IQD Calls Chat Saturday Night 8-31-19

IQD Calls Chat Saturday Night 8-31-19

Xbruster69   He added that “currency change leads to greater confidence in local currency and credibility, and when there are a large number of zeros in the local currency people lose their confidence, especially those with transactions in wholesale markets and importers, as they will replace the local currency with stable international currencies such as the dollar or the euro, which deepens The phenomenon of dollarization in the domestic economy, which weakens monetary authority and reduces the effectiveness of policy


Dave   Howdy Folks....

Dave   silver nearing 20.00

Dave   13.00 a yr ago....    Specialized: minted coins serve internal business transactions

Dave   There have been recent parliamentary voices calling for the reintroduction of coins (coinage) and reintroduction into circulation, as well as reconsideration of the project to delete the three zeros from the Iraqi currency, at a time when economists regarded it as part of the great economic reform process in the country.

There have been recent parliamentary voices calling for the reintroduction of coins (coinage) and reintroduction into circulation, as well as reconsideration of the project to delete the three zeros from the Iraqi currency, at a time when economists regarded it as part of the great economic reform process in the country.

Dave   Strategic Plan

Economist Dr. Essam Mohamed Hassan said that “the Central Bank decided earlier to develop a plan to create coins as part of a restructuring plan that requires the approval of the House of Representatives as a strategic plan will contribute to support the value of the Iraqi dinar in trading

“The change of currency means that a new currency replaces an old currency, with a specified replacement rate, and removes the zeros of the old currency or moves the decimal places to the left,” he said. Financial support for the national economy. “

Hassan said that “the coin project, launched in 2004 did not succeed in the absence of comprehensive economic reforms to support the financial value of the dinar in the global market,” explaining that coins will be one of the important intermediate currencies that will be used for trading

“Deleting zeros and reintroducing coins has to do with economic reforms because coins, because of their durability, are longer than coins that are quickly damaged,” he said. In 2004, “indicating that this requires the dissemination of a culture to educate the public about the economic feasibility of the minted currency.”

Delete the zeros

Dr. Abdul Hussein Al-Ghalbi, an economist at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Kufa, said: “The process of changing the currency is not limited to deleting zeros, but it can be done by adding a number of zeros or moving the decimal places to the right, as happened in South Africa in 1961,

but the situation Prevailing over the past 50 years in most countries is the elimination of zeros because of the hyperinflation witnessed by many countries, which obliges to add zeros to their currencies in those circumstances, and then get rid of zeros at the end  

Al-Ghalbi stressed that “changing the currency does not affect productivity, as well as that this change does not affect the purchasing power of money, because the power comes from the increased demand for money against the money suppl

Dave   Multiple benefits

“Changing currency and deleting zeros brings multiple benefits,” said Al-Ghalbi. Public”.

He said that “after the change of currency will occur a serious reduction in the volume of transactions with less amount of money, which facilitates all parties to deal with, especially Accountants. “

Dave   Monetary deception

Al-Ghalbi said that “currency change reduces the phenomenon of monetary deception experienced by people with a large number of zeros that are pushing towards generating inflationary pressures. Of inflation Untamed. “

He added that “currency change leads to greater confidence in local currency and credibility, and when there are a large number of zeros in the local currency people lose their confidence, especially those with transactions in wholesale markets and importers, as they will replace the local currency with stable international currencies such as the dollar or the euro, which deepens The phenomenon of dollarization in the domestic economy, which weakens monetary authority and reduces the effectiveness of policy Cash.

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Dave     So........?    Bax coin talk........Direct from IRAQ too.....

Dave   just at what rate?;   ice-cream; Sorry for the redundancy then.....

Dave   no one bothered to chime in on this.......I liked it......

Dave   Iraq aint like other countries which faced inflation

Dave   KAp and SandyF will comment soon........ Tebow

Dave   their chunky money currently contributes to inflation so lds will help........accounting durability in coinage........and confidence.......

xyz   Dave shorter link

Tebow   Dave sure they will

Dave   will Tebow what?

Dave   Kap will attempt to spin this

Dave   though this not from of change of currency and it

31 Aug 19, 05:39 PM xyz   8-31-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: "HOW MUCH CURRENCY IS ALLOWED UNDER NEW RULES TO ENTER AND EXIT IRAQ?"

Quote: "One of the decisions stipulates that "the entry and exit of amounts exceeding (1,000,000) (one million Iraqi dinars) is prohibited even if they have been declared, and the amount is withheld and legal proceedings are taken."

Oops they spilled the beans in this last paragraph of the article…

Now why in heck would they be restricting 1 million dinars when this is only about $1,000 USD? They just told us anything below $10,000 USD is not restricted in an earlier paragraph.

