Don't Stop Believin' By Dr. Dinar

Don't Stop Believin'   by Dr. Dinar

Welcome to the middle of October, 2019. The year that should've never been.

The year this GCR rollout would never see the beginning of Summer.

Let alone the end of Summer, rolling into Fall.

No way... no how.

Sure, we heard it was gonna be a slow rollout but c'mon, this is beyond ridiculous.

This slowwwwww rollout is rolling slower than a snail moonwalking backwards, uphill, in the snow.

Slow to the point of thinking it's not actually happening at all.

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And for many among us, like it's never gonna happen.

Yeah, we continually hear rumors of all the things supposedly going on behind the scenes and yet, never actually seeing the results of any of those things actually taking place in real life, only adds to the feeling of nothing happening.

I recently received an email update of current going's on in Dinarland and despite one or two keywords here and there, it very well could've been posted in 2009.

Same redundant rumors reimagined for a new-ish crop of currency holders.

And honestly, it kinda freaked me out for a second.

Why on earth would they think we'd still fall for that stuff.

Do they really believe we haven't learned anything whatsoever. I certainly hope not.

I mean, I'd hate to think we haven't gained any ground on the knowledge front in all this time.

After all, we've all had plenty of time to review our notes.

Yes, the landscape has changed, as well as the overall mission.

But the basic game... not so much.

C'mon, don't we deserve better. A little somethin' for the effort.

The least they could do is add a little more trickery, a bit more color to the smoke they're constantly blowin' our way, helping to keep us mushrooms slightly more entertained while we attempt to stumble our way around in the dark..

I'd like to think that they think that we think we've learned something along the way.

They were regurgitating old articles a decade ago. Rinse and repeat.

Isn't it about time they came up with something new.

We've been through more than enough Blue Moons and 3 day weekends and Ramadan's and Black Friday's and ends of quarters and Crazy 8's than even the most superstitious among us can handle. And still nothing.

Nothing tangible. Nothing we can use as a "See, I told you this was real." for all of our doubting family and friends to see.

Not that we need to prove anything to them.

Nope. We did our homework and we know it's real.

Or at least we think we know it's real.

Okay, let's just say we still believe it's real-ish, with a good chance that it very well could be real.

And maybe that's all we get.

Maybe that's all we have to hang on to. Our beliefs.

Our belief in the unseen. The unprovable.

Looking back, that's pretty much the same feeling I had when I first got involved in this made for TV journey.

I really hoped it was real.

Although I must admit that I was a heckuva lot more excited way back when than I am now.

Hearing the screeching brakes of the Fed Ex truck as it pulled up in front of the house totally gave me the warm 'n fuzzies.

The sheer relief I felt knowing my recently ordered dinar arrived just in time to beat the pending last minute RV deadline was a big time rush to say the least.

Unfortunately, after a decade of being imminently ever so close, my excitement level has dropped considerably.

Same with my expectation level. It's dropped accordingly.

When I first bought in the rampant rumors of a $0.10 IQD RV emanating throughout Dinarland was a dream come true.

Sounds insanely lame now but think about it.

I'd just lost everything I owned in the R.E. market crash and somehow the Universe saw fit to introduce me to the RV of the IQD.

Talk about timing, you couldn't have scripted it any better.

Matter of fact, I'd lost more than everything because I still owed on things I no longer owned.

Call it desperation but at that point I really had next to no hope of resurrecting my life otherwise. Not any time soon anyway.

However you choose to look at it, the possibility of renting a Condo and leasing a new car post RV were simply impossible to ignore.

After all, I no longer had either, so let's just say the timing was pretty much spot on.

And with that foundation of hope, I gratefully jumped in with every last nickle I had.

Combined with the belief that I would be there at the finish line when the RV was released in the next couple weeks, guaranteed I'd be one of the lucky few.

The few believers that took a chance on that too good to be true so called scam known as the RV of the Iraqi dinar.

Yes, over the years, armed with much more knowledge in the form of a GCR, I've come to believe in a much higher rate.

Along with that, the size of my dreams have increased as well. To the point of allowing myself to dream of a large home, fully paid off, along with helping family and friends fulfill some of their needs as well.

But as time has gone on I've been subjected to situations that have forced me to sell back most of my currency, all in the name of survival.

After all, if I'm not there at the finish line, then nobody wins.

But one thing I will never do is give up and sell out completely.

Doing that only ensures that neither I nor the ones I hope to help will ever reap the rewards of this seemingly never ending journey.

Please remember that no matter how long you've been involved, and how brutal this journey can be at times, you're still one of the fortunate few.

The few lucky enough to even know about this once in a lifetime life changing event.

Whether it happens next week, next month or next year, the one thing we know for certain is that eventually it will happen.

It has to. Many countries, including ours, are depending on it.

Eventually Iraq will be released from the program rate and those of us holding dinar will finally go on to do all of our long dreamed of good deeds.

I've come too far to turn back now and I can only hope you feel the same way.

Hang in there folks, we're getting closer with each passing day.


Dr. Dinar


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