IQD CALLS Chat Thursday Evening 10-3-19

 IQD CALLS Chat Thursday Evening 10-3-19

Young_SC   10-3-2019 Newshound Guru Jeff ...Historically they [Iraq] had a 3+ value...notice how they keep telling you they're trying to come out with lower denoms and then back in August and September they put out all those articles telling you coins...

so yes they will be coming out with coins and lower denoms at an increased rate...clear back into the early 1970's they had a 3+ value...the article from yesterday said $3.37 as of 1973.

That's before I was even born. I was born in '75. That tells me Iraq is the wealthiest country in the world. So when you come out and tell me, 'Oh yeah we think the rates gonna go to 1+', I laugh in your face because Iraq is the wealthiest country in the world and back in '73 they were holding a rate of $3.37. That's huge...

Zig   I have invited Jeff to that SKELFLA isn't here to harass have invited Tony Breitling to return as he was here once.......


Kaperoni   I'll say it again, I visit several sites, several chat rooms, I own no websites. I have nothing to do with any website other than posting or visiting. If you have problems with a site that I visit take it up with the site not me.

Kaperoni   Some people deserve to be insulted. In my opinion those that use this chat room to learn and educate themselves have constructive conversations and it benefits everyone

xyz   Kaperoni who is the GURU? 10-2-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Iraq's Parliament announced today the 2020 budget will be submitted around middle of October for review/voting.

Kaperoni   You would probably be surprised how many people would come forward in this chat room that are not registered to have a legitimate conversation if they didn't feel that they would be harassed

Kaperoni   And after all that's what this is all about to help as many people as possible

Kaperoni   Zig oh, you got my message I'm assuming?

Zig   Kaperoni : Do you have a problem with people who disagree with you in a respectful manner??

Dave   never answer my questions........for 10 yrs

Kaperoni   Nooo

Kaperoni   Dave there is no answering your question because you don't like the answers

Kaperoni   The first misnomer I bought the dinar is that everyone says it's worthless. It's not worthless it has value it's used everyday in Iraq. Just like other countries that have currencies with zeros they use them everyday to conduct commerce

Zig   Like Vietnam.....

Kaperoni   Stupid voice translation screwed up the first sentence whatever that was supposed to mean LOL

Dave  with wheel barrows

Kaperoni   Zig exactly..or Iran

Dave   Zig every one else gets it except for kap

xyz   Zig as he can preach with impunity

Kaperoni   The other misnomer is that people think everyone would buy up Iraq if they flooded the currency. That's total nonsense the Central Bank of Iraq controls the money supply just like every other Central Bank controls their money supply. And central banks all around the world float their currencies

Kaperoni   Floated..not flooded

Zig   xyz : Well everyone can say what they wish in here.....Kap is no different.....Sparky also

Dave   yes for the 10000000 time ...thats what Russia did

Zig   No rule about going on a long rant in here.....

xyz   Zig but Kaperoni get away with name calling and severe insults. He feels like he is a lord

Kaperoni    The IMF wants central banks to float their currency. The the Middle East for example has three or four countries in the last three years that have floated their currencies

Kaperoni   But I don't care if no one listens to me. There's only one point that ever needs to be made and that one point is the Central Bank of Iraq has said itself that there is an excess of 40 trillion dinar outside the banking system. That means they have no control over it but yet they're liable for it.

And there's no way they could ever RV the currency with that much dinar outside the banking system that alone should tell anyone or everyone that the idea of an RV is a myth

Dave   Kaperoni funny you said 20t the other day

Dave   which is it

Kaperoni   No I said it could be any amount from 2 trillion to 60 trillion it doesn't matter it's too much I was just using it as an example. But the article I posted in here about a week ago clearly stated the amount was 45 trillion I believe

Doug_W   Dave Always

Dave   you said at least 20t ...verbatim

Kaperoni   David doesn't matter it's too much you cannot RV that much currency

Kaperoni   XYZ you're talking about two different things and RV is an RV going to a float it's a different exchange rate regime

Dave   funny i read 45 t printed yrs back

Kaperoni   Dave and it's probably gone up substantially because they cannot reduce the dinar in circulation as long as the dollar is prevalent. The currency auctions are a balance between dinar and dollar in order to maintain stability. And as everyone knows the CBI has maintained stability for the last 16 months within 2% / IMF requirements so we know there's a balance that is how the auctions work

Dave   Kaperoni yes...cbi takes in 4t a month at state cbi pays govt employees in cash from that

Kaperoni   A change from a peg to a float is a different exchange rate regime and the purpose of it is a monetary tool. That tool is used to combat inflationary pressure created in this case by an influx of substantial Capital through the financial system.

