IQD CALLS Chat Early Friday 10-4-19

IQD CALLS Chat Early Friday  10-4-19

chattels   Iraqi PM Abdel-Mahdi to the nation: we have a choice in front of us today, a nation or no nation. My government will not make empty promises. There are no magical solutions. A government cannot achieve all national aspirations in one year.    LINK /

chattels   This round of protests in Iraq seen as different from previous due to size & demand for fall of regime vs. reform & anti-corruption. Security forces use live fire after water canons & tear gas fail. Security forces prevent storming of Green Zone.  …

chattels   In protests in Iraq, protestors raise pictures of Lieutenant General Sa’idi who was transferred out of the CTService. Pictures of Sa’idi include slogans, “he won the love of the people & the hatred of politicians” & “no place for patriots in Iraq.”

chattels   Iraqi PM establishes phone numbers so protesters can call in their demands.   LINK -

chattels   Iraqi Defense Ministry says some unknown infiltrators have fired on protesters & security forces. Accusations that some unknown 3rd party is trying to exploit the ongoing protests in Iraq because of Iraq’s opposition to the deal of the century.

Chattels   This is PM Abd al-Mahdi's speech from last night. A few comments to follow.

chattels   AAM is clearly proud of what he has achieved in removing Baghdad neighborhood barriers and moving the PM's office. Not many people seem to think this is so impressive.

chattels   The most immediate policy response is a new welfare program that will provide payments to families without a breadwinner (min 4). As an economist he knows this isn't going to change anything, & Iraq doesn't have the money for this & everything else.

chattels   AAM says "some measures" have been taken to fight corruption but admits progress has been minimal (min 6). After entering office he (unconstitutionally) centralized control of all corruption offices in his "Supreme Council for Combatting Corruption." Power = responsibility

chattels   AAM says security forces have "followed international standards in maintaining order" (min 8). I wonder if he is referring to something he learned during his recent trip to China.

chattels   AAM: parliament needs to empower PM to complete his cabinet & change some ministers now in office (min 9). Nothing keeps him from firing them himself but with no coalition AAM must beg parl't for approval. Problems w several ministers have been in the Iraqi media for months.

chattels   AAM: We inherited all these problems, we didn't create them (min 11). Maliki and Abadi were such failures, I've only had a year.

I don't think this sells bc everyone knows AAM is part & parcel of the political class. It is hard to escape that.


chattels   As anti-Iran sentiments rise, protests erupt in Iraq  Ali Mamouri October 2, 2019

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chattels   Iraq on fire as protests spread across the south  Ali Mamouri October 3, 2019

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chattels   It is expected that Ayatollah Ali Sistani's spokesman will express the ayatollah's position regarding the ongoing protests during Friday prayer Oct. 4.

But it is very unlikely that Sistani's words will influence the protesters.

The majority of protesters are teenagers under the age of 20. They are not religiously conservative and therefore cannot be influenced by religious authorities.

Rather, they are emotional, angry, looking for fast solutions, raising extreme demands such as changing the constitution, changing the parliamentary system to presidential and replacing Abdul Mahdi with dismissed counter-terrorism head Abdul Wahab al-Saidi.

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chattels   The crowds of young protesters seem to not have anything to lose. They move toward the security forces bravely, embracing live bullets, batons and tear gas. This makes them a dangerous force, ready to become extreme easily and quickly.

Although several figures — including Muqtada al-Sadr, who led protests for a long time — have tried to mediate between the protesters and the government in order to calm the streets, the protesters are not keen on any initiative leading them to evacuate the streets.

 In such circumstances, the only thing that would calm the street is the resignation of the prime minister, which will become more realistic over time if the protests continue.

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chattels   And that's the way that it is from the news that I read out of Iraq on this Friday, October 4, 2019. Have a fine day all.

Whitelions   good morning all has you seen that there is no real news coming out of Iraq for 2 days now because of the demonstrations the dume and glume gurus must be going crazy lol with delite and I told you so's

Francis Albert   Hello, new here. I may have some potentially useful insights into the massive Dinar count and Kaperoni's argument etc...You all know when he usually comes by? thank you

Zig   Francis Albert : It varies as to when Kaperoni visits....but he does read this chat and will see your post.....

Francis Albert to conversing with him

 Francis Albert   My pleasure. I'll check in from time to time. Hope to chat it up with Kap. I think the reason why so, so many people who have Dinar go through emotional ups and downs is because they have never been taught some of the history, the geo politics, the banking system and deep down are unsure if they did the right thing investing. And thus grab on to hopium and it's hard on them when they do this

Zig   At 1:06:......"Francis Albert"  "OK. Backdrop, I've studied the financial system for 25 years with a currency historian as mentor. I do understand how Central Banks work. They are all, (less Russia, China, Iran and South Korea), controlled by the people who control Dollar Inc. i.e. big banks, who own the central banks, IMF, BIS, U.N. you understand."

Zig   Francis Albert : Does that "Currency Historian" that mentored you have Dinar??

Tebow   Francis Albert I've heard the deal Bush made for the oil. I have never seen any proof, but it's been out there for years. Bush did say they would pay for the war. Who knows.

