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IslandGurl:  I have been calling my key people in key places and all phones have been turned off. Interesting! That has never happened…..I am always able to call, leave a message and they get back to me like within a day but now...Nada! No Bueno Man!

DinarShalom:  Are your key people, per chance, in the banking industry, islandgurl?

Islandgurl:  They are basically paymasters and Admiral Groupies….My people told me that their gag orders were tight. I can't get in touch with my banking people any more. The moved them around to different locations. Interesting! How about that!

RVAlready:  Some of the groups might be doing payouts starting today. No way for me to know, as I don’t know any group members.

DinarShalom:   Wow! Thank you for sharing, islandgurl - Harvest has started on the night of the Harvest Moon? Praying we are next, and processes are speedy!

IslangGurl:  So, I stop searching for the banking people but I was guaranteed by my other sources that they will find a way to get a word to me upon completion. I believe that!



Samson:  Trump: Ready to meet North Korean leader again

13th September, 2019

US President Donald Trump said he was ready to meet with North Korean leader again

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Trump said he was prepared to do so to resume talks on denuclearizing the peninsula at some point later this year

Earlier this week, North Korea expressed a desire to resume nuclear talks with the United States at the end of this month

North Korea's deputy foreign minister said Kim Pyongyang was ready for "comprehensive discussions" with the United States in late September at a time and place to be agreed between the two sides

On Sunday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he hoped to return to nuclear disarmament talks with North Korea in the coming days or weeks

Since June 2018, Trump and Kim have met three times   LINK

Samson:  Trump: We might think of a temporary trade agreement with China

13th September, 2019

US President Donald Trump said he might consider the conclusion of an interim trade agreement with China , although no preference for it

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Trump said: "If we are going to implement a deal let's implement it," according to the station "CNBC" America

"A lot of people are thinking about it. I see a lot of analysts talking about a temporary deal, which points to the completion of parts of the deal or the easy parts first

"But there are no easy or difficult parts. It is either an agreement or not, but the interim agreement is something I think we will think about

Trump's gestures gave the markets more confusion, especially as White House officials said President Trump was "of course not thinking" of signing an interim agreement

White House spokesman Jude Deer said Trump was meant to prefer a full agreement

This week, China decided to exclude 16 US products from its tariff list for a year

The United States decided to postpone the application of tariff increases on Chinese goods worth 250 billion dollars for two weeks until October 15   LINK


Samson:  The London Stock Exchange unanimously rejects Hong Kong's takeover offer

13th September, 2019

The London Stock Exchange board unanimously rejected the takeover offer from the Hong Kong stock market

The London Stock Exchange said in a statement on Friday that the board had fundamental concerns about the supply strategy, value, structure and feasibility

"Accordingly, the board unanimously rejects the conditional proposal and, given its fundamental flaws, sees no benefit in further continuation," the statement added

This week, the Hong Kong stock market made a 31.6 billion pound ($ 37 billion) bid for the London Stock Exchange

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced at the time that the proposed operation can be carried out only if the London Stock Exchange acquisition of Reventive is not completed   LINK


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