IQD CALLS Chat Tuesday Night 10-8-19

IQD CALLS Chat Tuesday Night 10-8-19

Dave   find it interesting given the situation ...they can only muster 212 out of 364 to parliament

Dave   at least Quorum.....   protesters should focus on CBI.....and push the button......???????

Dave   Right Young-SC?

Young_SC   Dave GOI is responsible for most of what they ask for. Cbi is in charge of the financial being of things   GOI=Corruption   I agree with the protesting against the GOI

Dave   need a coup......  more yadda yadda from GOI

Dave  A warning shot....between the eyes of Maliki......could speed things up?

Dave   9 more per protesters demands for arrest warrants still in effect?

Francis Albert   This is out today The World Gold Council announced on Tuesday that Iraq has maintained its global position with the largest reserves of gold, which represents 7% of the rest of its currencies

Francis Albert   I was trying to come up with Dinar "out there' and did all the math, tons of gold, ounces X $1,500 and that number is 7 % of what number...which is 60 Billion Dollars. World Gold Council is saying Iraq has 60 Billion $ of currencies in the bank.

They must have loads of dollars for if it were all Dinar it would be 70 Trillion Dinar. We must know how many Dollars CBI holds? anybody. I was going to try to get a number close to what KAP talks about, but then got that this is what is in the vault at the CBI.  So, I did lots of math and my head almost exploded and didn't learn much

Francis Albert    IMO, if you believe an investment is worth investing in, during uncertain times, one buys more, not sells what they have. When the Dinar goes up "significantly" (.10 to 1.00) then watch the people who want to buy it.:)

Francis Albert   People buy more of something when it is going up, opposite of the "best" move.

Baxter   Francis Albert DIMES PLEASE

Dave   Dinar remains stable......?

Zig   Francis Albert : Sure....most people have no interest in something until it starts making a big move.....then they want to jump on the moving train.....human nature.....

Dave   i like fire sales......  coke shares be buying......

Zig   Francis Albert : BTW Kaperoni replied to my email.....said he had not read your posts.....hopefully you two will eventually have a chance to chat.....

Wilder   Im waiting for the dinar scratch and dent sale

Francis Albert    Zig...yes, I suspect so..thank you, Sir.

spankie   like u said trade back for oil credits

Francis Albert   Right spankie...the only place the dollars can come from

Tebow   Again no one knows how much is out there. And Iraq doesn't have to cover all of it. And on top you think Iraq is worth more than 2T.

spankie   what do u think of a lop

Francis Albert   anything is possible, but that doesn't full fill the whole mission of the invasion for the U.S. to get a cheap supply of oil till then end of time

spankie    i have heard that before- smart for usa

Francis Albert   Well, it makes sense at any rate. The neo cons, the Cheney crowd had this thing all planned out for years IMO

spankie   trillions of usd and lives for that war

Francis Albert   Right. All is fair in love and war. Countries have been stealing stuff from each other since Countries were created. Greed and power

Francis Albert   So, maybe if we end up with some extra dollars though all of this we can balance some of the bad karma out a bit doing good things to help others.

spankie   soup kitchen for the homeless

Francis Albert   Our start a business and put them to work

spankie   sounds best but takes doing and know how

Francis Albert   Understand. But that is how we learn stuff, by doing. I've had successful business and one that went bankrupt. That't the only way we learn our way. Just try.

spankie   appreciate the positive discussion on the iqd - lot here r losing hope w all that's not happenedd and now riots

spankie   Francis Albert u seem more informed / educated than many about this - thx--

Francis Albert   I understand. Work on letting go of the day to day. Do your life spankie, take care of your self and your family and make sure you will be just fine, if nothing happens with this investment.

Francis Albert   My pleasure. Take care. You're doing good.

Zig   6:16 PM @Kaperoni: Please read what "Francis Albert" wrote starting there and comment when you have time. Thank you

Kaperoni   Central: The cash mass outside the banks is more than 39 trillion dinars

2019-06-17 07:11   The Central Bank of Iraq revealed on Monday the amount of cash mass outside the Iraqi banks, pointing out that it is more than 39 trillion dinars.

The bank said in an official statistic it was briefed by Alsumaria News that "the amount of currency outside the banks amounted in January of 2019 by 39 trillion and 796 billion and 700 million dinars," noting that "this amount fell from the month of December of 2018, which amounted to 40 Trillion and 498 billion and 67 million dinars. "

The bank added that "the highest level of currency outside banks during the past three years was in December 2016, where it reached 42 trillion and 75 billion dinars, while the lowest level of currency during the month of February of 2004, which amounted to 5 trillion and 431 million Dinar".

The Central Bank in 2011 put forward a project to delete the zeros for the structure of the currency, which the bank considered it would transfer Iraq from the country of trillions to billions, that the project was met with great opposition by the specialists and politicians in parliament.   LINK

Kaperoni   Execute Order 13303 has been misrepresented by the gurus. I did a report on this years ago...These are the facts...

