IQD Calls Chat Early Monday 9-9-19

IQD Calls Chat Early Monday   9-9-19

Whitelions   sandyf the article clearly states that its a study and they do not recommend an rv BUT it has no bareing on what the CBI will do very soon .

xyz   Tebow 9-9-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni ...dinar excess of $3...not possible. Iraq could never afford any such RV/RI. The only scenario where I could see such a thing is if they LOP first. I've already stated I don't believe that Iraq would LOP.

That being said, the only thing they can do is raise the value gradually over time as I've discussed many times via a float.  

The reason why I say they will float is 1, the IMF specifically gave such a directive, 2 Iraq can't afford any other increase in value with so much currency in circulation, 3 have to reduce the currency which can't occur until after the value starts to rise.

So we'll just have to wait and see how the next several months play out. But I know one thing if they're going to raise the value it's going to have to occur gradually...

xyz   Scientists find a way to protect against HIV

xyz   The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, on Monday, the date of sending the 2020 budget to parliament, expected to be November this year as a date to send from the government to the House of Representatives.

xyz   The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers will suspend the official working day tomorrow Tuesday in all of Iraq

chattels   A ton of gold is worth just over $46.5 million fiat US dollars, in July 2019.Jul 18, 2019

chattels   If Iraq has 96 tons then multiply $ 46.5 million times 96, eh ?

chattels   Less than 4.5 billion, eh ?

chattels   Iraqi MP: Defense Minister Shamari is the worst defense minister in 16 years. He is unqualified & the changes he is making are dangerous.

chattels   ‘Kirkuk is Kurdistani’: Kurdish parties to run on joint list for provincial elections in disputed Kirkuk

chattels   KRG prime minister says Kurdistan will not give up ‘national demands’

Chattels   We see the following sentiment expressed in a news article for every session of Parliament.

Siron: The coming period will witness a major movement towards the adoption of laws in parliament and follow-up the work of the government

Monday , 09 September

Chattels   Sometimes the article will refer to the laws as " important to the people ", but there is little progress. Again, Iraqi rhetoric vs. reality.

chattels   BAGHDAD / NINA / The Central Bank of Iraq sold more than / 251 / million dollars at auction selling foreign currency today.

The bank said in a statement: "The total amount sold today, amounted to 251 million and 245 thousand and 860 dollars, with the participation of 30 banks and one company."

chattels   Sales continue to be " brisk ".

Baxter   Lot more money going thru the auctions than years ago.. for sure

chattels   Have no conclusion to draw or make, but the volume is higher than last year I think.

Baxter   a lot higher .. yes

chattels   BAGHDAD / NINA / Former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi discussed with Finance Minister Fuad Hussein the overall political and economic situation in the country.

A statement from his office said: "Abadi received in his office Finance Minister Fuad Hussein and leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Shwan Mohammed Taha, during the meeting discussed the overall political and economic situation in the country and the functioning of the government and the budget for 2020 and financial matters and plans and future strategies."

chattels   No mention of what was discussed, but they apparently talked about it. Maybe they formed another committee. Yada, yada, yada.

chattels  The 2020 General Census awaits implementation: deliberate attempts to subordinate the census to political agendas

chattels   " Political analyst Abdul Amir al-Moussawi believes that the census will provoke political crises because of the insistence of some to include the field of doctrine or title of clan or nationalism as well as the problems of the disputed areas within Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution, which is competing for the purpose of obtaining its oil and natural resources, likely a dispute new between the center and the Kurdistan region because they are waiting to find out exactly to demand that Baghdad more money by raising the percentage allocated to them in Iraq , the financial budget, which is estimated today at 17% annually numbering ..

and criticizes the legal expert Tareq war , not to mention doctrine in the census form is not Its been allocated for the distribution of positions , but in order to know the number of sects and the number of adherents , it is not the consecration of sectarian evidence that religion and nationalism in the form of data as the most developed countries in order to adopt the doctrine of the rights of all Angmt doctrine."

chattels  " the insistence of some to include the field of doctrine or title of clan or nationalism as well as the problems of the disputed areas within Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution, ....."

chattels   So, the 2020 census may not provide for the information needed to implement Article 140 !

Baxter   SandyF made this statement last night... If the IQD was to float from the current value and appreciate at 10 percent per month, in 2 years the rate would be about 100/USD, at 3 percent per month the rate would be about 600/USD. I just dont understand his figures here... how could the 3% rate be 6 times ... what the 10% rate would be?

chattels   While it sounds obvious what needs to be done in Iraq, arguably we have a similar political issue with our own census. Are you a citizen ? What is your clan or national identification ?

chattels   Baxter Sounds as they ti may require two lifetimes for the dinar to appreciate in the manner argued by Kaperoni, but maybe that is our reality ?

Baxter   I know .... My Dime will take a long..long time

chattels   Increasingly I prefer to remain silent and thought to be a fool than to open my mouth and remove all doubt.

Baxter   Yes... I wish more would...