So why then tell us in a later paragraph that 1 million dinars is restricted when the equivalent exchange in only equal to $1,000 USD? To me it should be acceptable if the rate was going to remain as it is today.

Right? Am I missing something here? So maybe the rate is going to go to at least a busk [buck?] or more. Get it? This is one of those revealing articles.


xyz:   popcorn

xyz    Parliamentary Finance: The imminent entry of the oil and gas law into the legislation .. And reveal its political dimensions   

A member of the Finance Committee revealed that the imminent entry into force of the oil and gas law.

Committee member Sherwan Mirza said in a press statement, "One of the recommendations made by the Finance Committee to the Presidency of the House of Representatives after hosting the Minister of Finance is the legislation of the oil and gas law during the new legislative term."

He added, "The oil and gas law has political dimensions as it is linked to relations between the Kurdistan region and the federal government and the province of Basra and Baghdad and all oil-producing provinces in addition to Kirkuk."

Mirza pointed out that "the legislation of the oil and gas law will address some of the outstanding problems between the region and the center, in addition to addressing the problems of oil-producing provinces;


SKELFLA   Portmagaland Hi. Yes you are correct I don't personally own IQD but I do make money from all the transactions involving the institutions.

Although I am not a believer in an overnight "RV/RI" I'm also haven't completely discounted that whatever the ongoing play is on the IQD it will not eventually translate to a profit for the average speculator.

That's why I am curious to establishing the reasoning and strategy behind these substantial transactions. The fact they are covert suggests a lot of things but nothing I have been able to substantiate.

As you know I have theories... But they are just theories. From an investment perspective I'm positive on any & all things graphene related , upstream & downstream. I also speculate on oil rights in developing nations.

SKELFLA   Zig Make it happen ... I know of Sam I Am... Happy to have a convo

xyz   Active shooter in TX

xyz   Multiple active shooters reported in Midland, Odessa

Zig   SKELFLA : Okay.....I let Sam know......Watch for him as he comes in here from time to time.....

xyz   SKELFLA is Sam

xyz   Shooter dead

John   xyz Sounds like it what is this guys agenda? if he is so smart why does he care what we think? Just his Opinion and says he is speculating so are we accually

Wilder   xyz are you saying Skelfla is Sam?

John   Maybe Zig is Sam and Skelfla Ha! Why doe he use all caps i his name?

Wilder   John Lol. What a rat race. I'll settle for a nickel.

xyz   Sam in disguise

John   Wilder I never have counted on anything just diversifying and made since it could happen but have not change anything in my life activities becouse of just buying some

John   xyz Sam is a disguise

missme   @Whitelions When are you guys going to do a call? Straight talking Mike, LJ and the crew?

John   @Whitelions I vote yes to missme post

Zig   xyz : ;eye roll;

Wilder   John wise choices. I could sure use this tho

missme   Sam, Skelfla, Sandy are irrelevant....seriously

John   missme Agree

John   They have an agenda of some sort

xyz   missme names start with S .... aka scammer

missme   xyz Absolutely! They all conjure up their own narratives....

missme   Skelfa admitted his theories and also admitted he doesn't know what the CBI is doing or will do! Why bother?

SKELFLA   missme Because I obviously have a superior intellect than likes of you. And I have nothing to gain from b* and or dreaming up inconsequential trollop.

missme   SKELFLA Superior intellect! Based on what? Your opinions and admission you don't know! lol!

missme   SKELFLA You are misguided my friend! All of us are speculating! You're in the same boat! How are you superior on a chat?!!! lol!

Whitelions   SKELFLA give it up when you have to tell people how smart you are we all know your not .

xyz   SKELFLA name calling is a no no

SKELFLA   xyz Really? Funny that coming from someone who just called me a scammer.

missme   SKELFLA The issues lie with you in your knowledge claims which is no knowledge!

xyz   SKELFLA scammer is a fact not name calling

Whitelions   SKELFLA it's only obvious to you your statments in this chat (because its the only one I go to are all self sirvering and no I cant spell worth the darn lol

missme   SKELFLA You are grounded in your own ignorance!

xyz   SKELFLA hey name calling ought to beneath an all knowing guru jejeje

Whitelions   SKELFLA see there you go you have no idea that xyz is one of the most informed and off the wall people in this room lol but you have not been here long enough to know that .

missme   SKELFLA Who cares what you think....

xyz   SKELFLA dinar speculator not English student

Whitelions   SKELFLA thank you for that ;cheers

xyz   SKELFLA requirements for a dinar speculator, can afford buying iqd. And for misguided wannabe guru, depression

missme   SKELFLA I love the haters... ;;NA_NA

SKELFLA   missme Me too. That's something we have in common.

xyz   SKELFLA is Sam

missme   xyz I think you're right SKELFLA is Sam

Whitelions   where do I get in line for one of xyz idiot troups I'd rather be there than just spout crap

xyz   Z hypothesis: Sam is SKELFLA

missme   SKELFLA You shouldn't be so hard on yourself....

