IQD Calls Chat Monday Evening 9-2-19

IQD Calls Chat Monday Evening 9-2-19

Zig   Dave : People with that opinion are free to post here as well....

Dave   never said they could not

Sparky   Dave ... appears flat to me...and we're spinning at 1000 mph...

Dave   Big difference between facts/laws and theories......

Dave   24 hrs a day makes sense

Dave   appears flat to me too

xyz   Sam I Am is ...

Dave   no longer invested?

Sparky   Dave ... gravitational force is a good thing, and one of the four forces known to man...

Dave   Just dont stray to the Dark Side......

xyz   Never as he want you to believe... he is onto naked reserves per boots on the ground

Sparky   ... keeps me grounded...

Zig   FYI: Jeff, AKA "Dinar Investor," is now a member of this chat room....he posts as "Dinar Investor"......his videos may be found at

Sparky   ... what a quiet bunch of dinar hopefuls...Labor Day... this may be our ticket out of 9 to 5, Or, as I do it, 6 to 2...nice dream... possibility is realistic...

Sparky   ... never let anyone steal your dreams... Im optimistic, just a waiting game... good things about to happen in our lives...get ready for blessings about to come our way...

Sparky   ...not necessarily dinar, but other aspects... seek, and you shall find...

Wilder   What did i miss?

Sparky   .. Wilder ... nothing

Sparky   Wilder ... still waiting on the rate change...

Sparky   ...3 day holiday... thought this might be the one...then, I woke up...

Wilder   Ake a nap. And try again.

Young_SC   Coins automatically change the value of your dinar mathematically. Not sure why people have a hard time seeing that. Fils coins do not match up to a 1190 rate

 Young_SCAnd Iraq is going to bring out coins just now for the citizens to have their purchasing power. Like i said this revaluation is for Iraq and not aimed for us. We just hold onto the bills where we exchange once the rate changes

Sparky   Young_SC what if they bring out 250, 500, 1000 dinar coins ?

Zig   Sparky : This whole investment hinges on "What If"

  xyz   Zig I know ... a discussion

xyz   Pleass Answer my question

xyz   And I shall feel great

Zig  Why would a pagan be a member of a church?.....for appearances??

xyz   Zig why you a naysayer that doesn't believe in iqd revaluation be doing in iqd room?

xyz   Appearances?

Zig   Well you can be invested in something but not be totally sure about you want to see what others think about it.....does not mean you are giving up on it but that you have your doubts.......

xyz    Zig absolutely but Sam is not invested.

Zig   I am sure that many people in here do not think that this is a "Sure Thing".......

Zig   xyz    : Sam was invested.....

xyz   Zig that's ok but trying to convince others to sell is like satan preaching to believers

Zig   Anyone can come in here and post.....the Mod does no people who no longer think this is a good investment are free to say so......

xyz   Zig was ... then sold ... he maybe a rooster

Zig   Until the Mod changes that you will have to deal with it......

xyz   Zig ;crying;

Zig   Do you want the Mod to start kicking out those who are naysayers??

xyz   Zig nope but they should tagged as such

Doug_W   xyz how woulkd U do that?

Zig   It is prettu obvious when someone is a naysayer......

Zig   pretty obvious

Zig   I am not a naysayer but have my doubts.....should I be booted too??...... ;crying;

xyz Doug_W like Sam I Am - naysayer

xyz   Zig not booted but tagged

Zig   Well Sam has sparked some interesting discussions....but I am sure that many would prefer that he be booted

xyz   Zig Z is tolerant

Zig   I know

xyz   Zig very few people get into my nerves but I suppose Z

xyz   Dorian weakened

Zig   xyz :    I am not easily influenced by other views, someone like Sam does not bother me.....makes me think a bit though.....I have no problem with anyone long as he/she can discuss things in a civil manner....

xyz If The Debt Machine Was Turned Off, The US Would Immediately Plunge Into Horrifying Depression, New Study

xyzA Category 6 Storm? If The Scale Went That High, Hurricane Dorian Would Be One

Portmagaland   Zig Thanks Zig for posting your friend's, Mary, email. Sounds like she agrees with Skelfa's theory.

Deano   @Zig you're absolutely right. I just get tired of hearing someone bash other intel providers and want everyone to believe them.

Zig   Portmagaland : Sure....who knows....we

Portmagaland   Deano I agree Deno, it's not fun listening to them bash eachother, it tunes me out.

Deano   I agree with no rv overnight. Buttttt !!!! What if Iraq has been working on this for some time now preparing them for this moment ???

Portmagaland   Sparky I like the view from your window best!

Zig   xyz : 9:18 AM

Deano   They may raise their rate overnight but doesn't mean they just decided to do it. I mean when you start dating a woman you're not going to ask her to marry you the next night. You have to work on it.