Kaperoni   Executive Order 13303

Protecting the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Other Property in Which Iraq Has An Interest

Part 1...

The first part is the order related to the DFI which must be renewed.

This order is the protection of Iraq’s money (known as the DFI fund) which is where all proceeds go from the sale of Iraqi assets such as petroleum and petroleum products, etc. The purpose of this order then allows the revenue to be used in an orderly reconstruction of Iraq, the restoration and maintenance of peace and security in the country.

This is scheduled to expire May 22nd 2013. Since this would expire, Iraq would have to be in a position to fully manage their financial obligations or fall risk to unresolved creditor and debts.

As an example, the Paris Club debt agreement with many countries totaling 100 billion in debt relief was conditional. In order for the debt to be forgiven, each country negotiated acceptable resolutions and terms with Iraq. Much of this is known as “benchmarks” that Iraq must achieve to fulfill those obligations, thus granting the debt relief. Those terms were incorporated into the recent IMF Stand by Agreement that expired February 23rd, 2013 (after extension).

If Iraq failed to meet those “benchmarks” these funds could be at risk and subject to seizure once EO 13303 expires. This part of EO 13303 must be renewed every year until Iraq is self sufficient or risks asset seizure.

Kaperoni   Part 2...

The second part of 13303 terminates previous Executive Orders (restrictions)

This part requires no review or extensions. It does not expire, and it would take another Executive Order to reinstate. This is the part that, as a result, gives US citizens the right to invest and do business in Iraq.

This order EO 13303 simply terminates three other orders… Executive Orders 12722, 12724, or 13290 that were already in effect pertaining to Iraq.

As a result, investment in the new Iraq is then guaranteed under the Presidential Order 13303 because it removed previous orders which were blocking investment and trade.

13303 in essence, by the termination of these three previous EO’s allows for a restructuring of the banking system in Iraq. And US citizens to invest in Currency, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate and do Business in Iraq. This was a discrete and indirect way of lifting and canceling previous orders on Iraq giving each of you the right to own the New Iraqi Dinar.

Since Iraq is opening up to the global economy and integrating with the world, there is no need to consider or impose any such future orders limiting or preventing investment.

133303 terminated the following previous three Executive Orders…

Executive Orders 12722 – blocking iraqi government property and prohibiting transactions with iraq

Executive Orders 12724 – blocking iraqi government property and prohibiting transactions with iraq

Executive Orders 13290 – Confiscating and Vesting Certain Iraqi Property

Zig   Kaperoni : Did you read Francis' posts above starting at 6:16?

Kaperoni   part of it

Kaperoni   that is why i posted the article about how much dinar is out of the banks

Kaperoni   So there are the facts zig

Zig   LOL....Thanks, Kap....

Kaperoni   13303 is an interesting read. I recommend it

Xyz   Kaperoni 10-8-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ ... Frank [Guru Frank26] had big news yesterday from [Guru] Walkingstick who is a bank owner...LD’s and Fils expected on the 14th...Close to what I just received from a number of sources in Iraq.

xyz   Kaperoni 10-8-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ A military contact says this will be done/wrapped up between Nov. 4-15th

chattels   Iraq Parliament votes on laws to address protest demands: 1) work of provincial councils ended, district & local councils canceled; 2) financial grants for unemployed; 3) financial grants for students & poor; 4) compensation for protest victims; & more.

chattels   Iraqi official numbers put protest victims at 110 killed & more than 6000 injured. MP from Nasr Coalition says these numbers are not accurate. In visit to one hospital alone there were 100 killed.

chattels   Iraqi PM Abdel-Mahdi’s office says an agreement has been reached with protest coordinators to suspend protests until after Arba’iin visits on 20 October. Protest demands include resignation of PM.

chattels   When is Arbaeen?

Arbaeen is a national holiday in Iran.

It is observed on Safar 20 or 21, the 40th day after Ashura, the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad, in 680 AD.

History of Arbaeen

Arbaeen is one of the most important ceremonies in the Shi'ite Muslim calendar.

Arbaeen, means forty in Arabic as forty days is the traditional length of mourning after the death of a family member or loved one in Muslim traditions.

Imam Hussein was killed at the Battle of Karbala in central Iraq on 10 October 680 AD.

Around 20 million pilgrims will gather in Karbala on Arbaeen, making it the world’s largest annual human gathering. Many of the pilgrims travel barefooted from across Iraq and more than 50 countries.

chattels   Arba'een Pilgrimage HTTPS://'een_Pilgrimage

chattels   Arba'een 2019 will begin in the evening of  Saturday, October 19 and ends in the evening of  Sunday, October 20  Dates may vary.

chattels   tman23 Hello. Any reason to be hopeful about any return on our investment in the IQD according to your sources ?

chattels   Near term, longer term, never - ever term ?

chattels   Tens of Iraqis begin to request unemployment grants which Iraqi Parliament approved today.

chattels   Arguably just another form of payout / payoff to a limited class or segment of Iraqi society.