Frank26 and KTFA Members Thursday 8-22-19 "Currency Manipulator"



Brilliant, Frank.
Brilliant, WS.
Brilliant, Teams.

This "label", this "put your Central Bank on notice" damning statement will have the Board of Director's at the CBI and Mahdi's Finance Committee SHAKING IN THEIR SANDALS!  If it were to happen and of course, hypothetically next week. Maybe. LOL oh yeah, and all of this is in my opinion.

We saw a recent example of this with China and Frank even talked about this in one of his CC's. China changed their rate one day, Trump responded with the US Treasury the next morning and BOOM, China changed their rate back.

China. Big 'ol China who sits comfortably in a Basket... completely afraid of this "label". Now the same thing is going to happen to Iraq? Little itty-bitty-not-sitting-in-a-basket-not-even-sitting-in-the-International-Arena (legally) being targeted by the USA? By Trump? What gives with this?!? WHO CARES about little itty bitty Iraq?!?!?!?

Calling someone a "Currency Manipulator" is more of a "retaliation" type of move. So why would Trump be retaliating against Iraq? Iraq isn't even, International[yet]. So why the [future]move, why the label? Well, it would trigger the US Treasury... wait... more like, IT WOULD REQUIRE THE US Treasury to "TRY TO START" negotiations with the Country that is manipulating their currency.


There are all sorts of ways a country can manipulate their currency (I'm giggling here)... but the one that Iraq is doing is a new one for me. Per Don961's July 2016 article that Frank talked about on his YouTube video last night,

Item No.1 under heading: "Iraq needs to restructure its currency (Iraqi dinar)", it states:
1. Delete the zeros phantom inflation inherited from the siege and war.

So, would holding on to an "INHERITED PHANTOM INFLATION" rate be considered, Currency Manipulation?

Inherited: received as an heir at the death of the previous holder
Phantom: denoting a financial arrangement or transaction that has been invented for fraudulent purposes but that does not really exist
Inflation: the action of inflating something or the condition of being inflated.

Will Trump in the near future, order (threaten) Iraq to reinstate their currency by labeling them as a Currency Manipulator? Just asking for a friend.


Dkhen:  Is there a link to last nights call?  

Popeye7:  Here you go.. Franks Vid From 8/21/2019

2Cents:   Hey Newshounds.......Do you have any articles regarding NASDAQ and October 1st?????........Frank made statements referencing NASDAQ, October 1st and Iraq on his last video and I was hoping to read more related information....I must have missed the associated articles and would appreciate your help.  

Samson:   IRAQ signs deal with NASDAQ
21st July, 2019

NASDAQ and the Iraq Stock Exchange (ASE) have signed a new agreement to expand technology cooperation for the next five years, starting in October 2019, and continue to license and support the maintenance of systems and upgrade trading technology and deposit of securities for the next five years.

The executive director of the securities market Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam told vassal "Economy News", "the use of the Nasdaq technology is a positive signal to local and international regulators and investors, and that Iraq will strengthen its efforts to become an important financial center for trading securities."

Michelle Carlson, Managing Director of NASDAQ Middle East, said: “With the upcoming development and use of the latest NASDAQ technology, the ISX will join the Middle East Stock Exchange community in deploying high-quality multi-asset trading technology that meets international standards.” We also look forward to supporting the Iraq Stock Exchange x as it continues to develop and innovate. "

“NASDAQ provides transparency and insight to navigate the current global capital markets, as the creator of the world's first stock market. NASDAQ is home to nearly 4,000 total listings with a market value of about $ 15 trillion.

It is noteworthy that the functions of the Iraqi market for securities perform the task of organizing, controlling and launching continuous trading on the shares of listed companies, in addition to the control of the shareholders of the Company   LINK

Samson:   Source in Kurdistan: The federal government sent the amounts allocated to the salaries of employees

22nd August, 2019

A source in the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Thursday, August 22, 2019, that the federal government sent the amounts allocated for the salaries of employees. 

The source said, in an interview continued obelisk, that "the Federal Ministry of Finance today transferred the amount of 454 billion dinars, and deposited accounts of the Central Bank of Iraq branch of Erbil."

The source explained that "the government of the region will resume after the arrival of salaries after the distribution stopped for a number of ministries and institutions as a result of lack of funds, because of the delay in Baghdad, the date of dispatch for more than two weeks for the second consecutive month.  LINK

Popeye7:   Maybe a sign?... Come on Iraq, add some value to those salaries...





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