IQD Calls Chat Early Thursday 9-12-19

IQD Calls Chat Early Thursday 9-12-19

Baxter   I see Maliki got caught with billions of US Dollars......wasnt even Dinar....

Baxter   must have been a big airplane..

Spankie   Baxter are they taking the billions from Maliki?

Baxter   dont know spankie.. didnt say

future   this might be what takes maliki down

Baxter   lets hope so

future   hes has had it coming for a long time

spankie       Yes

future   this is major

Baxter   and it was in dollars too supposedly

Baxter   not dinars

future   yes

Baxter   that would be trillions of dinars

spankie   usd- he is smart

Baxter   yep

Baxter   use it anywhere

foxmulder   Has anyone seen a link to that article, I have looked but perhaps just not hitting the right news outlets...

Baxter   thats one heck of a lot of cash....

foxmulder   If true ! It sure is ...

spankie   its got to be true= all over that site

Doug_W   Baxter how many tt of dimes is that?

Baxter   Here you go...

Foxmulder   Hope it is true ..but who knows even if it is tied to Al-Maliki if he would be prosecuted..

Baxter   Doug_W lots

Baxter   theres a link Fox

Doug_W   Baxter great answer LOL

future   funny how tihs comes out after the ffiring of bolton hmmm

future   not saying they are tied together just seems very coincidental

future   Trump said bolton pushed for the iraqi war and did made some very terrible mistakes and wanted to push for war with iran

spankie   Baxter that last link shows a pic of Maliki- I swear to tell the truth- with his hand raised

Baxter   spankie I saw that

foxmulder   Baxter thanks !! Now that's interesting he owns the plane but doesn't know anything LOL

future   fox maliki is probably the richest man in the world nexxt to the rothchilds lmao

12 Sep 19, 08:21 AM future   of course its all stolen money

Baxter   must have been a huge haul billions of dollars..

Baxter   DID you click on that link for the video ..

Baxter   Click on it and watch how much money is god

Baxter   why those chests must be almost four feet high..

Baxter   theres a whole room full of them... LOL...

future   i personally wont be satisfied and im sure the iraqi ppl would agree until maliki is executed

Joe   Schmoe   Maybe that money is what will cover all of us with an rv ;mad ;mad ;mad

future   they is a huge amount of money

future   its mind boggling

Baxter   JoeSchmoe lets hope...

Joe Schmoe   lol    was joking

 JoeSchmoe   we will all have to stand in line where the plane lands, and get cash in hand!

spankie   was he on the plane w the money- hope so- implicated

Baxter   dont know..

future   spankie they more tan likely already have proof

spankie   it is enough to arrest him for ?

future   lets hope

spankie   smuggling - theft

future   some say he let isis in as well

future   through mosul

JoeSchmoe   Is smuggling and theft more prosecutable than any of the other crimes he's been accused of?

JoeSchmoe   just sayin

future   joe if its that kind of money

JoeSchmoe   hope so

future   someone has is going down for that  

Foxmulder   The likely hood of him being arrested is 50 / 50. , it seems he has the ability to survive.

future   fox many think the same about comey

future   he’ll get his in the end on bigger charges

spankie   hope it is all his cash in one place- he will be on the corner w sign - need cash

future   "This money is equivalent to the budget of 10 Arab countries for five years," she said

future   holy cr**

futuremoney   I will take only one box please...

futuremoney   spankie LOL

spankie   some body dropped a dime w info on the flight-

spankie   lotta money- prolly everything he has

Baxter   Its just crazy to think there is that much money on one stupid airplane....

spankie   maybe he is worried and is moving his stash- gov says they r lifting imunity

spankie   he cannot use banks cause of a wire trail

Baxter   Maybe he has more money... who knows...

spankie   past rumors of 800 bil pillaged from Maliki gov

Baxter   he has a money sickness for sure...

Xyz    Maliki's representative provokes controversy in Iran

 future   An official statement from the United Arab Emirates regarding the video of the dollar boxes in a plane

future    LINK