The transfer of the Regional Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Mohammed Munther, congratulations and Blessings of the President of the Association of Private Banks, Wadih al-Handal, on the occasion of fattening the post of Minister of Finance and Economy in the Government of the Region wishing him success and success in his work.

The delegation discussed with the minister the possibility of joint work with the ministry through seminars, training courses and joint workshops, as well as coordination between the Ministry of Finance and the Association of Banks through the establishment of a joint committee to follow up topics related to banks in general.

For his part, expressed the Minister of Finance and Economy, the ministry's readiness to cooperate with the Association of Iraqi private banks, praising the efforts of the Association in the Kurdistan region.