IQD CALLS Chat Early Monday 9-16-19

IQD CALLS Chat Early Monday 9-16-19

 sandyf   @Red sandyf then maybe you can explain this from 2 military intel officers..?

I am not going to waste my time on half an hour of Youtube video. If there was a specific point regarding the Zimbabwe currency you would need to explain what you mean. As far as I am aware this was the latest statement from Zimbabwe.

"HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe has declared its interim currency, the RTGS dollar, the country’s sole legal tender with effect from Monday, according to a government notice published on Monday.

“The British pound, United States dollar, South African rand Botswana pula and any other foreign currency whatsoever shall no longer be legal tender alongside the Zimbabwe dollar in any transactions in Zimbabwe,” the notice said."

xyz   Another drive-by by a misguided guru

foxmulder   9-15-2019 Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf [nobody and I mean NO ONE knows what will happen or how this will be implemented.] Absolutely spot on and nobody is ever going to stop the speculation... you are correct in this statement.. let's not speculate on what wnont happen , these are decisions that are not going to be addressed to us ..

Portmagaland   xyz Red is about the Q movement, that's his source. If you dont follow the Q movement, we dont expect you to understand much like most your friends and family dont understand your interest in the dinar as they have probably told you the dinar was a scam, too?

We are putting a lot of faith in the Q movement, we know and we pray. If the Q movement is bogus, why hasnt the MSM asked President Trump to denounce the Q movement. Furthermore, not one reporter from MSM is on record asking President Trump, if he thinks Q is real, why?

Yet, the same MSM has been attacking Q and calling Q followers crazy. The MSM and the politicians in good standing with the MSM have been trying to entrap President Trump with the 25th Amendment since President Trump took office.

They, the MSM, should get President Trump on record about Q, what are they afraid of ........ getting President Trump out of office via the 25th? Where I'm from XYZ, we call that a loaded question, cheers

P.S. Q told us a couple years ago the bad actors were going to see justice and McCabe is going to be the first domino in a line of bad actors to fall, while General Flynn is not only going to walk, but chances are be reinstated in the Trump administration. Enjoy the show it's way better than anything on the boobtube and it's history that future generations will study long after we are all gone.

As far as the Zim being reinstated, it could be schills that are working under the guise of the Q movement and time will tell us in do course. However, people in Dinarland know all about paid schills because some in Dinarland have been listening to these dinar schills for 15 years now, no?

So, no Red is not a Guru, he's a Canadian Patriot, a Global Patriot, a Patriotic brother, think Yellow Vests, think Hong Kong, think Boris Johnson, think the world because we are everywhere and we will not lose. WWG1WGA, right Red?


Portmagaland   xyz Furthermore, go to the U.S. Treasury office, search currency rates, scroll down to bottom and you will see it's the U S. Treasury office that says the Zim Dollar is 1 to 1.

It was last updated I believe 8/16/2019. I dont believe it, but I can see how a source like the U.S. Treasury office quoting a 1 to 1 with the Zim as of 08/16/2019, could confuse some people.

I think Sandyf gave us the best explanation on why the U.S. Treasury reflects what appears to be an absurdity, but I guess you missed Sandyf's explanation? Cheers.

Portmagaland   xyz It appears you were calling Sandyf a drive by Guru, apologies. Sandyf gave a reasonable explanation on Saturday night why the U.S. Treasury listed the Zim 1 to 1, but nonetheless, if you didnt know about the Q movement, now you do. It was the Q movement that led me to the dinar.

Red   Portmagaland Thx. I appreciate you having my back. I'm definitely not a guru...Lol. I just research a lot of different intel so that I can see a bigger picture while keeping an open mind.

