IQD CALLS Chat Early Sunday 9-15-19

IQD CALLS Chat Early Sunday 9-15-19

Chattels   Saudi Arabia: Drone attacks knocked out half its oil supply

3 hours ago

chattels   There was no immediate impact on global oil prices as markets were closed for the weekend. Benchmark Brent crude had been trading at just above $60 a barrel.

chattels   ....... the US blamed Iran, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeting, “There is no evidence the attacks came from Yemen.”

“Iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply,” Pompeo added.

chattels   Resurgent ISIS plans to seize Iraqi cities: Kurdistan Region VP

chattels   Timing of 2020 census bodes ill for Kurds in Iraq

chattels   The upcoming census will be held in accordance with a 2008 census law, which originally decreed for the census to be held between 2009 and 2010.

chattels   But in a country like Iraq, where everything has become politicized, holding a census at this stage of growing instability has a political dimension, and this move has generated concerns among Kurds.

Even the UNFPA, which works with the Iraqi government's statistics center as a consultancy agency, has attributed any chance for success of the looming census to a stable political and security atmosphere in the country.

chattels   Will holding the census impede any just resolution of Kurdish question in Iraq?

chattels   It can only be done through a swift resolution and normalization of areas disputed or otherwise, so that in addition to Kurds displaced from Kirkuk, displaced people from other parts of Iraq can return home.

chattels   The resignation of the Minister of Health from his post

Sunday 15 September 09:43 2019

chattels   BAGHDAD ( NINA ) - Minister of Health Dr. Alaa Alwan presented his resignation to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi without knowing the reasons.

chattels   US Ambassador: The investment climate in Iraq .. is a challenge for US and international investors

Saturday 14 September 20:03 2019

chattels   "The United States is pleased with the improvement shown by Iraq, but nonetheless, more progress is needed," noting that the burning of gas in the atmosphere of Iraq more than anywhere else in the world is a process of waste and ineffective and contrary to sufficiency self - energy in Iraq. "

chattels   " ....................... more progress is needed,"

chattels   An attack on Aramco claimed by Yemen’s Houthis knocks out up to half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production according to @wsj. (That’s around 7 percent of global supply)


chattels   Increasingly it is difficult not to conclude that any return on our investment in Iraqi currency will require a " Deus Ex Machina " event.

chattels   And that's the way that it is from the news that I read out of Iraq on this Sunday, September 15, 2019. Have a fine day all.

foxmulder   chattels have a good day your self !

xyz   BIG BOYS TALK, YOU MUST LISTEN JEJEJE ................ 9-15-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Frank26 likes to refer to a minister of planning document talking about a 1 to $1 exchange rate.

But it never said it would get there overnight! And as I've already said on numerous occasions Iraq could never afford a significant RV of the dinar due to the fact that there is in excess 42 trillion dinar in circulation. If the minister of planning was talking about an overnight event, it would have to be a LOP.

The only thing that we should be hoping for is a gradual appreciation as stated by the IMF. Such an event like this would allow the money supply to be reduced as the currency appreciated

Tebow  AND he failed to notice the CBI said no float


Opposition invites Abdul Mahdi on the Ministry of Education


Opposition invites Abdul Mahdi on the Ministry of Education

Zig"Tebow"   AND he (Kaperoni) failed to notice the CBI said no float"...................Kap sent me this recently replying to that and similar posts......................"Kaperoni" ...First of all Zig, there have been many discussions about a float over the years from the CBI, and economic experts in Iraq. Many of them positive. One of which was discussed even recently.

A year or so ago when somebody asked the CBI about floating the currency their response was that they weren't going to float "AT THIS TIME" and it was taken out of context as if they were saying no float ever.

