IQD CALLS CHAT Monday Night  8-26-19

IQD CALLS CHAT Monday Night   8-26-19

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 JoeSchmoe   So what I dont understand, with all this lop talk lately,is what has changed to make a lop the more viable alternative? And why are gurus even considering that being true,when in hhe past they woukd be screaming MISINFO BEFORE THE RV!!! and jumping out of their skins?

JoeSchmoe   why now??

JoeSchmoe   Sam must be smiling ear to ear right about now😅

Tebow   no one knows

Tebow   Who says it's more viable?

JoeSchmoe   Tebow That is the feeling i get when iread the talk this time

JoeSchmoe   from all around

JoeSchmoe   it seems more popular a subject this time

Zig   Let's all do the Lop....Do the Lop.....Do the Lop.....It's the latest craze, do the Lop.....Do the Lop....Lop.....Do the Lop.....

Tebow   JoeSchmoe comes and goes

Dave   Russia, Belarus, Turkey, and Mexico lopped and now Iran deleting 4 zeros...Iraq must do the same because they all did!

mod   Market Summary > Dow Jones Industrial Average

INDEXDJX: .DJI 25,898.83 +269.93 (1.05%) ^ Aug 26, 4:59 PM EDT

Dave   according to Sandyf Sam and Kap anyway.....

Dave   silver 17.65

KPOW    So... is all this done, finished?

Wilder   For the14 years that I've been in this ordeal it's rv'd every weekend and has lopped atleast twice a year. The banks have their tellers working overtime for training to handle the loppers.

chattels   " Deleting the zeroes " has always had the possibility of a " lop " or re-denomination. I have broached the subject in here before. I must say though that I have never heard Kap say so.

chattels   Historically gurus have argued that deleting the zeroes was collection on the large notes or that the three zeroes would be removed from the front end of the fractional value of .00086

chattels   I do not profess to know, but it is difficult to overlook the naked language of the english translations.

Wilder   Which is?

chattels   Monday, August 26, 2019

Security In Iraq Aug 15-21, 2019

Tebow   three zeros FM .00086

Tebow   thus .86

Tebow   But who really knowx

chattels   " ............. the lowest level of violence in the country since the 2003 invasion."

chattels   Violence in Iraq has flatlined since June 2019. Security incidents have been in the teens to twenties over the last eleven weeks. This is despite the Islamic State announcing a new spring-summer offensive in May when attacks spiked. This is another example of how the Islamic State is more interested in rebuilding its cadres in Iraq right now more than carrying out operations.

Tebow   'happy-dance

chattels   Abbas Combat Division, an example of Iran-independent faction

Makram Najmuddine August 24, 2019

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chattels   It is rare for a PMU group not to have links with Iran, and this makes the Al-Abbas Combat Division one of few exceptions within the PMU, which reports directly to the Iraqi prime minister.

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chattels   The organization is funded and politically backed by the custodian of the shrine of Imam Al-Abbas, Sayyed Ahmed al-Safi, Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani’s representative in Karbala.

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chattels   Deleting the Zeros I (6/5/12)

chattels   " ................. investors could realize some significant profits even if they don’t get rich from a 1000:1 RV. But whatever happens investors need to be clear on what “deleting the zeros” means. It means lop."


November 27, 2016   MY LADIES

sandyf   @Young_SC  Lol@ Sandy F scrolling up copying and pasting a old statement to give his 2cents on and then leaving soon right after lol

 It may come as a surprise to you but I have better things to do in the morning than get into a debate with people that are not interested in facts.

The history books prove that time is not an impediment to fact.

Tebow   nightly drive-by

chattels   The Central Bank of Iraq that the draft deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency still exists.

The director of issuance and treasuries Abdul Karim Hassan Shannon that the project to delete the zeros was supposed to start during 2014, but the security events and the control of the Islamic State in five provinces led to the postponement, pointing out that the project is to delete three zeros from the current currency with the introduction of large currencies and currencies Metallic.

Shannon said that the current mass of money is 44 trillion dinars LINK

Tebow   facts :laugh

chattels   sandyf HELLO. Anything encouraging for us that you may be hearing ?

chattels   Tebow Please just leave if you are not interested in communications with sandyf. Some of us are interested.

Wilder   chattels hold on a sec.

Wilder   If there was going to be a lop. Wouldn't the dealers quit buying back our dinar if was willing or needing to sell back?

Young_SC   Whats up with this chatroom and LOP talk when iraq has already stated they want citizens to have purchasing power currency will increase in value against other foreign currencies

Young_SC   Including the article back in March

Young_SC   Has anyone in here seen an article or source from the CBI or government stated that Iraq may LOP the currency???

Young_SC   We've seen purchasing power statements including an article that came out last week so why are you guys talking or creating false narratives of a LOP??