Anyone will tell you that if you put a ton of money into a financial system you have to have tools in place to combat that pressure that is created otherwise you'll lose control over the financial system.

Therefore if they're going to have a market economy and have billions of dollars come in to rebuild which I think we all can agree is what they're trying to do we know they're going to float because that is a must

Kaperoni   Dave they also pay out salaries in dinar so to think that they're taking in dinar off of the auctions you're fooling yourself

Dave   those Q cards for NOT....LOL

Kaperoni   By zig

Kaperoni   The problem with a good percentage of you in this chat room is you don't understand how central banks work, their tools and the necessary requirements of a central bank over the financial system it is their number one job to maintain stability. That is why you'll never see an RV because that would absolutely throw the entire system into chaos I assure you. It's all Guru nonsense

Young_SC   Kaperoni why are you so presistent to get your point across to a bunch of people who disagree with your opinions?  Lol   I dont understand

Kaperoni   But you guys Keep On Believing because you like the guru nonsense I guess. Young the answer is very simple I've been in this 10 years and I have seen hundreds of people getting hurt losing everything being led down the wrong path. And I have a skill at researching and if I can help a little bit to educate those I do so. People that have known me know that's what I'm about

Young_SC   You have some will and some wont but i find that you are very presistent for unknown reasons

Dave    Kaperoni    funny your the only guru i try to follow

Young_SC   If i were to tell someone my opinion and they disagree i would leave it alone and not bother but with you i find that you just keep digging digging digging

Kaperoni   I don't care if people follow me or listen to me I just find facts and I present those facts and you can do what you want with them or you can listen to the moron gurus

Young_SC   Kaperoni why are your intentions?

xyz   Young_SC clergy forces everyone to be converted. I conversion to a float = a possible $7.95 subscription. Its business sales pitch call FLOAT there

Young_SC   What*

Kaperoni   Young_SC I already stated my intentions to help people understand nothing more

Kaperoni   Everyone is entitled to their opinion but there are facts and there are made up stories and I'm just giving you the facts there's too much money in circulation to ever significantly RV

Young_SC   No disrespect but i just find it odd

Young_SC   Kaperoni i brought 3 articles into this room on numerous occassions from the CBI and Finance minister stating the opposite of your opinion but yet you avoided the articles

Young_SC   Kaperoni howcome?

Kaperoni   Young_SC there were a lot of people when I started back 10 years ago that did the same thing including Bond lady, the guy that started Dinar Detectives, Etc they've all passed on so the amount of people still providing facts to the dinar community has dwindled. But if someone doesn't do it the guru's win and they continue to propagate the lies everyday of some overnight riches to scam people

Dave   Kaperoni Total disregard for CBI

Young_SC   Kaperoni You still havent addressed the articles i posted

Kaperoni   Young_SC I doubt that you brought three articles in but you probably just misinterpreted them because anything that's come out in the last several months or years that talks about Parliament and coins is a Lop


Kaperoni   Young_SC once again you have to understand if Parliament is involved in monetary policy there's only one reason for it. And that is substantiated by any other country who has Parliament get involved in their currency they want to change the physical value of it and that requires a law. If the CBI was going to RV they have full control to do so they don't need Parliament

Dave   translation error with the word NO???????

Young_SC   Kap i will post it again

Young_SC   In addition to the results achieved on the scope of monetary policy applications internally and convince global financial organizations, the most important official reports issued by them confirmed the success of the policy of the Central Bank to achieve an important transition to the Iraqi economy and achieve stability in the exchange rate and the recovery of the Iraqi dinar and raise its purchasing power, one of the objectives of strengthening the economy.

Dave   Young_SC and again and again and again and again and again



Young_SC   Kap for you  Read them man

Kaperoni   That is too general of a statement. If they lop and then raise the value from their clearly they're increasing the purchasing power and that is the intent of Parliament.

