IQD CALLS Chat Thursday Night 10-3-19

IQD CALLS Chat Thursday Night 10-3-19

Woke AF   The Iraqi prime minister will deliver a keynote speech shortly and expect to announce his resignation

Xyz   Iraqi PM speech started about 1.47am Iraq time.. location is strange, not usual office. Reminiscent of udnerground speeches of leaders under siege, but unclear where he is



xyz    ! People expected him to resign and he comes on to talk about guidelines to prevent violence and blaming protesters for escalations! Man people’s brains are splashed all over the city due to your forces and guards attacking them and you talk about guidelines? #baghdad #iraq

foxmulder   xyz thanks. .couldn't get it to copy


Sam I Am   Kaperoni: And as the GDP of the country grows so will the currency

Sam I Am   It doesn't work that way, Kap

Sam I Am   Currency isn't stock

Sparky   Sam I Am ...tell us, how does it work ?

Sam I Am   The way it works is countries try to maintain stability with their exchange rates. As their country is stabilized and their economy is growing they tend to slowly lower the value to encourage foreign purchases of their exports. This is what Vietnam has been doing for years and their economy has grown exponentially

Dave   So There!

Sam I Am   xyz xyz I guess I am technically because I still have some dinar

Zig   Sam I Am and RamblerNash of Dinar Daily recorded a call in August......If you have interest it can be found at

Sam I Am   xyz I'm holding on for the collector's value

John   Like the Zim

Dave   42T out .....not going to ever be collectible

Sam I Am   I have 50s

xyz   Sam I Am how much do you have?

Sam I Am   and 250s and 500s    they're worthless so I just hang on to them

xyz   Sam I Am total

Sam I Am   100k or so

John   I traded my 50's in before they pulled them

Dave   dont think one can lop off3 zeros off a 500 note.......

Dave   Zig Some are extra SPECIAL

Sparky   Sam I Am ...but, I m thinking Iraq needs imports for Reconstruction, and a higher rate would be beneficial...

Sam I Am   the three zeros are lopped from the exchange rate and reflected in the new currency

Sam I Am   $.00085 becomes $.85 and the 10k note becomes 1

Sam I Am   oops ... becomes 10

Dave   with wheel barrows.......

Dave   no rate change though

Sam I Am   Dave The rate change is 1200:1 to 1.2 :1

Sparky   Sam I Am ...even if it looks, I will make 300. %...

Sam I Am   that's how that works

Sparky   *lops

Dave   Sam I Am oh you know the rate

Sam I Am   Dave I know the current rate, and that's what I'm using in my example

Dave   familiar with minting costs Sam I Am ?>

Sam I Am   Dave irrelevant

Sam I Am   money is always being reprinted and recoined

Dave   1000 fils for that coke?

Sam I Am   because it wears out

Dave   low denoms

Sparky   Zig ...all opinions are valuable...

Zig   No way do I think that this is a sure thing......

John   Right before the 50's where pulled, I exchanged in a mall exchange kios my 50's (100 of them) in for a 5k note so they did not charge me anything for that exchange

John   As I knew they were getting rid of the 50 note

Young_SC   Dave its obvious that sam nor kap can answer the 1000 fils for coke question

Young_SC   Lol

Dave   1 coke costs1000 dinars.........low denoms rate change ......would cost 5cents to print each note 10 for coinage....

Dave   expensive coke

Young_SC   Dave kap nor sam dont understand

Sparky   Zig I accumulate while I wait, because I believe that I will still prosper, even if they

Zig   I stopped buying long ago.....

Dave   1 dinar coin????? 10 cents to mint each......1000 dinar for a coke.....100 bucks to mint......

Xyz   Zig 10-3-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni I am very confident with all of the economic activities going on in Iraq that they certainly will launch a market economy and receive private investment to rebuild the infrastructure next year. They must open the banking system for that to succeed and float the currency.

Sam I Am   Dave How much does it cost to mint a penny?

Dave   Sam I Am 5 cents

Sam I Am   lol, more like 1.67 but you get my point

Tebow   Sam I Am $.00085 becomes $.85 and the 10k note becomes 1..... Seems your math or thinking is wrong.

Sam I Am   Tebow I corrected that  I meant 10

Tebow   On must have missed that

Dave   Sam I Am so 100 notes for that coke......i know notes cost 3-5 cents each to mint

Dave   gosh 1000 notes to buy a case

Tebow   Dave dump trucks

Sam I Am   Dave This might be hard for you to comprehend, but central banks don't create policy based on your obsession with cokes

Tebow   Sam I Am really

Dave   bubble gum then

Dave   or better yet 10000 dinar for a beer

Sam I Am   Every country that has redenominated as Iraq is proposing has had to absorb the cost of the changeover to the new currency and printing/minting costs

Sam I Am   That doesn't change the fact that it's a neutral event

Portmagaland   James Munder talking about Iraq's 24hr curfew

Portmagaland   Crazy stuff going on all over the world, it's about to ramp up quickly here. That's when Kim Clement said this will pop.

Young_SC   Sparky you also dont need articles from the cbi because a person not from the direct source is the trusted source

Sparky   Young_SC ... I accept and contemplate any and all possible outcome..

Young_SC   Sparky There is no such thing as different outcomes

Young_SC   If you been following the news and know why the protest in iraq is going on you will know why i state that

Young_SC   1 of them involving the currency

Young_SC   Purchasing power

Sparky   Young_SC

Young_SC    But yet you believe in false info narrative of a LOP

Young_SC   now can you please pull up a article quoting a LOP

Young_SC    try telling the citizens that

Sparky    Young_SC do you know what I believe ?