Whitelions   SKELFLA O ya didn't I read back where some one asked you for proof of what you say and we are still waiting

missme   Whitelions He has no proof! Just another hater....

Whitelions   missme I know lol

missme   Whitelions I believe we are close with what is going close? That i'm not sure....what are your brief thoughts?

Whitelions   missme I'm with you I saw xyz posted a good article that just brings hope to my hart I don't like that Jeff has called it but I \have to say he is good on his timeing

mod   @SKELFLA Please read above chat box Refrain from bashing and name calling, Respect gets Respect. etc...

missme   Whitelions Indeed! To all my fellow dinarians: Keep the faith! Don't let the naysayers steal your dream! Prepare to do much good!

Whitelions   missme yes and I have to say First you take care of yourself aitch gives you the power to care of others .

missme   Whitelions Absolutely! Great advice!

Portmagaland   xyz Sam cant be Skelfa as Sam has never said he speaks both Arabic and Farsi nor did same state he went to school in the Middle East. Until someone proves Skelfa is the schill their claiming shelfa to be, I'm taking Shelfa at his word, just like I take you all at your word.

missme   Portmagaland Skelfa said he has aplenty of theories! Skelfa said he doesn't know what the CBI is doing or is going to do! Is that the words you are taking? We are not impressed with his academia!

He said there cannot be an overnight RV and then claimed he doesn't know what the CBI is going to do! That's called self-contradiction! Now wil you still hold to his word???

xyz   Portmagaland have you ever met Sam or SKELFLA? If not, then I assume you are not easily deceived by wannabe gurus claims

Portmagaland   SKELFLA Skelfa I heard Zimbabwe is loaded with Graphine, so the mining companies gearing up to start mining Zimbabwe would be a good investment, but I believe those are going to be Chinese mining companies and when the Chinese are done with Zimbabwe, well just look how polluted both China's water and air is and that's how the Chinese take care of their own home.

Anyways, you said you were a speculator and you came in this chat seeking Kap because you wanted Kaps opinion on the reasoning and strategy behind the those substantial transactions. What were you expecting Kap to say?

Portmagaland   missme I'm just trying to figure out if these dinar dirivatives in vast quantities are in fact at play. If so, I am concerned as every silver stacker knows, this same game has been played with silver and kept the price artificially down.

However, theres going to come a time with silver where silver will break through on it's own and on it's own .... silver through supply and demand will shatter its manipulators because silver has intrinsic value, so this falsehood of silver dirivatives will eventually be rectified, whereas. the dinar is just paper printed up and has no intrinsic value like silver. But, if Skelfie is Sam, then I've been had and that would make Sam the super duper ultra troll, which I dont think Skelfie is Sam as Zig wouldn't let that slide, right Zig?

Portmagaland   xyz I've never met either, Sam I'm no fan of and Skelfue hooked me with his currency dirivative idea because some months back I read in a thread that same concept, so that's two different sources tied to banking that appear to have insight on this dinar dirivative scheme being set up by global bankers supposedly and I dont like bankers for obvious reasons.

Whitelions   omg just let Iraq do what they have to do and stop over thinking it they are going to revalue their money take what they offer when it happens question the spread here at our banks ,depending on how much you have the better the spread they will give you and do the best with what you have .

Portmagaland   I'm a layman at best, I've only been watching financial markets for the past year, prior to that I was your average ignoramus American into all things that truly dont matter. I listen to and read up on a wide range of opinions regarding two things specifically the dinar and silver that's it.

Wilder   Whitelions tell them to hurry up already..

Portmagaland   Whitelions I like your positivity, it's just hard in a world where all we get fed is negativity

missme   Portmagaland When someone tells me they dogmatically knows that there will be no overnight RV and then contradicts that claim by saying he doesn't know what the CBI is doing or going to do, that settles it with me sofar as their credibility lies! That's called self-contradiction!

missme   We don't have to be scholars to understand Iraq intentions....they have told us...those who are listening! Everything else is just fillers because of our impatience!

Portmagaland   missme How do you know a politician is lying, their lips are moving and the people talking from the CBI are politicians on another level. I know what they are saying, I just havent seen the action that will prove what they are saying is true.