Deano   @Portmagaland it just doesn't set well with me. That's why I decided to come back. I have no problem calling someone out.

xyz   Zig got it ... thanks

Portmagaland   You know, if banks/fed can essentially create money out of thin air and "loan" it to us so we all can be sharecroppers, why can"t the pendulum finally swing towards us serf?

Deano   Has @Baxter been here ?

Portmagaland   Deano So, you dont believe the derivative theory suppressing the value of the dinar?

Matt   Storm is looking a little better

Portmagaland   Deano I dug a little, on the currency swaps/dirivative, primarily using wikepedia, its complicated, confusing and It's feasible the ball bounces in that direction.

Portmagaland   Of course I dont want ot to

Deano   @Portmagaland not really. Which doesn't mean it won't happen. I'm a firm believer that there's a lot that goes on behind closed doors that we don't know. And I for one will not assume or speculate. But I certainly won't bash another intel provider just because I may not believe in it.

Portmagaland   Deano I'm with you and there is a lot that goes on behind close doors that's not necessarily about the dinar, but nonetheless, could have an effect on its outcome. Here's to the good guys prevailing.

Deano   I don't believe in Kaps theory of a float. Or Skelfla and what this person spews out. What flips my switch is when they bad mouth somebody else and say they're wrong don't listen to them listen to me. I take a lot of intel in. What doesn't taste good I spit out.

Portmagaland   I have a hard time seeing China completing the silk road and making it prosper. China needs to get a handle on HK first and if China mishandled HK and the silk road participants are watching it, might just mimic Trump's decision on the TPP. We were pretty much locked into the TOP, until Trump got elected. So, the Silk Road isnt set in stone.

Portmagaland   I understand and have heard all about Europe and the Middle East pivoting towards China, but what happens when it goes mainstream for all the muslims in the middle east that their muslim brothers/sisters in Chine, the Uighurs, are being carted off to re-educational camps and if they cant be re-educated they become donors in a bad way.

Portmagaland   The Chines government view the Muslim religion as a disease.

Portmagaland   And SandyF, knows this, man.

Deano   Yeah I'm not sure what China's deal is but I do believe it's gonna come back bite them in the you know what.

Deano   @Portmagaland how does SandyF know this ?

Portmagaland   Deano SandF lives there in Goungzhou or Shenzhen, I believe or he does extended business their. I've heard SandF boast about China, in posts awile back

Zig   SandyF lives in Thailand.....

Portmagaland   I wanted to counter SandyF's pro-China stance, but I said not worth it.

Portmagaland   Zig Thailand then, but he seems to be expert on all thing Chinese as welm.

Portmagaland Thailand's not to far from the Chinese cities I just mentioned.

Deano   Seems like this chat room is full of experts lol

Portmagaland   And expats

DeanoI haven't seen Sam I Am in here for awhile

Portmagaland   Deano I was just in, I waited till the coast was clear.

Portmagaland   He was

Zig   Deano : It's full of something, no doubt...... ;step-in-it

Portmagaland   Zig Hopefully, not useless dinar

 Deano   I made it real clear to Sam I Am when I first joined. He respected what I had to say. We started talking about music and had no issues since.

Deano   So Guru Jeff says there's no funding in this from Iraq. It's a simple basic currency swap. Anyone care to comment ?

Portmagaland   Deano Regardless, if you're down with the theory behind this chatroom and have a presence that steals the wond from its' sails, it's just not kosher

Deano   @Portmagaland I agree

Portmagaland   The only reason I half believe the derivative theory is be ause I stack silver and I've seen these same crooks play the dirty dirivative game with silver.

Deano   This is true. But I honestly believe they're working on bringing the crooks down to a minimal.

Deano   But of course we're never going to get rid of crooks. Whether in our country or someone else's. They're always going to be around.

Portmagaland   Deano So, you're a Q disciple then because that game theory runs strong in that circke.

Portmagaland   Deano we will always have crooks you're correct, it's the evil ones at the top that have essentially tially enslaved us all on different levels that need to meet their maker in Satan.

Deano   @Portmagaland not sure what a Q disciple is lol. But I do have my faith and beliefs.

Portmagaland   Deano The Q Team talks like you in this sense

Deano   Yes I think eventually one day they will have to stand in front of God. And he and only he will be the deciding factor.

Portmagaland   Deano We all will

Deano   Never heard of them. Are they a group on the internet.

Deano   Yeah I don't want to get into religion. Just like I won't get into politics. That causes to much hardship. And for the most part, from what I've seen, there are some good people in this chat room.

xyz   Baxter Jeff

xyz   LOP by Mary