Red  Hey everyone did you see this..?? Iraqi Minister to make a speech shortly re; his resignation. BQQM

Red   translated tweet The Iraqi prime minister will deliver a keynote speech shortly and expect to announce his resignation

Portmagaland   Red BQQM!

Young_SC   Sparky i prefer facts then opinions

Red   Portmagaland What we've all been waiting on.... YAAS!

Portmagaland   Red  That's in Fayetvill NC home of the 82nd Airborne and they waited 48hrs to her Q+ Speak

Sparky   Young_SC that case, your chatting with the wrong guy..

Red   Riots in Equador streets. India & Zimbabwe banks limiting cash outs.

Red   Don't keep your money in the bank. If they go down, you'll never see it.

Sparky   Young_SC ..also, appreciate your perspective...

John   Red So where do you keep it

Red   John I don't have much so I keep it where I can access it without any electronics... Lol

Red   Some are saying the Iraq riots are Iranian backed... That wouldn't surprise me with their hard hit sanctions while Iraq goes international the NASDAQ

Sparky   Red know it bro... chaos...

Sparky   Red ... Iran is desperate...

indiana holder   How does the Resegnation play with the RV

Red   Sparky Yup Beny posted this video of people swarming banks in India. The banks won't allow them to take out more than $14 a day. Zimbabwe banks at $100 max

Portmagaland   Red I heard they were Irian backed as well.

Portmagaland   Red I googled India banking crises after Benny's video it pulled up 2018, did you confirm Benny's India story?

Portmagaland   I couldn't find anything with that date Benny put that video out.

Red    I confirmed the Zimbabwe one. Let me take a look. there could be a black out on it.

Portmagaland   I heard it's going to be bad hear starting the 15th when those bank repos are over. Got 600 more dimes just in case

Sparky   Portmagaland ... Israel going * to the wall vs Iran...imo..m

Portmagaland   Sparky And the Saudi Huthis popping off

Sparky   Portmagaland ...Yeman

Sparky   Portmagaland ...hash d Poppin off...imo...

Red   This from Bloomberg I think is a heads up.  but this youtube title speaks volumes.

"The Reserve Bank of India has put limitations on the withdrawal of amount by account-holders of the Mumbai-based Punjab.. I don't understand Punjabi though ...

Sparky   Portmagaland . either way, Iran about to get checked...

Red   Found this on India Bank crisis

Sparky   ...Israel will kick their *..and...we will watch...

Dave   Mahdi ......toast//?????

Red   Sparky this tweet from Saudis  translation " My speech to the Iraqi brothers in Mesopotamia, where Iran is rife with corruption, you have the right to demonstrate and others to clean up your country from the clutches of Khomeini and his followers in the Green Zone: Iran caused you death, hunger, homelessness and destruction."

Sparky   Red ...good post...

Red   Lots on #Iraq on twitter ....also Watching riots on #Ecuador

Red   Dave Did you know Trudeau signed off on legislation letting Canadian banks take your money if a crash were to hit?? He needs to be run out of office...and jailed.

Red   Say WHAT??  3hrs ago BREAKING news Iraq news update

Iranian Revolutionary Guards surround Iraqi prime minister Abdul Mahdi 's house in #المنطقة_الخضراء green ZONE

Baghdad post report

 #BREAKING NEWS VIDEO - #IRAQ UPDATE   situation has gone worse in #Iraq soon after

The #Iraqi prime minister ended his speech thanking the security forces after more than 31 deaths and thousands of injuries around the country ;angry ....I guess he didn't resign??

Portmagaland   Red They're called bank bail ins

Portmagaland   What Trudeau signed, its law here as well. If you dont hold it, you dont own it.

Red   Just found this...guess he didn't resign...uptick in riots

Sparky   Portmagaland ...gotz to watch your $..

Red   Portmagaland We didn't have that before. We barely felt the 2008 crash because of banking regulations

Portmagaland    Sparky I've got 24hr security, big  safe and guns, I need to get a dog, but wife doesnt want to pick up poop

Red    Portmagaland Yup I got the same, but I also have 2 bull mastiffs. They eat more than I do.$$ Lol

Portmagaland   Red I didnt feel the 2008 crash because I was in China and I saw the transfer of wealth that our previous administrations handed over to China, so they could live like Malaki.

Sparky   .. . tough crowd...

Red    Sparky Ruff...

Portmagaland   You take credit away from Americans and we are Iraq

Portmagaland   Be no difference

Red   Portmagaland Canadians are asleep and the UN is parked in our yard.

Portmagaland    Only we have guns, Iraqis dont and they getting beat down by a government that sold them out, too

Portmagaland   Red UN is here as well  Wish they weren't

Red   Portmagaland I thought Trump kicked out UN military..?

 Portmagaland   Red The New World order was planned out before I was born and when Daddy Serf or Serph started the CIA

Portmagaland   The pivot to China was no accident

Portmagaland   Trumps only been in office for not even three years going to take more time. We've been flooded with jihadis and there's caches of weapons all over the U.S. Think Fast and the Furuious

Portmagaland   Plus all those billions of rounds DHS bought, where are they?

RedPortmagaland ....and then we have this... ;frying-pan-smash  I don't know if you can see that link or not... what a messed   up world we live in.