Chattels   This venue is not favorable to views that differ from the conclusion that we will have a positive liquidity event, and soon or sooner rather than later

ZigKaperoni    is in the room....Hi Kap....

Kaperoni   I have always said the pace of the appreciation on a float is based on how fast investment comes into the country. The faster investors bring money through the cbi's capital account to invest in rebuilding, etc. The more pressure it creates causing the CBI to allow the currency to appreciate.

Zig   So it could make a big move in a relatively short period of time.....

Kaperoni   And these fools that say a LOP solves nothing are wrong. Of course it does, if Parliament when's out and passes a lot to remove the zeros from the notes it reduces the money supply from trillions to billions overnight which makes it manageable. Of course we don't want that

Kaperoni   Of course zig

Kaperoni   That is what the balassa -Samuelson effect is

Kaperoni   if Parliament wins out and passes a lot to remove the zeros from the notes it reduces the money supply from trillions to billions overnight which makes it manageable. Of course we don't want that

Zig   Kaperoni : Then we are cooked

Kaperoni   Im mobile sorry trying to use voice recognition and it's making mistakes

Zig   Kaperoni : Many here say the CBI said NO FLOAT yet you continue to say it will.....please comment

Kaperoni   Though nobody likes it, the directive from the IMF to float the currency is the safest and best solution for all of us to see the currency go up in value because a RV of any significant amount is not possible

Kaperoni   Zig I have answered that question at least a dozen times and nobody wants to hear that answer. So it doesn't make any sense to answer it again but afloat is the only reasonable solution as requested by the IMF in 2013 as part of the Article IV Consultation

 ZigKaperoni : What about an "RV" of a penny or so?

Kaperoni    First of all zig, there have been many discussions about a float over the years from the CBI, and economic experts in Iraq. Many of them positive. One of which was discussed even recently.

A year or so ago when somebody asked the CBI about floating the currency their response was that they weren't going to float at this time and it was taken out of context as if they were saying no float ever.

But that's not the truth, the truth is they were not ready to float at that time and proper translation of the article was necessary because all countries float eventually especially Emerging Markets. And there have been many examples of countries moving from fixed to float over the last few years. Even several in the Middle East

Zig   Thanks....I will save that answer for future use....

Kaperoni   Floating the currency is not some arbitrary or random event it precedes pressure created on their financial system otherwise the repercussions could be bad for the country.

Kaperoni   People need to realize if significant investment is going to come into Iraq as expected it's going to create pressure. There has to be a mechanism in place just prior to relieve that pressure. That mechanism is a float

Zig   As for Kap being my buddy, that is silly.....If Tony came in here I would also be respectful....though I would ask him tough questions believe me......

Kaperoni   If you do not have a mechanism in place, the monetary stability in the country will be thrown completely out of whack. And the CB I could lose control over the currency as inflation skyrockets as a result. As I've said for years monetary policy is not a random act and precautions need to be in place and tools are used to maintain the stability

Kaperoni   Zig what's the definition of Buddy?

Zig   Remember when Poppy3 came in here?? questions were asked and he ran you can be respectful and tough.......

xyz  Zig your buddy preacher is selected on the sermon and carefully select the audience

Kaperoni   Xzy, I'm not preaching but either people don't comprehend, listen or want to understand so it has to be repeated

Zig   I would ask Tony why he lies about this every day???.....for donations???.....Yes.....and he would run.....

Zig   xyz : This is the problem whenever Kap comes in.....he gets attacked because many can't be civil......and just chat and disagree......

Zig   xyz : He answers but not what you want to he misunderstands your questions.....IDK...

 LeLe   Some people have themselves a belly ache. They listen to every call out there, they are members on all the sites (paid and free) they follow all the articles. If you don't remember the reason you bought Dinar then maybe some people should take a break or sale. GEEEEEESH

Kaperoni   xyz if you don't like my answer XYZ you can always go read the IMF Article IV and have it direct from them and it's as clear as it gets

Zig   I never have understood why many people get so upset with Kap as he is far from negative about this investment....

Kaperoni   I wouldn't be in it if I believed in a LOP. But I do believe that anything other than a float is unrealistic at this point

Kaperoni   Okay I got to get off the mobile device. Have a good day

Zig   Kaperoni : Thanks for coming into the lions' den.... ;Thud

Zig   Find Kaperoni mostly at

Doug_W   @Kaperoni I personally am glad U came in please be a regular

Zig   HI tweets

Doug_W   Zig nawww I like a lively discussion

larrykn    since I have not read any article that states how they are going to do this , I have to just wait and see, I don't believe on putting out info I can't back up.

Zig   xyz : If you wish, put together a question for Kap.....and make it easy to understand....word it carefully, etc......I will PM it to Kap.......

Zig   I will make sure I understand it

RodTahoe   I appreciate any information or insight. I may not agree with Kap on exactly how this will evolve, but he is projecting positive results and a value change, which is what we are all looking for. Been in this to long to worry about speculation and personal opinions,