IQD CALLS Chat Sunday Night 10-6-19

IQD CALLS Chat Sunday Night 10-6-19

Deano   what's happening all

Young_SC   Deano Guru Jeff said we are waiting for the formation of the government

Baxter   Young_SC I think he should have said... waiting for a New Government.. this one isnt working obviously

Sparky   Baxter read an article said Mahdi is all done ?

Baxter   nope   whats all done.. the riots?

Sparky   Baxter oh, ok... Sorry...

Baxter   oh... I read that he is stepping down..yes   we will see I guess

Sparky   Baxter yeah, that's what I thought...

Baxter   just like Maliki... he is still around 5 years later

Sparky   Baxter ...hard to get rid of them... once they are on the payroll..

Baxter   I know it

Wilder   Marines ordered to active duty for civil authorities.

So says this preacher Paul Begley.   

Crazycrypto   quick question it seems Mahdi resigned or is going to shortly some gurus believe he already has

Crazycrypto   what do u think is gonna happen?

Xyz   Crazycrypto has not resigned and no concrete evidence otherwise. It's a guru made up crap

Crazycrypto   oh ok sorry just what i have heard i read an article today saying Sadr has told Mahdi to resign along side his whole cabinet

Xyz   Crazycrypto yes sadr and abadi plus others did. Some ministers submitted resignations but ...

xyz   Source: 7 ministers submitted their resignation, but Abdul Mahdi refused to maintain the government

Crazycrypto   seems mahdi maybe willing to die for that position

Crazycrypto   i know the protestors and sadr want him gone

xyz"Gang of monkeys" stir terror in India!

xyz   Must read

Chocolatiere   Peewee ! Iraq is a screwed up country   thanks to the distabilizing globalist elites .. They create wars and chaos .. they for sure do not want people like us to be wealth .. wealth means power .. I think that they are so missed up they may Lop   a float sounds good right now ,  blessings ..

Sparky   Wilder ... only Dinarians and Ukrainian s on my crew..

Wilder   chocolatiere Cmon now. Give me something better than that to sleep on

sparky...make agenda...fool the masses... achieve agenda...

chocolatiere   Sparky Hi ! What are your thoughts on what has been happening ? Feeling sorry for those young people who have died in Iraq .. Right now praying for the poor people there ...  

chocolatiere   Sparky yes it's the Hegelian dialectic agenda ..

Sparky   chocolatiere ... protesters necessary...for change... could be a delay, but... good for Iraqis...

Young_SC   Lol@ this chat room saying LOP nonsense

Young_SC   Dont you guys who say float follow on whats going on

Young_SC   And what a LOP IS

Sparky   chocolatiere know what s up girl...

Young_SC   chocolatiere why do you think they are protesting lolol

chocolatiere   Sparky they did the same with WWII , then after The war they said ( we have the answer so these atrcities

Sparky   chocolatiere ...war...boom...bust economic theory...

Sparky   Young_SC ...we export... for that reason only...fact..

Sparky   *war

chocolatiere   Sparky after WWII these global cabal came forward and said ( we have the answer so that those attrocities never happen again ! K

Sparky   chocolatiere ... revolving door..

Wilder   Do you think anyone will step in if this keeps going on?

Wilder   U.N.?

chocolatiere   Sparky shoot my phone is all screwed up .. and being rebellious ! Sorry .. After the war they offered the U.N and everyone said yes !

Sparky   Wilder

Sparky   Wilder ..." Sovereign nation "...

Sparky  Wilder ...can lead a horse to water, but can't make the horse ( camel ) ;camel drink

chocolatiere   Young_SC Thank you for all your input and questions .. I do not know , only looking at what is common Sense feasible and what is not   but I love this chat .. and I'm grateful to be allowed to participate .. Thank you all   Aloha

Sparky   chocolatiere ...imo... glad you participate in our blessed...

chocolatiere   Wilder Hi Wilder .. The U N is one of the NWO elites organization .. there agenda 21 and 2030which can be checked on their website ,is for a unification of all nation's into one world GOVERNMENT and now they're working on the unification of religions .. 😵

chocolatiere   Sparky Thank you much ..

Sparky   chocolatiere ... won't happen in our's all about love.

Wilder   chocolatiere Thanks

Sparky   chocolatiere ...higher frequency...

Wilder   Abbas Najm, a 43-year-old unemployed engineer who was part of a rally on Saturday. “We are not afraid of bullets or the death of martyrs. We will keep going and we won’t back down.”

Wilder   It's sad.

Sparky   Wilder USA rocks... period

Sparky   Wilder ... I wake up to birds chirping...

Wilder   Like whats going on in Washington now. Yes. We are still blessed. Odten times our gov't is a joke.

Sparky   Wilder ... Republican or Democrat president... basically status quo for me... notwithstanding investment z..