It does appear the dust might settle this coming month regarding our venture. I just hope if it doesnt go our way that silver and gold dont take off and we're priced out after we get our money back from our dinar. They say prepare for the worst and hope for the best, while Bad Santa said poop in one hand and wish in the other and tell him what fills up first.

missme   Portmagaland You sound like a reasonable all seriousness, do you really think the CBI is going to show their hand to speculators concerning their currency? But I do know the likes of Skelfa who comes in here to dissuade those of us who do believe!

And when someone makes so-called knowledge claims that are contradictory, I'm quick to cok an eyebrow at what is said! I'm not drinking his Kool-aid (I prefer orange) and nonsensical claims! Neither so you! Enjoy the ride my friend! And keep hope alive!

Portmagaland   missme I dont believe the CBI will show their hand and I believe it will happen, but in a way none of us saw coming.

SKELFLA   missme I don't know why I bother responding to really stupid statements... But would you claim someone was contradicting themselves if they said they don't know what Trump will do tomorrow but they do know he won't grow wings and fly to the moon as being contradicting?

missme   SKELFLA And that is suppose to be analogous with what you claimed? You are steep into foolishness!

missme   Portmagaland You may be right! And then it may happen just like we thought! Does it really matter?

SKELFLA   Portmagaland The world is not short of graphene so miners may not be the best play.. There is a few miners who have adopted some vertical integration into their business models including R&D. I find those the most interesting.

SKELFLA   missme That's exactly the same thing. There are things in life called a statistical improbabilities ... An overnight RV goes even further its a mathematical & economical IMPOSSIBILITY. You also claim I said I didn't know what the CBI was going to do...

Not correct... I stated the CBI doesn't even know what they are going to do. They are in disarray ...have been for many years. You haven't worked in Iraq or even the ME. I have.

SKELFLA   Portmagaland Think of having the foresight to invest in plastic companies in the 1950's which grew to become conglomerates in less than a decade. I believe that to be the same opportunity we find now with graphene but to a factor of 10.

Zig   Please don't take those kinds of posts by "XYZ" seriously.....LOL....She likes to play games.....Once wrote that Kaperoni and I were the same highly doubt that Sam and SKELFA are the same what I know about Sam he has no time to play those kinds of games.....

SKELFLA   I'm not Sam... I can assure of that.

Zig   LOL

missme   SKELFLA Listen to your rhetoric! "Statistical improbabilities" Because you say so? Mathematical & economical impossibilities! Because you say so? Who are you to make such dogmatic claims!

You do not know what you think you know! It is all conjecture on your part! And you have the unmitigated gall to call out those who do believe! You did claim you didn't know what the CBI was doing or going to do! Check the record! And now, of all things, you calim the CBI does not know what they are going to do!

That is an incredible, unbelievable claim! Do you think these men and women over there are a bunch of ignoramuses? Seriously! So, according to your logic, if a person hasn't worked in Iraq or the ME, then they cannot listen to Iraq and its intentions! How absurd! Your credibility is flawed and shot!

SKELFLA   missme Yes, because I have had and continue to have contact with senior people both in the CBI, Ministry of Finance and the Oil Ministry and a few banks and financial institutions in Iraq and I can say with complete confidence that they are poorly managed (being polite) And nepotism continues to rot away at their core.

The oil ministry is a bit of an anomaly as it has been and continue to be well run in comparison to other industries and institutions in Iraq.

I suspect that is due to the fact that with the post war power change from Sunni to Shia for some reason the Sunni fractions retained most of the important positions in the oil ministry thus they were able to maintain semblance of normality..

Tebow   missme let it go, just another worthless guru seeking attention

missme   SKELFLA And?

SKELFLA   missme will I think I've been quite clear... If you can't see that then I suggest you go back to your fantasy world. Where Trump grows wings and flies to the moon.

missme   Tebow That's why I'm calling him out! I'm tired of people coming in here spewing their dogmatic views....It's one thing to give your honest opinion; it's another to demean those who do believe....

SKELFLA   missme Go ahead and believe! Fly fly away! Lol

missme   SKELFLA Right back where we have no proof! Everything you claim and say is pointless!

SKELFLA   missme Actually I began to send Baxter some proof... But I was invited to a discord server where I have sent proof you would not believe! With people who have been extremely appreciative. Genuinely educated and thoughtful people.

missme   SKELFLA What is your agenda? You said you came here to engage Kap...well, you were not satisfied with his you're left with dinarians who do believe in what's your point?

missme   SKELFLA Proof of WHAT??!!! lol!

SKELFLA   My point has been clear from the start...

SKELFLA    missme Proof of everything I have claimed from the start on this thread.

Missme    SKELFLA   You proof was you do not know what the CBI is doing or going to do! It's in print!

xyz   SKELFLA evening