I'm as jaded as many of you, but I'm disappointed that sandyf couldn't be bothered to listen to a shortened video link re; a phone conversation involving 2 retired military officers that are plugged in to the WH....certainly a different perspective and background then your usual guru's who want you to pay for their intel. In any case, time will tell for all of us, with this hurry up and wait game we seem to be in re; GCR/RV #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE

chattels   In first, Iraq signs deal to plug into Gulf power grid

chattels   The Lebanese journalist Maria Maalouf has published a video in which she said, “The security authorities at Dubai airport seize a shipment of funds full of dollars stolen from the treasury of Iraq, estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars on a private Iraqi plane belonging to Nuri al-Maliki, which was intended to be smuggled to a European country

chattels   Maliki denies allegations of smuggling Iraqi treasury money

Kalkamsh Press / Baghdad   The media office of the leader of the coalition of the rule of law, Nuri al-Maliki, on Wednesday, on a video published by a Lebanese journalist in which confirmed: “seize stolen money Maliki tried to smuggle it to a European state.”

“Your lies will not fool anyone anymore. I think this passage is old and according to information that this money is a Libyan smuggled from the era of the Gaddafi regime,” the bureau’s director Hisham al-Rikabi said in a Twitter tweet.


chattels   US ‘locked and loaded’ after Saudi attacks as oil prices surge

Doug_W   they just KEEP poking the bear Eh?


chattels   Iraq strikes deal to renovate two ruined power stations

chattels   The United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Wednesday issued an official statement on the rolling video of billions of dollars in aircraft.

Dubai Police has published an official statement on the video circulating on social media sites about the dollar funds.

Colonel Faisal Issa Al Qasim, director of security information at Dubai Police, said the funds did not belong to any Arab official as promoted, but rather to an African gang that tried to defraud the person in the video.

"The African gang tried to defraud a person by identifying them through social media, and then communicated with them and tempted them to double their money, luring him to an apartment containing counterfeit dollars, and then filmed him in an attempt to blackmail him and give him money.

 To inform the General Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation which in turn has taken the necessary measures to arrest them. "

chattels   The report of stolen billions being smuggled by Maliki appears to be highly questionable.

chattels   You can view the original video here.

chattels   Dinar Gurus, usually of the " intel " type, are selective with the news in order to hype their narrative.

chattels   In Iraq, where generation falls about 9 gigawatts below estimated demand of some 24 GW, the recent deals with Seimens and the Arab grid may cover two of the nine GW shortage by maybe 2020.


Doug_W   Silver:$17.930 that is +.41

Xyz   Adviser to the Prime Minister: Iraq's reserves of foreign currency is estimated at 87 billion dollars

The adviser to the Prime Minister for financial appearance Mohammed Saleh, that the reserves at the Central Bank of Iraq and the government is estimated at 87 billion dollars.

The official Sabah newspaper quoted Saleh as saying that "the reserve at the Central Bank of Iraq and the government is estimated at 87 billion dollars, as well as a surplus of between 13-12 billion dollars and we in the fourth quarter of this year," noting that "the financial situation in Iraq is reassured and the deficits that are being talked about are hypothetical. "

Saleh added that "the public finances act according to priorities, and that the Ministry of Finance governs control of expenses, and recognizes the important thing to be spent," stressing that in the "2018 budget there was a surplus of 20 trillion dinars, and thus a large opening balance."

He pointed out that "the fiscal deficit, which is being talked about hypothetical and not realistic, as ministries provide many requirements are taking into account the important and required and determines the importance of disbursement according to the financial situation," pointing to the "rationalization of spending and this comes from the imperative need to control liquidity."

The Central Bank of Iraq announced in April 2019 high foreign exchange reserves to $ 62 billion, stressing at the same time its success in controlling the level of inflation.

TWWIII   My good friend from our Army is in Kuwait city & fighting huge billows of black smoke from Saudi Arabia. Our army is there for security reasons for the nxt 5 months.. His email this morning said that he went in to a major bank, last week, in Kuwait city to see abt buying some LD of Iraqi currency. The teller said they do not have any LD of Iraqi dinars. The teller even asked the manager he also said 'not yet'..Stay tuned

TWWIII   I have known my friend for yrs, he lived with us for a while.