Young_SC    From the direct source  No economist


Kaperoni   People need to realize that if Parliament has their way and they Lop and then they raise the currency afterwards that is an increase in purchasing power.

Then some will say what why would they lie because they needed to reduce the money supply so that is the reason why Parliament wants to be involved they want to reduce trillions to billions and then raise the value after that which again you will never make much money if such an event occurs

Young_SC   Kaperoni Why do you keep saying LOP  Where is the LOP word in those articles    Show me

Kaperoni   So we don't want Parliament involved. We want them to do what I have been saying for years now and that is to float the currency from where it is right now and there are several articles that I have given two zig who gave to the moderator who posted on this website the call for a direct float.

That makes the most sense especially when they're working feverishly to bring in billions of dollars to rebuild their economy via a private sector. Because they will need a tool to counter the pressure that is Created from the influx of capital

Tebow   no influx of investment at the current rate with a float




Kaperoni   Tebow you have no idea what you're talking about Investors aren't coming to a country because of the exchange rate of the dinar they're coming to the country to rebuild and make money by creating a private sector. It has nothing to do with the exchange rate

Kaperoni   And as the GDP of the country grows so will the currency Young_SC

Kaperoni   Young_SC young I don't have to show you anything but if Parliament is involved they want to pass a law that is all you need to know because there would be no need for them otherwise use your head

Dave   Young_SC out of luck their

Young_SC   Kaperoni you say random things and you dont want to show us or prove it

Kaperoni   There cannot be any significant RV of the Iraqi dinar. That's all anyone needs to know there's too much currency in circulation I don't care about anything else that in itself is enough once you understand that then you have to look for alternatives

Kaperoni   Young_SC I have shown and proved it over and over and over again you just refuse to look

Kaperoni   But I got to go I got things to do so bash away enjoy your day

xyzIraqi parliament announces its intention to discuss the legitimate demands of the demonstrators

Baghdad and a number of Iraqi provinces today witnessed the emergence of sporadic demonstrations demanding better services and job opportunities, while a parliamentary source confirmed that the Iraqi parliament will discuss the demands of the demonstrators at its next meeting on Saturday.

The Iraqi News Agency conscious of the Iraqi Joint Operations Department as saying that the security situation under full control despite the presence of some gatherings of demonstrators.

The agency said that the curfew came into force in Baghdad and several provinces to block the way for engineers who want to distort peaceful demonstrations, noting that the imposition of curfew also entered into force in the provinces of Babylon and Diwaniya.

For his part, a parliamentary source said that the Iraqi Council of Representatives will discuss at its meeting next Saturday demonstrations witnessed in Baghdad and several provinces and said that the meeting will also discuss the demands of the demonstrators and ways to meet the legitimate ones.

Meanwhile, an informed source said that representatives of the demonstrators expressed their readiness to meet the invitation of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to discuss the legitimate demands.

"The prime minister's office has received many contacts in this regard and things augur well," the source said, adding that the contacts came after the prime minister's office allocated the numbers to be contacted by the protesters' representatives.

The Information Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister announced the continuation of continuous contacts with representatives of peaceful demonstrators to consider legitimate requests.

Earlier in the day, the Iraqi government announced a curfew in Baghdad from 5 a.m. until further notice on the back of the violence that accompanied the demonstrations in the capital and some ot

xyz   Abdul Mahdi's speech addresses the Iraqi people

xyz   33 dead after Iraqi protesters defy curfew in 3rd day of unrest

xyz   Iraq's PM calls for talks as thousands of protesters defy curfew

Xyz   10-3-2019 Intel Guru Frank26 I think Alaq is going to say a lot tomorrow...They moved 12 trucks, gigantic armored trucks out of the green zone. They were escorted by Blackwater and whoever else...

they escorted these 12 armored trucks and Alaq went on television and he told the citizens, 'we are moving these 12 armored vehicles to undisclosed destination.' He told the people the trucks were loaded with funds.

There's no doubt these are the lower denoms because the day before he told them, 'I'm going to give you the lower denoms.' And now he's telling them, 'look I'm moving them.'

But he's not telling them what funds they's possible they are either going to show them tomorrow the pictures of the lower denoms or Saturday...I really think this week they are going to show it to them...