But that's not the truth, the truth is they were not ready to float at that time and proper translation of the article was necessary because all countries float eventually especially Emerging Markets. And there have been many examples of countries moving from fixed to float over the last few years. Even several in the Middle East"

spankie   Zig i believe the start rate for that float will be way above where it is now and then float as other currencies. If they do not change the value 40 tril or so in circulation will be nothing- china has 195 tril yuan out

Whitelions   morning all just doing a post by ....The Central Bank holds a workshop in preparation for the classification of banks operating in Iraq internationally.....

 xyz   The Central Bank holds a workshop in preparation for the classification of banks operating in Iraq internationally

As part of the efforts of the Central Bank of Iraq to develop the performance of banks and keep them in line with international standards, this bank held a workshop on the requirements of classification of banks operating in Iraq by international agencies.

The workshop included assessment requirements from international rating agencies, most notably:

- Challenges faced by banks to prepare evaluation within international standards.

- The positive impact of the evaluation with international banking relations and correspondent banks.

- The impact of evaluation in increasing the principle of transparency of shareholders and the application of corporate governance.

- Risk assessment of banks in neutral terms and its importance in correcting gaps and increasing future hedges.

It is noteworthy that the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq approved in its resolution No. (113) of 2019 to the adoption of international credit rating agencies for banks operating in Iraq and work from 2020.

Central Bank of Iraq   information Office   2019/9/15

Dave   Good Morning all

Dave   Doug_W I see no no news on all that loot found on that jet?

Dave   now wonder if true?

Dave   DP missed that ......

Dave   So did Kim.Chattels and larry

Dave   Larry soorry

Young_SC   Dave go figure huh

Dave   100s of billions.....? that would have gone Global in the News?

Dave   if true?

Dave   must have been from you tube news......?

Dave   tried to find more .....nodda

Dave   thought that would have helped with that note count......

Doug_W   it is stranhge indeed

Dave   seemed to go to alot of bother if faux news

Dave   was slightly Jacked up.......not so much now......

Dave   how would they sweep that under the carpet if true....

Baxter   Dave.. I brought in an article about the money the other day.... its true

AMDaveBaxter still searching ......finding squat.....

Dave   Baxter that vid?



Baxter   not yet Doug... got to paint first..

Dave   Baxter looking for more confirmation on that

Baxter   Before I left.. I saw this news clip of the Highway Patrol... they now have a device...its portable... they can put it in a car or plane....and it teills them if you are texting while driving..

Baxter   Dave.. I aint got time...

Baxter   itss true

Dave   Baxter call me to see more confirmation on that...

Dave   100s of!!!

Baxter   I think a Muslim got excited on the amount.... maybe a couple billion

Baxter   bbl

Dave   my google just aint helping me today

Dave   only 1 post on this.....guess it is not news worthy

Dave   even if a paltry few billion

Doug_W   Dave

Sparky   Dave ... big plane, appears to be many large crates... full of stolen money, Maliki has been hoarding for almost a decade... certainly could be hundreds of billions...imo...

Dave   Sparky Appears........

Sparky   Dave ... touche...

Dave   CONFIRMATION......?

Dave   Maliki i guess owns media and quashed it?

Sparky   Dave ... got Maliki last name wrong in article, and only one article... questionable ?...out of Pakistan...

Dave   if true this news would have gone global?

Dave   I a ton of Cocaine was seized it would have

Dave   if

Sparky   Dave ...maybe yes, maybe no...that's a lot of money...

Dave   more questions than answers for me....

Sparky   Dave ...same read as I...

Sparky   Dave ...if true, that would solve a lot of problems recouping stolen funds...if, most of it is returned to CBI...

Sparky   ..."if", the biggest word...

Dave   Sparky not sure it was smuggled

Sparky   Dave ...from what I understand, Maliki owned the plane...

Dave   from where and who .....who keeps that cash?

Dave   Sparky so Maliki looses that un declared cash over the 10k limit

Sparky   Dave ... he'll have a lot of 'splaining to do...

DaveWho keeps it then?

Sparky   Dave ... great question...

Sparky   Dave *questions...

Dave   every thing

Sparky   Dave ... article called Notice al...a

Sparky   *Nouri al...

Sparky   ... so,imo, whoever wrote that knows Maliki Mo...

Dave   Sparky Items seized at customs rarely get returned to owner without penalty

Sparky   Dave ...yup, windfall for UAE also...