Tebow   Also believe they will come out .86 to 1 USD the float in the market.

Francis Albert   Tebow..if I was on a game show and "had" to come up with an answer for the new car, I would guess .86 and float the boat as well. And No, my mentor in the world of money did not think Iraq would revalue the currency. I think he's wrong..

Dave   they are really ramping up the protests.....getting nasty like we have not seen in yrs

Dave   Mahdi figures he cant fix all the problems in a yr........?

Dave   same problems for over a decade

Baxter   THEY are hopping Mad because they havent produced BAXTERS DIMES

Dave   hopping mad may be an understatement.......

Baxter   where did you see this dave

Dave   Baxter National news last night......searching 4 dinar news site

Baxter   oh..ok

Dave   30 some killed yesterday?

Baxter   wow

Dave   shut down green zone too

4 Oct 19, 03:37 PM Baxter   I havent heard a thing about it

Dave   tanks in the streets

Dave   The head of the State of Law Coalition, Mr. Nuri al-Maliki today called on the deputies of parliament to assume responsibility and attend the sessions of the parliament a quorum in order to find legal exits for the demands of peaceful demonstrators.

Dave    LINK

Dave   like thats going to gain any traction

Baxter   Maliki.... ggeez

Dave   13 days left for arrest be issued against prominent per protest leaders.....

Dave   looking for that article.....from a few days ago

Dave   the list of their demands....

Dave   BAGHDAD / Al-Masalla: The opposition front announced its full solidarity with the legitimate demands of the demonstrators.

“It is regrettable that the country has witnessed a marked decline in the situation and the spread of popular protests in most areas of Baghdad and the provinces,” the statement said.

He added, “While we call on the demonstrators from our people to take peaceful methods of demonstrating and expressing their protest and the preservation of public and private money and not to allow engineers to enter their ranks to miss the opportunity on their trainees and achieve the desired objectives of demonstrations and sit-ins.”

The opposition front announced today “its full solidarity with the legitimate demands of the demonstrators and we believe that all the declared demands are true and can be implemented with deliberate steps within a short period of time.”

It demanded the following:

1 – We call the Presidency of the House of Representatives to convene an emergency session and the presence of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces devoted to discuss security events and the development of legislative solutions and obligate the government to implement them.

2 – Compensation of the victims who died as a result of the recent demonstrations, whether civilians or security forces, and hold the negligent.

3- Providing job opportunities for our young people by operating factories and factories that are stopped after they are invested and withholding the privileges of special grades and presidencies and turning them into job grades for the unemployed.

4 – The Government to open the door of investment and overcome all obstacles and red tape that prevents the bringing of capital and technology to the country and give priority to the employment of local labor, especially in oil companies and dispensing with foreign workers.

Young_SC   Dave Ask Tebow to post it

5 – Referring all those who claim the economic work of the parties and committing the Supreme Council against Corruption to submit large corruption files to the judiciary and names and within a period not exceeding 15 days.

6 – Require the ministries of higher education to operate the degree holders by requiring universities to work on a system of separation of morning and evening.

Young_SC   Dave you think the citizens are demanding the GOI to Float the currency

Young_SC   Lol     OR LOP IT?     Per Kap

Dave   Young_SC putting the cart ahead of the horse me thinks

Young_SC   I dont think kap understands the meaning of a LOP and what it will do to the country

Dave   Young_SC never has

Dave   show me laws........

Young_SC   When your economy has gone to S*** is when the currency is a LOP

Young_SC   not sure if Kap understands that

Dave   peeps cant understand me......oh well

Dave   facing a Coup....RV next week?

Young_SC   Dave when things seem at its worst imo anything can happen

Young_SC   Citizens are demanding things

Dave   Young_SC they just opened up the Green Zone after yrs....shut down again

Young_SC   LOP the currency and then let it Float as what kap says lolol i dont think it works like that Kap

Dave   i like simple explanations

Dave   usually have simple answers

Dave   i figure we dead in the water if they cant figure this mess out

Dave   not really concerned about lop float etc..........not ready given the current climate imo

Dave   not even close

Young_SC   Dave well look at it this way   Why are they protesting  ??

Young_SC   Corruption, unemployment, free market, purchasing of power etc etc

Dave   Young_SC you do not read the news

Young_SC   Dave what do you think will happen if you do not give their demands?

Dave   Young_SC before Sunni vs SHia...with the militias

Dave   now peeps against the Polititicans

Young_SC   Dave yes as expected

Young_SC   Based on what they want

Young_SC   Politicians screwed the citizens

Dave   Young_SC CTV last night 38 peeps killed

Young_SC   Dave But Dave what do you think will happen if you do not give what the citizens want?

Dave   Sadr is pissed

Dave   cancel parliament

Young_SC   I dont blame Sadr


Dave   check it.......

Dave   good news source

Young_SC   There was 12 big armed trucks coming out of the green zone the other day there was an article about it

Young_SC   I wonder what was up with that

Dave   just really really really hope these protests this time will finally have some teeth....