IQD Calls Chat Saturday Night  9-7-19

IQD Calls Chat Saturday Night  9-7-19

Dave   An article today from Parliament clearly states they have no intention of deleting the zeros at this time.....Thought that was the work of CBI.......

Dave   Maybe tomorrow

Dave   or was that now the work of the IMF..........

Dave   GCR.....

Dave   Chinese elders.........?

Dave   All the above......non of the above

Dave   Just wonder where we would be today if CBI stated nothing about this in the last ten yrs.......?

Dave   We would just have Kap to educate us I suppose

jsst   Kaperoni - He is spot on !!!!!! If you know of any one more educated in the Dinar and All Data ... Please follow them and close the door on the way out..

Loren   Threw this whole dinar experience, the one thing that has been said over and over. The Kuwaiti's want the IQD to come out par.

Loren   1 KD = $3.28 U.S.

Dave   Loren would be happy with a dime to start.......

Baxter   DAVE.... GET IN LINE....

Dave   Baxter Sparky has me covered......

Dave   not at the nominal rate though......

xyz   Mueller Helped Saudis Cover Up Involvement In 9/11 Attacks: Lawsuit

xyz        For The First Time Ever, Russia Will Issue Sovereign Bonds Denominated In Yuan

xyz   Hopium

9-7-20219 Newshound Guru Jeff ...Frank [Guru Frank26] shared with you some information that I know for a fact is from [Guru] walkingstick..."are you saying walkingstick is reliable? " Yes! ...When I saw this, strongly felt I needed to share because it’s from WS...he is the real deal... [Reference Guru Frank26 post from 9-7-2019]

Xyz   Kuwait reveals the truth of its defense minister's statements about the existence of a crisis with Iraq

KUWAIT CITY: The Kuwaiti army chief of staff denied on Saturday statements attributed to First Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah regarding a crisis between his country and Iraq, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported.

`` Sheikh Nasser underlines the depth of the friendly and deep-rooted relations between the two countries, and their continued cooperation in all fields, especially those related to the military field, and the keenness of both sides to strengthen them, '' the Kuwaiti army chief said in a press release.

"It reserves its legal right against the proponents of false news and rumors with a view to sowing discord and discrediting the deep fraternal relations between the two brotherly countries," she said.

The Kuwaiti Army Chief of Staff called on "social media users not to pay attention to such anonymous news and to be careful in dealing with it."

Some of the accounts on the social networking site "Twitter", has circulated tweets and statements attributed to Sheikh Nasser for "the existence of a crisis in relations between Kuwait and Iraq on the background of the topic of the construction of a naval platform in the area of Fasht al-Ayj."

The construction of a Kuwaiti naval platform in the marine area of "Fasht Al-Aij" provoked the protest of Iraq, while Kuwait stressed that the construction of the "sovereign right" of the country as it lies in its territorial waters. is over

Foxmulder   Lop no lop , float float, drop the zeros , nope dropping of zeros.. 1 to one , nope a dime ...the possibilities are endless ..

xyz   Iraq is not currently capable of buying the Russian air defense system as the country is struggling with various economic and political issues, a lawmaker revealed on Saturday.

foxmulder   xyz could be their currency is WORTHLESS !

Dave   foxmulder glad we figured that out

foxmulder   Dave not to hard to notice dave LOL

xyz   Tomorrow ... a high-level meeting in Kurdistan to discuss the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) According to a source in the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region, that the President of the Government of the region Masroor Barzani and his deputy Qubad Talabani, will meet on Sunday with a delegation of heads of Kurdish blocs and members of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives.

 The source explained to (Euphrates News) that "at the meeting will discuss outstanding issues between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government, especially financial issues and the budget and oil and gas," noting that "the meeting will be held in the Council of Ministers building in Erbil."

 Whitelions   I have sid this beforbut I m going to say it again. Get off of the articles that are quotes from politicians. They have agenda s for their party .Read the gov.sites. what they are doing what they are passing what is written and signed not what is hoped or wished for.

Whitelions   Dave I read what you said about the cbi always lying my goodness really thats really how they do business with the rest of the world and make money not even that they are in business to only make money would you deal with a bank you knew was breaking the laws. Lying cheating . make sence to me NOT YOU JUST KEEP LISTING TO THE GURUS THEY WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH lol

Dave    Whitelions UMMM.....Like I was being Sarcastic