Dave   My thoughts not sure......

Sparky   Dave ... I m sure a crate or more will " fall off the truck "...

Sparky   ...trek back to CBI...

Dave   this kind of cash haul........never seen before...not close if true

Sparky   Dave ..." Billions over Baghdad"...?...

Dave   UAE....

Sparky   Dave ...yes, was referring to original currency swap...

Dave   Sparky Focus

Sparky   Dave ... similar amounts of loot...

Sparky...get it ?...

Dave   Only comment on what i read

Sparky   Dave ... not me,... I shoot from the hip...

Dave   if that works for you

Dave   not me

Sparky   Dave ...and that is why I like conversing with you !

Sparky   Dave ...we are different in many ways, but both on the same path...

Doug_W   as long as ur both NOT up a creek rowing the wrong way~~

Sparky   Doug_W ... you are on the same river my friend...

Dave   Doug_W wonder that sometimes

Sparky   Dave ...make a decision and go, bro...

Dave   I have no answers

Sparky   ...who brought in a very interesting, yet disturbing article this morning, regarding Saudi oil field destruction by... Iran...if so, I believe Iran just punched their own ticket...

Doug_W   Saudis said be back to FULL restoration by monday

Doug_W   Iran backed rebels yes

Sparky   Doug_W ... Iran pushing the limits... won't end well with those behind that maneuver...

Doug_W   they just KEEP poking the bear

Sparky   xyz xyz any thoughts to share on the UAE plane cash ?

Sparky   ... Maliki cash crash...

Xyz   Z smell RV ....Oil Explodes 20% Higher, Biggest Jump On Record

xyzIraqi Deputy Parliament Speaker, KRG Delegation Discuss Closer Cooperations

 - Iraqi Deputy Parliament Speaker Bashir Haddad received a Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) delegation, headed by the head of the Department of Foreign Relations (DFR) Safin Dzayi, to discuss closer cooperations between Erbil and Baghdad.

During the meeting, Haddad pointed out that there is progress in the relations between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq as the two sides have continued their meetings and visits in hopes of resolving the remaining disputes between Erbil and Baghdad.

The officials exchanged views on a range of issues pertaining to cooperations between Erbil and Baghdad and ways to further strengthen the ties between the sides based on the Iraqi Constitution, according to a press release by Haddad's office.

The Kurdistan Region has expressed concerns over a census planned to be held across Iraq next year, demanding article 140 to be addressed before the census, especially in the disputed areas.

xyz   Iraqi Health Minister Resigns

ERBIL — Iraq’s Health Minister Alaa al-Alwan announced his official resignation on Sunday after alleged political pressure and defamatory attempts against him.

According to the Ministry of Health, Alwan handed in his resignation to Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi for the second time on 12 September.

His first resignation in March was rejected by PM Abdul-Mahdi. Back then, he cited “excessive pressure” as the reason for his resignation.

“Sadly, we are still exposed to a wide spectrum of... blackmail and misinformation in order to offend and distort the facts. This has reached a level that hinders the work of the ministry and undermines the chances of success of its programs for reform,” Kurdistan 24 quoted a letter by Alwan.

“I deeply regret reaching the firm conviction that we cannot continue to work under these circumstances,” he continued, stressing that, this time, his resignation was irreversible.

xyz   warns of the collapse of Iraq's economy LINK

xyz   Urgent… Russian diplomat: Israeli aircraft penetrated the Iraqi airspace bombed Saudi Arabia


sandyf  @Red sandyf then maybe you can explain this from 2 military intel officers..?

I am not going to waste my time on half an hour of Youtube video. If there was a specific point regarding the Zimbabwe currency you would need to explain what you mean. As far as I am aware this was the latest statement from Zimbabwe.

"HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe has declared its interim currency, the RTGS dollar, the country’s sole legal tender with effect from Monday, according to a government notice published on Monday.

“The British pound, United States dollar, South African rand Botswana pula and any other foreign currency whatsoever shall no longer be legal tender alongside the Zimbabwe dollar in any transactions in Zimbabwe,” the notice said."